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Returnable postal boxes and packaging

Sustainable and cost-effective custom plastic postal boxes

Whilst single-trip cardboard postal packaging is an obvious choice for most businesses, there are many applications where you should consider Correx® plastic postal boxes.

Being more durable and hardwearing (as well as weatherproof), Correx® returnable postal boxes are ideal for businesses where customers return items (or are likely to). Such applications could include everything from fashion retailers operating online, subscription services, or even tool or equipment hire. Read more

Available colours:

White Correx
Grey Correx
Black Correx
Blue Correx
Green Correx
Yello Correx
Red Correx
Full colour printed cardboard swatch
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Detailed information on returnable postal boxes

With most businesses seeing their sales shift to eCommerce and online channels, postal packaging is becoming increasingly important.

For most online sellers, single-trip corrugated packaging makes the most sense (due to cost, availability, ease of disposal for end users etc.). But there are several business models where increasingly, this is not the case.

For example, many fashion retailers now offer free returns. Whilst this is usually accommodated by simply returning the cardboard postal box, this can occasionally result in damaged items. For suit and dress hire companies, the necessity for returning the items means that packaging costs soon add up.

Using Correx® boxes allows your customers to return the postal boxes over and over, lasting many hundreds of trips. This longevity and reusability make them ideal for any business where items and/or their packaging is returned (including hire agreements, regular subscription services etc.).

Other benefits of using returnable postal boxes – besides the potential long-term savings realised by reuse of your packaging – include increased durability and strength, being easy to clean, and being weatherproof.

Custom letterbox boxes

Like cardboard postal packaging, you can choose to have any Correx® mailing boxes your business requires created in bespoke sizes.

Whilst it may make sense to tailor the Correx® box to the size of your products or items, many businesses use standard sizes to minimise postage and delivery costs. A common framework is the Royal Mail PIP boxes (pricing in proportion) sizes, or “letterbox” boxes (i.e. those that fit through the majority of UK letterboxes, allowing for easier delivery (with no signature required).

There are other ways to customise your returnable postal packaging besides the sizing.

Options include using integral or removable inserts to hold products in place. You can choose to have any inserts manufactured using Bubbleboard – to further protect from surface scuffs or damage caused by mishandling. It is even possible to add foam lining and inserts to the boxes.

You can also add print inside or outside of your plastic postal boxes. Printing can incorporate anything from simple branding to return instructions, handling info, or other useful or important details on the product.

This versatility means that returnable postal boxes are an option growing in popularity amongst online sellers and seeing widespread use among industrial and B2B applications.

Key benefits of plastic postal boxes at a glance

  • More durable, hardwearing and weatherproof than cardboard.
  • Ideal for product hire applications.
  • Minimises environmental impact (through reuse).
  • Boxes are available in standard sizes (PIP guidelines) or custom sizes.
  • Letterbox packaging sizes to aid delivery.
  • More straightforward returns for customers.
  • Packaging can feature integral or removal dividers or foam for added protection and presentation.
  • Also ideal for industrial applications.


Common questions regarding plastic postal boxes

Should your business switch to returnable mailing boxes? Have questions regarding them?

The following section covers a selection of frequently asked questions on this topic. Alternatively, please contact GWP on 01793 754 457 or with any questions.

When should I use plastic postal boxes?

Plastic postal boxes are an excellent option for several applications. Uses include hire agreements (where the customer will return the product after a set period), regular subscription services where couriers or delivery staff can collect the packaging at the next delivery, or even for eCommerce fashion businesses that expect high volumes of customer returns.

Do these fit through customers' letterboxes?

Returnable plastic postal boxes can be the exact size that you require. Whilst this can mean tailoring to your specific product(s), you can also have them sized to minimise postage costs (e.g. Royal Mail PIP boxes). Adhering to sizing guidelines can allow them to be “letterbox” boxes that will not require a signature on delivery.

Can these Correx® boxes be printed with my logo or branding?

Any Correx® box that you source (including Correx® postal boxes) can have print added to it. Options range from simple, one-colour branding to detailed printed instructions and full-colour graphics (via digital print).

Do these protect from water and bad weather?

Besides their returnability, plastic postal boxes have another crucial advantage over corrugated cardboard postal packaging. That is their resistance to water, inclement weather, dust, grime and even most chemicals. This performance can provide enhanced protection for their contents (i.e. your customers’ orders).

Are these more expensive than cardboard postal boxes?

Plastic, returnable postal boxes are more expensive initially than single-trip corrugated packaging. However, their reusability means they work out cheaper over the mid to long-term. However, your business must have a straightforward method for the return of the packaging to realise these savings.

Are these suitable for use as returnable postal boxes?

The durability and longevity of Correx® mean that boxes made from it are perfect for use as returnable postal boxes. They can be used over hundreds of trips, allowing you and your customers (B2C or B2B) to reuse the packs over and over.

Tailored quotes and pricing

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Need postal boxes for your business but not sure whether single-trip cardboard or reusable Correx® would be your best option?

Luckily, GWP can help. Offering both options (you can see the full range of cardboard postal boxes and packaging here), you can speak with a team of experts at GWP who are happy to offer impartial advice on the best option for your specific application.

Advanced manufacturing capabilities also allow GWP to tailor your chosen boxes to your exact requirements. Add in no-obligation quotes, and it is clear how your business can benefit by working with GWP.

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