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Complete list of sizes and product details of the Peli Air range

Choosing from the range of Peli Air case sizes can be difficult – even with the number of options being smaller than the more established Protector and Storm case options.

There are currently 11 Peli Air sizes available. The smallest case is 451 x 259 x 156 mm, whilst the largest option is 1118 x 426 x 202 mm (internal dimensions). In addition to the Peli Air case size options, the cases are available in four colours (black, orange, yellow and silver). All Peli Air cases – regardless of size – are considerably lighter than the equivalent competitors’ cases.

This Peli Air size table can help you decide on the best case for your particular application. Including internal and external dimensions, weights, whether the cases feature wheels, colour options, and even the lid/base split, you can see all of the vital info regarding these protective cases at a glance.

Peli Air case size table

A complete list of Peli Air case sizes and info

Please view the list of Peli Air dimensions (and supporting info) to identify your optimum case.

Product Ref. Internal (L x W x H) External (L x W x H) Lid / Base Weight Wheels Colours
Peli Air 1485 451 x 259 x 156 mm 487 x 325 x 175 mm 45.7 / 110.5 mm 2.07 kg - Peli Air Colours
Peli Air 1507 385 x 289 x 216 mm 429 x 358 x 236 mm 51.6 / 164.8 mm 2.38 kg - Peli Air Colours
Peli Air 1525 521 x 287 x 171 mm 558 x 355 x 190 mm 50.8 / 120.7 mm 2.72 kg - Peli Air Colours
Peli Air 1535 518 x 285 x 183 mm 558 x 355 x 228 mm 50.8 / 132.3 mm 3.94 kg 2 Peli Air Colours
Peli Air 1555 584 x 324 x 191 mm 629 x 393 x 209 mm 50.8 / 139.7 mm 3.34 kg - Peli Air Colours
Peli Air 1557 440 x 330 x 247 mm 487 x 401 x 267 mm 51 / 196 mm 3.3 kg - Peli Air Colours
Peli Air 1605 660 x 356 x 213 mm 733 x 426 x 232 mm 50.8 / 162.1 mm 4.21 kg - Peli Air Colours
Peli Air 1607 535 x 400 x 295 mm 613 x 478 x 337 mm 51 / 244 mm 6 kg 2 Peli Air Colours
Peli Air 1615 752 x 394 x 238 mm 828 x 467 x 280 mm 50.8 / 187.5 mm 6.38 kg 2 Peli Air Colours
Peli Air 1637 595 x 445 x 337 mm 676 x 525 x 378 mm 51 / 284 mm 6.9 kg 2 Peli Air Colours
Peli Air 1745 1118 x 426 x 202 mm 1186 x 492 x 222 mm 64 / 139 mm 7.8 kg 2 Peli Air Colours
Product Ref. Internal (L x W x H) External (L x W x H) Lid / Base Weight Wheels Colours


Tips on using the Peli Air size table

The image accompanying this text indicates how the table lists each case’s dimensions in the table. This illustration lets you ascertain the size required for your specific equipment or application.

However, you can also ask a GWP advisor for assistance if you cannot find the case size or style you need. Simply call 01722 416 440 or email for free and impartial advice.

Peli Air Size Guide

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