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Waterproof Cases

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Foam inserts, printing and more

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More than 25 years experience

Whether you need to keep your company’s equipment and tools dry, or protect from any form of damage, waterproof cases are your best option.

Many businesses use waterproof cases to protect fragile, expensive or specialist items. Typically, waterproof cases have ingress protection (IP) ratings indicating their water and dust resistance. Also tough and durable, waterproof cases with foam inserts also protect against impact and mishandling. Popular options include Peli, Storm, and Explorer.

Buying your waterproof cases from GWP ensures you get the most competitive pricing and a vast choice of brands, sizes and options. You can also source your cases and any foam inserts together for improved compatibility and performance. A team of experts with in-depth knowledge of the protective case market and specific industries can provide impartial and free advice if required.

Waterproof equipment cases

B&W Cases

B&W cases

25+ Sizes
Low cost option

Explorer case

Explorer cases

30+ sizes
Military grade cases

Nanuk cases

Nanuk cases

15+ sizes
Best for features

Peli air cases

Peli™ Air

10+ sizes
Up to 40% lighter

Peli hardback case

Peli™ Hardback

5 sizes
For laptops and tablets

Peli Protector Cases

Peli™ Protector

40+ sizes
Best selling case

Peli Storm case

Storm Case™

20+ sizes
GWP recommended case

SKB Cases

SKB iSeries

45+ sizes
IP68 rated

Small waterproof cases

Peli micro case

Peli™ Micro

7+ sizes
Smallest waterproof cases

Peli R60 ruck case

Peli™ Ruck cases

Custom sizes
Corrugated polypropylene

Roto moulded cases

Peli hardigg isp2 cases

Peli™ ISP2 cases

70+ sizes
Inter-stacking pattern

Peli hardigg single lid cases

Peli™ single lid

250+ sizes
Toughest cases available

Foam inserts and accessories

Foam case inserts

Custom case inserts

Custom sizes
Engineered Plastazote foam

Peli case foam inserts

Peli case foam

Custom sizes
Tailored to your equipment

Foam lined case

Foam lined cases

Custom sizes
Low cost option

Flightcase foam

Flight case foam

Custom sizes
Perfect fit

Tool control shadowboards

Foam shadow-boards

Custom sizes
Improve tool control

Laser engraved foam

Laser etching

Add logos and instructions

Pink anti static foam pads

Anti-static foam

Various options
Protect from ESD/static

Do waterproof cases work?

Waterproof equipment cases such as those from Peli™, Hardigg™, SKB, Nanuk, B&W and others offer complete protection from water. This protection ranges from rain splashes to being fully submerged for prolonged periods. They also protect from dust entering the case too.

What is a Peli case?

Peli (or Pelican) is the original moulded plastic, waterproof case brand. Due to their popularity, “Peli case” is often used as a generic term for waterproof cases of a similar type. Their popularity also means a wide range of Peli case alternatives is available.

Do these cases come with lifetime guarantees?

Most waterproof cases come with a warranty or guarantee from the manufacturer. For example, all Peli™ cases have a lifetime guarantee, whilst others, such as B&W, provide a 30-year warranty. When sourcing these cases for your business, these guarantees give you added peace of mind.

What is a pressure relief valve?

It is essential that waterproof cases can deal with potential changes in pressure. Coping with pressure changes is primarily achieved through pressure relief valves. These valves – many of which automatically adjust – equalise the pressure between the inside and outside of the case. This feature is also advantageous for using cases in high-altitude locations. It also lends waterproof cases to use in aircraft luggage holds.

What is a roto mould case?

Whilst most waterproof cases are injection moulded, a number use rotational moulding for their manufacture. Rotational moulding is when a heated hollow mould is filled with a charge or shot weight of the material and is then slowly rotated (usually around two perpendicular axes). This process causes the softened material to disperse and stick to the walls of the mould).

What are IP ratings?

IP is an abbreviation for “ingress protection”. IP ratings are a measure of protection an item, such as a protective case, offers against the ingress of foreign bodies. The rating also covers solid foreign bodies, such as sand and dust, but is, in effect, a measure of how resistant to water a case is.

Can foam inserts be added to a waterproof case?

Waterproof cases with foam inserts provide the highest levels of protection for any tools, products, or items. For this reason, many businesses also specify custom foam inserts when sourcing waterproof cases.

What are bezel kits?

Bezel kits are effectively rectangular aluminium frames used to mount various types of equipment (predominantly electronic) into the lid or the base of a waterproof case. Many businesses mount microcomputers, measurement and metrological devices, testing equipment, and much else within waterproof cases. Using bezels allows for ease of transportation and use, alongside the protection the case provides.

Do waterproof cases have wheels?

Most larger waterproof cases feature inline wheels to aid their transportation. Inline wheels improve ease of use when pulling the case, even over rough terrain. Wheels are usually integrated into the body of the case to avoid them becoming damaged, plus minimising the outer dimensions. Any case that benefits from these generally features a telescopic, retractable handle.

Waterproof hard case features

Most waterproof cases are certified to IP67, meaning complete resistance to water and dust, even if submerged. Yet, whilst the most critical element of any waterproof case is its’ IP rating, cases of this type are typically the toughest and most durable too.

Besides this, virtually all waterproof cases boast various additional features and benefits.

For example, most cases include pressure relief valves, secure latches, eyelets to attach padlocks, lid stays, stacking features, telescopic handles, and inline wheels (on larger sizes).

Typically every aspect of the cases is thoroughly researched, developed, and extensively tested. This attention to detail ensures that whatever brand of waterproof case you choose is secure, easy to use, and offers exceptional all-round protection.

Waterproof cases with foam

Waterproof equipment cases commonly come with two interior foam options.

The first is a standard, cubed foam insert. When supplied with Peli and Storm cases, this insert type is known as “Pick N Pluck” foam. It consists of multiple layers and one cm cubes. These individual cubes are removable as required by the end user.

The key benefit is that the foam can be approximately tailored to specific items, reducing movement in transit and adding a layer of cushioning protection. Cubed foam inserts are particularly cost-effective for low volume and one-off case requirements.

Custom foam inserts are the more appropriate choice if you require a larger number of waterproof cases. These also provide considerably higher levels of protection.

GWP design and manufacture custom foam inserts to the exact shape of your products or equipment. It is also possible to calculate the precise level of cushioning protection required.

A final option, if you are looking to house specialist electronics, is a bezel kit.

Comprised of a metal frame and moulded corner pieces that fit at any depth within the case, the bezel (also known as a panel mount kit) allows the equipment to be mounted directly into the waterproof case.

Buy waterproof cases

Are you looking for a waterproof case? Then why not choose from the most comprehensive selection available from a single UK supplier? Why not benefit from genuinely impartial and unbiased advice on the best option for your specific application? Why not simultaneously source custom features, such as foam inserts, to improve compatibility and costs? Why not benefit from highly competitive and no-obligation quotes on any requirement, from a one-off to hundreds of cases?

Why not work with GWP, the leading independent UK supplier of waterproof cases (and one of the largest foam converters too)?

So, if you haven’t yet found your perfect waterproof case, please get in touch. Whatever your requirement, GWP can help you with your specific application.

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