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Explorer case

Waterproof Moulded Cases.

Cases with performance & visual appeal

Explorer cases are one of the most well established waterproof case brands in Europe and beyond. Designed and developed in Italy (which is reflected in their stylish appearance), they are widely utilised by both military and emergency services throughout the continent.

Offering exceptional levels of protection from water, dust, impact, shock and general mis-handling, the cases are also available with custom foam inserts to perfectly fit your products or equipment. Find out how they could aid your operations by getting in touch.

01: Key Benefits of Explorer Cases.

Why should you use Explorer Cases?

Explorer cases market themselves on being the most visually attractive waterproof cases available, thanks to their Italian heritage. Whilst this may be mostly subjective, their appearance is coupled with a wide range of benefits and performance that has been military certified.

Features and benefits of Explorer Cases at a glance

  • Huge range of sizes and colour options
  • Italian designed for clean, attractive appearance
  • Practically indestructible thanks to resin reinforced polypropylene shell
  • Corrosion and rust resistant steel reinforced hinges
  • High resistance latches with positive locking
  • Built in stacking locations and pad-lockable hasps
  • Pressure relief valve (that can be operated manually)
  • IP67 rated (making them water and dust tight)
  • Customisable, including colours (subject to volume), printing and foam inserts

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What GWP Protective customers say

We initially chose to work with GWP due to their early support (including loan of samples), site visit and general discussions. This decision was vindicated through the lead times for final production and the quality of the products that were supplied to us.

N. Holmes | Research Engineer, MTC

02: Why Use Explorer Cases?

Attractive waterproof cases with a strong heritage of military use

As one of the most popular protective cases on the market, GWP Protective are able to supply and customise the full range of Explorer Cases.

If you use an Explorer Case you can be certain that it will offer superb performance – being practically impossible to break, offering water and dust resistance, a wide range of interior options (including GWP engineered foam inserts) and much more besides.

Used extensively in a wide range of industries, including military, navy and avionics, medical, metrological, offshore and even professional photographic equipment and cameras, any technical, expensive or delicate item will be exceptionally well protected if transported or stored in an Explorer Case.

Free Guide: GWP Protective 15 considerations for protection

Download: 15 Crucial Considerations...

…when protecting your high value, fragile or business critical tools, products or equipment. Find out how you can eliminate transit damage and reduce costs too

03: Explorer Case Features.

Protective cases that also offer exceptional usability

Being the first hard-wearing moulded case to be designed and manufactured in Europe, and as a true alternative to the Peli and Storm Cases, Explorer cases showcase their Italian heritage through an aesthetic appearance that is based on clean lines and understanding of attractive appearance.

However, using an Explorer Case provides much more than simply good looks.

Being virtually unbreakable, and coming with a lifetime guarantee (an indication of how confident Explorer are in their protective cases), the cases have also been extensively tested for use in military applications.

Please see below for a list of the accreditations / certiftication achieved by Explorer cases.

Explorer equipment cases
Explorer equipment cases are so tough they are virtually unbreakable and come with a lifetime guarantee - making them widely adopted by military forces

As well as surpassing these military standards, and boasting a temperature rating in excess of -33°C to +90°C, it guarantees that Explorer cases are perfect for use in even the harshest of environments.

Add in NATO stock numbers, impact and shock resistance and a range of over 26 sizes across 3 standard colours, it means that if you need a protective case solution, Explorer Cases are certain to not let you down.

Certification and Testing

  • IP67 rating (ingress protection rating against both water and dust)
  • Defence Standard 81-41 (part 3) issue 4
  • STANAG 4280 (edition 2)

04: Custom Explorer Case Options.

Custom foam inserts, electronics bezel kits, branding and more

Of course, the real value that GWP Protective can add to these already great cases is through the wealth of customisation options we provide.

Being expert foam converters, we can create inserts that are a perfect fit for both the case and the item to be transported, including exceptionally intricate profiles that are captured digitally using the latest equipment.

Using the highest grade foams (including Plastazote), Explorer cases with GWP foam inserts can offer an unsurpassed level of protection.

Explorer waterproof cases
Besides the quality of the standard features such as the handles and catches, you can also enhance Explorer waterproof cases with custom designed foam inserts

Further to this, we can also enhance any Explorer case through a number of branding options. This can include laser etching the foam inserts with logos, instructions or identification, and doing the same with the exterior surfaces of the case through a range of printing and labelling options.

You can even specify the case colour – even a non-standard hue – if the order quantity is sufficient.

Besides this, due to the popularity of Explorer cases there are a wide range of accessories available that we can also include.

From divider sets to straps and even backpacks, the Explorer case range is exceptionally versatile, which makes it perfect for a wide range of applications.

05: Applications / Images.

Image gallery highlighting typical applications / industries utilising Explorer Cases

The first hard-wearing moulded case to be designed and manufactured in Europe. Please see below for typical examples and applications of Explorer Cases. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

Explorer case datasheet

Summary Info / Datasheet

Download the PDF Datasheet to view detailed information on the various certification / quality standards etc., plus see a full list of sizes & model details.

06: Explorer Case Size Chart.

A table of sizes, weights, part numbers and colour options

Please see below for a full list of model numbers, sizes and additional information, or alternatively download the datasheet above for the information in PDF format

SKU / Case Ref.Internal Size (mm)External Size (mm)
Explorer 1908190 x 125 x 85216 x 180 x 102
Explorer 1913190 x 125 x 135216 x 180 x 152
Explorer 2209220 x 160 x 95246 x 215 x 112
Explorer 2214220 x 160 x 145246 x 215 x 162
Explorer 2712276 x 200 x 120305 x 270 x 144
Explorer 2717276 x 200 x 170305 x 270 x 194
Explorer 3317170 x 234 x 170360 x 304 x 194
Explorer 3818180 x 270 x 180410 x 340 x 205
Explorer 4412125 x 345 x 125474 x 415 x 149
Explorer  4412C125 x 345 x 125474 x 415 x 149
Explorer 4419190 x 345 x 190474 x 415 x 214
Explorer 4820205 x 370 x 205520 x 435 x 230
Explorer 5117173 x 277 x 173546 x 347 x 197
Explorer 5122217 x 277 x 217546 x 347 x 247
Explorer 5822220 x 440 x 220650 x 510 x 242
Explorer 5823220 x 440 x 220670 x 510 x 262 
Explorer 5833330 x 440 x 330670 x 510 x 372 
Explorer 7630305 x 485 x 305 860 x 560 x 330
Explorer 7641415 x 485 x 415 860 x 560 x 435
Explorer 9413137 x 352 x 137 989 x 415 x 157 
Explorer 10840400 x 620 x 400 1178 x 718 x 427 
Explorer 11413135 x 350 x 1351189 x 415 x 159
Explorer 13513135 x 350 x 135 1410 x 415 x 159 
Explorer 13527272 x 350 x 272 1430 x 415 x 296

Summary Info / Datasheet

Sizes, weights, part numbers and more

Download the PDF Datasheet to view detailed information on the various controlled tests/results conducted to military specifications, or see a full list of sizes & model details.

07: Explorer Case Alternatives.

Wide range of additional options, including Peli & SKB

Although GWP Protective are official distributors for, amongst others, Peli, SKB, Explorer, Nanuk and Hardigg, we have remained completely independent throughout our more than 25 years of trading.

The benefits of this?

Firstly, it means you can source the widest range of waterproof cases (and indeed aluminium, sample and custom built cases) from a single source.

Secondly, it means we are perfectly placed to offer you completely impartial and unbiased advice on the best waterproof case for your application, industry and budget.

EXOcase logo
Hardigg case logo
Nanuk case logo
Peli case logo
SKB case logo
Peli Storm case logo
Free Guide: GWP Protective 15 considerations for protection

Free Guide

15 crucial considerations for protecting your items

Get your free guide highlighting the 15 critical points to consider when protecting high value tools, products or equipment.

08: GWP Protective.

A waterproof case supplier that you can trust

GWP Protective , being independent, are proud to be able to offer your business the broadest selection of branded waterproof and protective cases from a single supplier.

This means that not only can we source practically any protective case you require, but can also offer truly impartial advice on which is best for you – without any bias or hidden agendas.

And if an off the shelf case isn’t 100 percent perfect, we can manufacture one to your exact requirements.

Foam insert manufacture
Custom foam inserts can be added to any case including Explorer, like this example at GWP Protectives' production facility

Besides this, we guarantee your business will see tangible benefits from working with our experienced case and foam designers and engineers. In fact, by manufacturing any foam insert alongside your chosen waterproof case, it improves the fit, compatibility, and can even allow for a very specific level of protection to be achieved.

All of this is complemented by a modern manufacturing plant, skilled production staff, and experienced design and support teams.

You can even take advantage of additional services, such as a just in time supply agreement, mobile design service (a designer will come to you), and free quotations on any job, big or small.


Free, no obligation advice…

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More information on how you can benefit from Explorer Cases

If you think that customised Explorer cases are for you, then please get in touch with a member of our sales team for further assistance.

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Are you looking for an attractive waterproof case with custom foam? If so, Explorer cases could be for you...

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