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Explorer Cases

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A collection of different size Explorer cases

Tough waterproof equipment cases

If you need military-grade protection at an affordable price, Explorer cases are among the most suitable options.

Explorer cases are heavy-duty, waterproof cases for tools and equipment. Manufactured in Italy, they use a high-performance plastic compound that makes them durable, strong, and virtually indestructible. They are available in over 30 sizes and four standard colours.

At GWP Protective, we are the official UK distributor of Explorer cases. However, any Explorer hard cases you source from us can be enhanced in several ways, including exterior branding and custom foam inserts. Our case experts can also advise on a wide range of alternative protective cases, ensuring you source the best option for your specific application.

A collection of different size Explorer cases

Explorer case features

As with most waterproof cases, Explorer cases boast many impressive features and benefits.

An Explorer case in a desert location
An Explorer case in a fast flowing river
An Explorer equipment case on a dockside
A diver with an Explorer case underwater
A person carrying an Explorer case across a river
An Explorer case in a remote environment

Datasheet and technical info

You can download a free PDF datasheet containing all the technical information, dimensions, features, colour options, and more for each Explorer case model.

Alternatively, view the Explorer case size chart to see all dimensions and options at a glance.

Explorer case colours





Explorer case datasheet

Custom Explorer cases

At GWP, we can enhance any Explorer hard case you buy from us in several ways. This includes both standard accessories and bespoke options, allowing you to improve usability, performance, and appearance.

Engineered foam inserts

foam for cases

Available for all cases

High-quality foam inserts can enhance any Explorer case (or alternative) your business uses.

expert design

Expert foam design

Work alongside an experienced design team to create custom-made Explorer case inserts.

branded foam

Aesthetic appeal

A vast range of colour and branding options (including laser-etched logos) enable a striking visual appearance.

UK manufactured

UK manufactured

All foam inserts/packaging are manufactured in house at GWP, ensuring the highest quality.

Official Explorer cases UK distributor

If you need to protect tools and equipment and think Explorer cases would be a suitable option, we can help.

As an independent supplier of protective cases, we can offer you the full Explorer range. Unlike many other case companies, however, we can also offer a huge number of alternatives and truly impartial advice on the best option for your specific application.

Besides this, we are also one of the UK’s largest foam converters. This means we can supply your Explorer cases with custom foam inserts already inside. This approach – sourcing case and foam together – vastly improves fit, quality and protection. It also reduces your costs.

Our in-house design team has the experience and knowledge to ensure that your chosen case and foam inserts are perfectly optimised and advise on the range of options available.

These benefits are complemented by competitive pricing, no-obligation quotes, and the highest levels of customer service. So, if you need any Explorer cases for your business, please get in touch.

What colours are Explorer cases available in?

Four standard Explorer case colours are available: black, silver, military green, and orange. Bespoke colours are also available but are subject to minimum order quantities (MOQs).

Where are Explorer cases manufactured?

Explorer cases are manufactured in Italy (Bologna) by GT Line Srl. Having been produced in Italy since 1970, they have developed a broad customer base throughout Europe.

What are Explorer cases made from?

Explorer cases use a Polypropylene copolymer in their manufacture. Polypropylene is a widely used thermoplastic, but a copolymer variant makes the cases slightly softer and more pliable. These properties give the cases better impact strength and durability, make them tougher at lower temperatures, and make them more resistant to stress cracks.

Do Explorer cases have wheels?

The larger Explorer cases have built-in, in-line wheels and a telescopic handle to aid movement.

Can I purchase a single Explorer case?

While you can purchase a single Explorer case from GWP, it is likely more cost-effective to do so online. GWP Protective specialises in supplying mid- to high-volume cases to businesses and providing extensive customisation. Please feel free to ask if you are in doubt, as our case team is happy to advise as appropriate.

What are Explorer cases typically used for?

European military forces use Explorer cases widely, but they are also popular in other industries and applications. Typical sectors include field engineers, motorsport, aerospace, broadcasting, and offshore oil and gas. If your business has expensive, delicate, or specialist equipment that needs protecting, Explorer cases are a good choice.

Explorer case alternatives

If you can’t find a specific size, colour, or feature, we can offer a wide choice of Explorer case alternatives.

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