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Peli Air cases

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Foam inserts, printing and more

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More than 25 years experience

Peli Air cases

UK supplier of lightweight waterproof cases

Peli Air offer the protection of Peli cases, but up to 40% lighter

If you are an engineer, service technician, photographer, or professional who struggles to transport and protect heavy kit and equipment, Peli Air cases can help.

Peli Air offers comparable performance to similar Peli and waterproof cases but is up to 40% lighter. The use of an advanced HPX resin material and honeycomb construction achieve this weight saving. Available in 12 sizes and four colours, Peli Air cases protect tools, equipment and specialist products. These lightweight cases also feature a distinct appearance compared with standard Peli cases.

Besides providing significant weight reduction whilst maintaining performance and features, Peli Air cases offer extensive customisation options. As an official UK Peli case supplier, you can source custom Peli Air cases (with external print and custom foam inserts) for your business from GWP.

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Why use Peli Air cases?

Tough yet lightweight waterproof cases that are easy to use

Of course, the key advantage of the Peli Air case is the much-vaunted weight reduction, with cases being as much as 40 per cent lighter than equivalent waterproof equipment cases. But how has this been achieved?

Firstly, an advanced HPX resin material (the next generation of Peli’s patented copolymer) is incredibly lightweight by default and, crucially, rebounds without breaking if suffering impact etc.).

This material combines with truly ingenious engineering. Peli Air cases feature honeycomb structural elements, which, as well as being lighter, are more robust than solid polymer material. Super stiff “full box” sections create further hollow parts to minimise weight. The overall structure reduces structural waste too.

The result is a protective case that offers all of the protection expected from a Peli case (and performance-wise is nigh on identical to the Peli Protector and Storm Case ranges), but that is considerably lighter and easier to handle. Their low weight makes these cases ideal where weight restrictions are in place (such as air travel) or to mitigate the handling challenges posed by particularly heavy tools or equipment.

Besides exceptional performance, another characteristic that Peli cases are renowned for is their superb usability. This usability is prominent in Peli Air cases, even with the focus on weight reduction.

And finally, Peli Air cases offer long and deep variations that are not available in the Peli Protector case range. Peli Air long cases also provide three new deep case designs that are 45% deeper and 40% lighter.

Peli Air case features

A wide range of features as standard compared with similar cases

Peli Air waterproof gasket seal

Watertight O-ring gasket

The o ring fitted to the case’s lid creates a watertight seal, meaning Peli Air cases are IP67 rated. As a result, Peli Air cases can be submerged underwater (up to 1 metre) for 30 minutes without water ingress.

Peli Air conic curve lid design

New style "Conic Curve" lid

The lid of the Peli Air cases features a new and unique design. Known as a conic curve, this provides the cases with a distinct and attractive appearance and allows them to be more easily stored (e.g. in overhead storage on planes).

Peli Air material

Super-light HPX polymer

The HPX polymer used by Air cases is unique to Peli. This resin formula bounces back after impact without breaking or shattering, lending excellent strength and performance to the cases.

Peli Air padlockable hasps

Stainless steel hasp protectors

The stainless-steel protectors included around the pad lock-able eyelets provide added strength and make it much more difficult to cut off locks or break into the cases.

Peli Air latches

Ultra-tough double-throw latches

The latches are similar to those used on the Peli Protector cases. The double throw design not only means they are quick and easy to use but also creates an incredibly tight seal which does not break even after repeated impacts.

Peli Air pressure valve

Automatic purge valve

The Peli Air pressure purge valve equalises the pressure between the inside and outside of the case. The main advantage is that it stops what is known as a vacuum lock, preventing the case from being easily opened.

Peli Air handle

Rubber over moulded handles

The handles feature a unique rubber coating to make them more comfortable and prevent the marking of hands if carrying heavy equipment over long distances/periods.

Peli Air label holder section

Polycarbonate card holder

It is possible to add branding, identification tags or instructions to the cases using the new cardholder feature. The polycarbonate material helps keep labels dry and visible.

Custom Peli Air cases

Improve the performance of your lightweight protective cases with a range of options

Bespoke foam inserts

foam for cases

Available for all cases

Foam inserts can be added to any protective case, including the full Peli range

expert design

Expert foam design

You can task an experienced team of specialist designers to create your perfect Nanuk case inserts

branded foam

Quality finish

High quality finish, choice of colours and various branding options provide aesthetic appeal

UK manufactured

UK manufactured

All foam inserts / packaging manufactured in house at GWP, ensuring the highest quality

All Peli Air models

See every Peli Air case size and option available

Peli Air 1485 case

Peli Air 1485

Peli Air Case Colours

451 x 259 x 156 mm
Internal (L x W x D)

Peli Air 1507 case

Peli Air 1507

Peli Air Case Colours

385 x 289 x 216 mm
Internal (L x W x D)

Peli Air 1525 case

Peli Air 1525

Peli Air Case Colours

521 x 287 x 171 mm
Internal (L x W x D)

Peli Air 153 case

Peli Air 1535

Peli Air Case Colours

518 x 285 x 183 mm
Internal (L x W x D)

Peli Air 1555 case

Peli Air 1555

Peli Air Case Colours

584 x 324 x 191 mm
Internal (L x W x D)

Peli Air 1557 case

Peli Air 1557

Peli Air Case Colours

440 x 330 x 247 mm
Internal (L x W x D)

Peli Air 1605 case

Peli Air 1605

Peli Air Case Colours

660 x 356 x 213 mm
Internal (L x W x D)

Peli Air 1607 case

Peli Air 1607

Peli Air Case Colours

535 x 400 x 295 mm
Internal (L x W x D)

Peli Air 1615 case

Peli Air 1615

Peli Air Case Colours

752 x 394 x 238 mm
Internal (L x W x D)

Peli Air 1637 case

Peli Air 1637

Peli Air Case Colours

595 x 445 x 337 mm
Internal (L x W x D)

Peli Air 1745

Peli Air Case Colours

1118 x 426 x 202 mm
Internal (L x W x D)

Peli Air performance and testing

Military standard testing results and accreditations

Being as much as 40% lighter than comparable waterproof cases, Peli Air uses advanced material and clever construction to minimise weight without sacrificing performance. Some honeycomb structural elements and “full box” sections are stronger than solid polymer material.

This strength is backed up by extensive testing, highlighting how Peli Air cases remain fully dust and waterproof and are also resistant to crushing and virtually unbreakable. They offer the same lifetime guarantee as found on Peli Protector, Storm Case and Micro offerings too.

  • Drop-tested on concrete with loads from 1 meter (3 ft) on all sides and corners.
  • Submerged for 20 minutes at a depth of one meter.
  • Wheels are roll tested over 914 meters.
  • 28 lbs (12.7 kg) steel dart dropped on all sides from one meter.

PDF datasheet

Download all Peli Air case specifications, sizes and more

Download a detailed datasheet (PDF) covering all the essential info associated with the Peli Air case range. Comprehensive details on sizes, colours, features, testing and more are available to download for free.

Peli Air datasheet

Industry choice for a huge range of applications


Security and public safety

Remote technicians

Specialist applications

Waterproof cases

Military and defence

Offshore oil and gas

General protection

Engineer tool cases

Servicing and maintenance

Specialist equipment

Engineers kit

Broadcast equipment cases

Photography and broadcast

Audiovisual equipment

Expedition and remote travel

FAQs and additional info

A selection of the most commonly asked questions regarding custom Peli Air cases with foam inserts

Are Peli Air cases lighter?

Peli Air cases really do weigh less – being as much as 40% lighter than some comparable waterproof cases. This weight saving is achieved through an advanced HPX resin whilst also minimising overall material use.

What are Peli Air Cases made from?

Peli Air cases use an advanced HPX resin unique to Peli in their manufacture. This material is light in weight when compared with standard polypropylene or other material used for injection moulded cases. It also rebounds without breaking or shattering under impact.

Are Peli Air cases available in the same sizes as the Peli Protector range?

Whilst some of the Peli Air case sizes are the same or very similar to the Peli Protector range, there are several sizes unique to this range. There is a range of 16 sizes in total.

What is a "conic curve" lid?

The conic curve refers to the shape of the lids on the Peli Air range. The shape of the top creates a unique and attractive appearance but also allows for easier storage in overhead aircraft compartments (the smaller cases are ATA approved as carry-on cases).

In what colours are Peli Air cases available?

Peli Air cases are available – as standard – in black, yellow, orange and silver. Blue and a maroon red/burgundy colour are available in specific sizes and options.

Can I add foam to Peli Air cases?

You can enhance Peli Air cases in several ways. Whilst this includes padded dividers and pick n pluck foam, you can also specify fully bespoke, engineered foam inserts tailored precisely to your products or equipment.

Why should I purchase my business' Peli cases from GWP?

Similar protective cases

The widest UK range of both waterproof cases and alternative protective case options

Why purchase your Peli cases from GWP?

Official UK Peli case suppliers

Custom packaging design

Foam design expertise

Being one of the UK’s largest foam converters, GWP allows you to source your Nanuk cases and foam inserts together – improving fit, compatibility and quality.

Different coloured Peli Air cases

Widest range

GWP Protective are an independent business, meaning as well as being an official Nanuk distributor, you can also select from the widest range of case options from a UK supplier.

sample case advice

Genuinely impartial advice

With more than 30 years of experience in supplying all types of cases, you can benefit from expert and genuinely impartial advice on the best case for your specific application.


Official UK supplier of Pelican cases

GWP Protective has been supplying waterproof cases with foam – including the Peli case ranges – for more than 25 years.

As an independent supplier, it has allowed GWP to become official resellers of a wide range of protective case options, including those from SKBNanukHardiggExplorer and many others.

Whilst some may feel this could confuse – it does mean there is a vast range of cases to choose from – it has many advantages. Benefits include finding a case perfectly suited to your application and receiving wholly impartial and unbiased advice on the best option for you (if required).

Customisation, including bespoke foam inserts

GWP are more than just another protective case supplier, however.

As one of the UK’s largest foam converters, you can also simultaneously source any foam inserts you require with the outer case. This single sourcing reduces costs and improves fit, compatibility, and quality.

So if you are considering Peli Air cases (or any of the other Pelican case options) for use at your business, GWP should be your first port of call.

Please note: All trademarks are registered and/or unregistered trademarks of Peli Products, S.L.U., its parent, subsidiaries and/or affiliates.

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