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Picking Bins

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As a warehouse manager, head of fulfilment, or the person responsible for fast and accurate order picking at your business, you’ll know the importance of using the right picking bins.

Picking bins are essential for eCommerce, warehousing, and fulfilment businesses. They organise product inventory, protect their contents, and allow for easy retrieval of items by order pickers. Bins can be free-standing or used within existing warehouse racking. Popular options include Correx® picking bins, stacking containers and cardboard K bins.

Working with GWP Correx® allows you to source a range of standard options plus, crucially, completely bespoke solutions. Custom picking bins can maximise space at your premises, be perfectly sized for your products, and ultimately provide a more cost-effective long-term option. Get a fast, free and no-obligation quote today.

Correx® picking bins

Correx stacking pick bins

Correx® stacking pick bins

Stock or bespoke sizes
Corrugated polypropylene

Correx shelf bins

Custom Correx® shelf bins

Custom sizes
Corrugated polypropylene

Divided pick bin

Correx® divided pick bins

Custom sizes
Corrugated polypropylene

Plastic pigeon holes

Industrial plastic pigeon holes

Custom sizes
Corrugated polypropylene

Container picking walls

Multi container pick walls

Custom sizes
Corrugated polypropylene

Cardboard pick bins

Cardboard picking bins

Cardboard picking bins (K bins)

Stock or bespoke sizes
Corrugated cardboard

BDCM boxes

BDC and BDCM carton boxes

Industry standard sizes
Corrugated cardboard

Plastic parts bins

Plastic parts bins

Moulded plastic parts bins

5 sizes
Moulded polypropylene

ESD picking bins (anti-static)

SSI Schaefer LF Series picking bins

Anti-static picking bins

5 sizes
Moulded polypropylene

Corstat conductive bin boxes

Conductive bin boxes

Stock or bespoke sizes

What are picking bins?

Picking bins, pick bins, picking containers, or even stacking boxes are generic terms given to storage containers used in warehouses and fulfilment centres. They keep contents safe and allow for easy “picking” of inventory to fulfil customer orders. Picking bins are exceptionally popular with eCommerce businesses and 3PL fulfilment companies.

What are Lin Bins?

Lin bins or linbins is a brand name for moulded plastic shelf bins. They are available in ten sizes and five colours. These bins are a good option if a very cheap solution is required. GWP allow you to source a range of Linbin alternatives and custom-sized Correx® picking bins with equivalent performance.

Why are some containers called K Bins?

As with Lin Bins, K Bins is a brand name for a range of shelf bins. K Bins, however, are manufactured from corrugated cardboard material and are available in a range of stock sizes. You can source all of the standard-sized cardboard picking bins from GWP Correx®, as well as custom sizes tailored to your specific requirements.

Are Correx® picking bins a good option?

Correx® picking bins are one of the more versatile options for shelf or stacking bins. They can offer similar strength to moulded plastic containers and complete size flexibility. They are also considerably more robust than corrugated cardboard pick bins yet can be comparable price-wise. However, if you are unsure of their suitability for your specific application, a member of the team at GWP can assist.

Why do some businesses use cardboard picking bins?

Cardboard picking bins are the lowest-cost option for order picking. The competitive price points make them quite versatile if you need to change inventory – and hence the bin sizes – relatively often. They offer excellent scope for printing and branding too. However, they are arguably not as cost-effective as plastic picking bins in the mid to long term due to their shorter lifespan.

Is it possible to customise picking bins?

You can choose to customise most picking bins in several ways. Options include external printing, labelling, adding internal dividers and inserts, and whether they have stacking features or even louvres for wall hanging. Correx® picking bins take this further by offering complete control over the size, shape, style and functionality.

What is the difference between a shelf bin and a parts bin?

In practice, there is no difference between a shelf bin and a parts bin. Both are used on shelves or racking to store, protect and organise your inventory. The significant difference between varying types of picking bins is whether you use them on racking and shelving units or whether they are free-standing and stackable.

What are Euro stacking pick bins?

Stacking pick bins are free-standing containers that, as the name suggests, you can stack upon each other. These are particularly useful for creating additional storage space during busy times or where no racking or shelving is available. The “Euro” element of the name means that they conform to a range of standard stock sizes (e.g. 600 x 400mm, 300 x 400mm etc.). Stackable shelf bins are also available.

Is it possible to make a pick-face wall in a warehouse?

A pick face wall is essentially a group of storage bins used in conjunction with one another to create a bank or wall of picking locations. Making a pick wall can involve adding parts bins to existing racking locations or stacking picking containers alongside each other to create your pick face wall.

Why use picking bins?

Fast and accurate order picking can significantly impact your business’s success.

Order picking bins and containers can improve productivity, minimise fulfilment times and help eliminate picking errors. You can get orders picked, packed and shipped in less time, leading to improved service and happier customers (who expect ever-shorter lead times, particularly with online orders).

Similarly, using warehouse pick bins and pick boxes can also help minimise costly errors. Improving staff accuracy can reduce wasted time and help to minimise customer returns.

Picking containers also help to organise your inventory, improving the efficiency of stock-taking and manual replenishment. Plastic shelf bins also protect stock from dust, moisture and other debris. Plastic bins also contain spillages within the container, preventing damage to adjacent stock).

These benefits also apply to manufacturing businesses, however. Plastic picking bins help to improve productivity by enabling staff to get stored components and parts to your production line more quickly and efficiently.

Selecting a suitable picking bin option for your business

Regardless of the style or design of picking container you decide on, you can usually choose from several different material and customisation options.

These options affect not only the performance and longevity of your chosen solution but also the upfront costs.

However, it is essential to consider the “lifetime costs” of your picking boxes and bins. A solution that costs twice as much initially, but lasts four times as long, is the more cost-effective option in the long run.

Custom sizes and options, free quotes and impartial advice

With so many companies offering stock ranges of picking bins for sale, how do you decide where to purchase yours from? Well, GWP Correx® is different from the vast majority of these companies.

GWP aims to understand the difficulties and challenges you face from the outset and devise a solution tailored to your requirements. This process may mean designing and creating a completely bespoke stacking pick bin from Correx® or modifying a specific shelf bin with dividers and print.

Ultimately, GWP allows you to have your cardboard or plastic pick bins tailored to your exact requirements (rather than making do with the closest stock option) by a team of expert designers. Whether you need especially large picking bins, stackable picking bins or even picking totes, you can get the solution most suited to your business.

As such, GWP can help minimise your costs through improved space efficiency, faster picking speeds, less material usage and a range of other strategies. And your picking bins are manufactured in the UK, guaranteeing the highest quality and reducing delivery and lead times.

GWP are confident your business can benefit from this approach, so please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

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