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Waterproof Cases

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Tough Equipment Cases.

IP rated protective cases guaranteed to reduce transit damage and the associated costs

If you have important equipment, tools, products or components that need to be kept dry and secure, you can choose from a wide range of waterproof cases that will provide a high performance solution for any requirement. With all case options being IP67 rated, you can be certain that water ingress will not occur.

Offering market leading moulded cases from brands including Peli™, SKB, Explorer and Hardigg™, your items can be further protected through full customisation of the cases interior. Besides custom manufactured foam inserts that are fully tailored your specific items, there are further options including mounting / bezel kits, dividers and even branding. Simply get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Waterproof cases
Waterproof cases, such as the Peli Storm pictured, are extremely tough and durable as well as being completely watertight

Why source waterproof / tough protective cases from GWP?

  • Guaranteed protection from water ingress – even when submerged
  • Ideal for protecting a wide range of tools, equipment and products
  • Customised foam inserts for enhanced levels of impact protection
  • Also suitable for hot, dusty environments
  • Exceptionally tough, durable and hard-wearing

01: Waterproof Case Options

Aluminium flight cases, trunks, kit skips and more...

So if you are in an environment where water damage to equipment is proving problematic, you can now find your perfect water proof case.

Browse the options below for further information, or speak with a member of our team for free, unbiased advice.

Storm cases

Storm Case™

GWP Protective recommended case

Storm Case™ is widely regarded as the leading waterproof cases available today, and are seen as a true Peli™ case alternative.

Their range of features makes them the easiest and most comfortable cases for frequent use, without compromising on toughness, durability or resistance to water.

Peli cases

Peli™ Cases

Most commonly used waterproof case

Peli™ cases are the original (and many say best) waterproof cases.

Widely used throughout a range of industries and being particularly popular for military use, Peli™ cases are available in a wide range of sizes, are extremely tough and provide excellent protection from water, dust, impact and mis-handling.

Nanuk cases

Nanuk Cases

Most cost effective option

Nanuk cases are manufactured from impact resistant NK-7 resin to ensure that the cases absorb shocks without damaging the items inside.

Besides this, NANUK cases are watertight, lockable, ideal for stacking and come with a full lifetime guarantee. They also boast a range of features as standard that are optional extras on other cases.

Hardigg roto mould cases

Hardigg™ Rota Mould Cases

Most durable option, extra heavy duty

Rota Mould or rotationally moulded cases, manufactured by Hardigg™, offer a different range of benefits versus other waterproof cases.

Ideally suited to larger, heavier items, plus extreme rough handling and environments, rota mould cases are exceptionally durable and strong. In fact, they are probably the toughest cases available today.

EXOCase waterproof flight case


Complete size flexibility

EXOCase, whilst technically a waterproof flight case, offers many of the benefits of the other moulded waterproof cases on this page.

However, being manufactured from a modular system, it means you can specify a specific size of case (rather than selecting the nearest option) which can help reduce transit costs as well as aid handling.

SKB tough cases

SKB Cases

Best cost / performance balance

One of the newer waterproof cases on the market, SKB cases have quickly forged a reputation for providing high performance and durability.

SKB protective cases are waterproof, dustproof, plus highly resistant to being crushed, impact and vibration. They also manufacture a range of specialist designs, as well as rack units too.

Explorer cases

Explorer Cases

Most suitable if appearance is important

Explorer cases are another waterproof option that enjoys widespread use in military applications. Many people feel the aesthetics of these cases is superior to their rivals.

This does not come at the cost of performance however, with the cases being tough, hard wearing and IP67 rated.

Free Guide: GWP Protective 15 considerations for protection

Download: 15 Crucial Considerations...

…when protecting your high value, fragile or business critical tools, products or equipment. Find out how you can eliminate transit damage and reduce costs too

02: Waterproof Case Applications.

Additional features of waterproof cases

Being an exceptionally competitive market, waterproof cases – as well as being the toughest available – also usually boast a wide range of additional features and benefits.

Every aspect of the various cases are thoroughly researched, developed and perfected to ensure that whatever brand of waterproof case you choose, it will be exceptionally secure, easy to use and offers exceptional protection from shock, impact and vibration as well as water and dust.

As a result, it is clear to see why so many businesses, professionals and indeed hobbyists will always choose a waterproof case.

What are waterproof equipment cases suitable for?

  • Any environment where water damage could be significant (e.g. marine, offshore etc.)
  • Military use and “mission critical” operations
  • Heavy duty industrial applications
  • Hot climates (also being dust proof)
  • Shipping or storing items which are sensitive to pressure changes
  • Aerospace, automotive, equipment hire, and service engineer applications
  • Any situation where products or equipment simply cannot be damaged

03: IP Rated Cases.

Testing and ingress protection ratings

The obvious and critical feature of any waterproof case is its’ IP rating.

Standing for ingress protection, IP ratings are a measure of protection an item such as a protective case offers against the intrusion / ingress of foreign bodies.  This also covers solid foreign bodies, such as sand and dust, but is in effect, a measure of how waterproof a case is.

The 2 digit code provides a quick reference for the level of protection.

The first digit highlights the level of protection against contact with moving parts and the degree that items within an enclosure are protected against solid foreign bodies intruding.

Waterproof equipment cases
IP ratings determine the resistance to moisture and dust ingress - effectively indicating how waterproof an equipment case is

The second digit indicates the level of protection for the products / equipment inside the case against the entry of various forms of moisture. This includes dripping, spraying and submersion of various times / depths.

For a full chart detailing the levels of protection – and how these relate to the cases available through GWP – please download the PDF by clicking below. Alternatively, you can see an in depth article explaining IP Ratings here.

Guide to IP ratings

Quick IP Ratings Guide

Download the PDF Datasheet to view detailed information on the various controlled tests/results conducted to military specifications, or see a full list of sizes & model details.

04: Pressure Relief Valves.

Protection when submerged or in air cargo holds

With the ability to be submerged underwater for prolonged periods of time, it is essential that waterproof cases can deal with potential changes in pressure. This is primarily achieved through the use of pressure relief valves.

Different cases offer different solutions to this. Some of the older, more established cases will feature manual pressure relief valves which need to be adjusted by the user.

However, much more common – and useful – is the introduction and widespread adoption of automatic valves. These automatically adjust and equalise the pressure between the inside and outside of the case.

This proves to be of great benefit if the case is submerged for a prolonged period, used in high altitude locations, or stored in the hold of an aircraft.

Pressure relief valves
Pressure relief valves are useful for not only when a case is submerged, but also if it is transported in the hold of a plane

For example, this can prevent cases “popping” open if they are exposed to particularly low pressure (e.g. in the hold of an aircraft) or rapidly move from high to low pressure (e.g. resurfacing after being submerged).

Many highly calibrated tools can also be sensitive to pressure changes. So if being transported via aircraft, the gradual equalising of the pressure inside and outside the case can be important for protection.

05: Ease of Handling.

Usability of water proof cases

The larger waterproof cases – regardless of manufacturer – tend to feature inline wheels to aid their transportation.

Usually integrated into the body of the case to avoid them becoming damaged, plus helping the case to retain its sleek design and outer dimensions, inline wheels enable ease of use when pulling the case – even over rough terrain.

Case with inline wheels
The majority of waterproof cases offer handles and inline wheels (depending on size) to aid handling

This feature can be particularly useful when transporting larger waterproof cases manually over prolonged periods or distances, especially with heavy contents.

In addition to the inline wheels on the larger protective cases, any case that benefits from these will also generally feature a telescopic, retractable handle too. This means that the case can be easily pulled when being transported manually, without affecting the outer design or size of the case.

06: Security Features.

Lockable cases and other security features

Security is an obvious concern when transporting expensive, delicate, rare or specialist items, and the majority of waterproof cases have this covered.

Virtually all of the cases you can specify from GWP offer the ability to padlock the case, usually moulded into the exterior shell. This allows you to choose your won lock, including those which are accepted at airports throughout the US and other countries.

This is particularly important and useful if your waterproof case will be out of reach for any length of time (e.g. left on site, in the hold of an aircraft etc.) or if particularly expensive or sensitive items are to be kept within the case.

As such, this is a feature which is also widely seen on similar cases that are designed specifically for storing and transporting guns and laptops.

Free Guide: GWP Protective 15 considerations for protection

Free Guide

15 crucial considerations for protecting your items

Get your free guide highlighting the 15 critical points to consider when protecting high value tools, products or equipment.

07: Bezel Kits for Electronics.

Mounting electronics and integrated “bezel kits” into waterproof cases

A key custom option for most types of waterproof case are what is known as Bezel kits.

Bezel kits are effectively an aluminium, rectangular frame that is used as a system to mount various types of equipment (predominantly electronic) into either the lid or the base of the case. The bezel (or panel mount kit as they also referred to) utilises moulded corner pieces that will fit at any depth within the case, allowing the equipment to be mounted at any height.

The bezel kits also come with extruded aluminium sections for the bezel sides, and these screw directly into the side of the case. Rubber “O” rings are also used in order to maintain the waterproof properties of the case.

Bezel kit for mounting electronics
Bezel kits allow for electronics to be mounted directly into a waterproof case, protecting the equipment and aiding usability

The common use is for electronic equipment to be contained and / or mounted using these bezels.

Micro computers, measurement and metrological devices, testing equipment and much else can all be mounted within the case, allowing for ease of transportation, use and of course the protection provided by the case itself.

08: Waterproof Cases With Foam.

Pick & pluck or custom foam inserts

Waterproof cases typically come with 2 foam interior options.

The first of these is a standard, cubed foam insert. Also known as PICK N PLUCK™ foam when supplied with Peli™ and Storm Case™, the foam insert is divided into layers, and then further divided into one cm cubes which can be removed as required by the end user.

The key benefit of this is that the foam can be perfectly tailored to specific items, reducing movement in transit and adding a layer of cushioning protection. The foam can also be configured to allow for multiple items to be organised and stored within the same case.

This is particularly cost effective for low volume and one off case requirements.

Waterproof case with foam
Waterproof cases with foam offer not only protection from water, but from shock, impact and mishandling too.

If a higher volume of cases is required – or the protection levels must be the highest possible – the custom foam inserts would be the more appropriate choice.

These would see the foam designed and manufactured to the exact shape of your products or equipment, whilst it is also possible to calculate the precise level of cushioning protection required.

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