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Peli™ Ruck cases

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Peli Ruck utility case

Waterproof personal utility cases

Official Peli Ruck case UK sellers, including custom foam inserts

Similar to the Peli Micro case range in terms of sizing but with a distinct appearance and features, Peli Ruck cases are a great option if you need to protect smaller items and equipment.

Peli Ruck cases are among the smallest waterproof cases available. Their rugged exterior and rubber bumpers make them extremely tough and durable. The cases also feature internal organisers and various attachment points. Available in 3 sizes, Peli Ruck personal utility cases are ideal for protecting smaller items and personal gear.

Working well on its own or within an outer case as part of a larger “kit”, Peli Ruck cases are IP68 rated to protect from water and dust. Besides this performance, you can enhance Peli Ruck cases with standard options (such as internal organisers) and custom features like foam inserts. It is effectively a Peli hard case, just in a smaller size.

As official UK Peli case suppliers, your business can source the full Peli Ruck case range – including any custom options required – from GWP Protective.

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Why use Peli Ruck cases?

Small utility cases that offer extensive protection

Peli Ruck cases are one of the lesser-known options in the broader range of Peli cases.

With a limited number of sizes similar to the Peli Micro series, Peli Ruck cases are nonetheless unique in both appearance and features.

For starters, the cases feature rubber bumpers on the exterior surfaces. These bumpers help protect the contents if you drop the cases. The bumpers also protect from impact, crushing, and other mishandling. The abrasion-resistant, impact-proof exterior ABS outer shell provides extra durability too.

The cases are also IP 68 rated, meaning they prevent dust entering the case. The rating also means Peli Ruck cases are completely watertight (submergible at up to 2 metres for 30 minutes). In addition, Peli Ruck cases have a built-in pressure relief valve – keeping water and dust out whilst balancing air pressure.

So, whilst the range of sizes and colours is less than similar cases (such as Peli Micro and SKB 3S series), what Peli Ruck cases lack in options, they certainly make up for in performance and features.

Peli Ruck case features

Smaller sizes, but still packed with useful features

Attachment points on the end of a Peli Ruck case

External attachment points

Peli Ruck cases feature multiple external attachment points, allowing affixing to other equipment or larger cases.

Peli Ruck rubber exoskeleton

Rubberised exoskeleton

A rubberised exoskeleton increases the protection offered by Peli Ruck cases, even without adding foam inserts.

Full length Peli Ruck latch in open position

Dual pivot latch

The unique, full-length, dual pivot latch provides a very secure lock while allowing easy operation.

Open Peli Ruck case showing it's internal rubber seal

Internal seal

The internal seal on the Peli Ruck cases provides an IP68 rating, preventing water and dust from entering.

Custom Peli Ruck cases

A range of both standard and bespoke options (including custom foam)

Customised foam inserts

foam for cases

Available for all cases

GWP can expertly enhance any Peli Micro case (or alternative) you need with high-quality foam inserts

expert design

Expert foam design

Work alongside an experienced, knowledgeable design team to create custom-made Peli case inserts

branded foam

Aesthetic appeal

A vast range of colour and branding options (including laser-etched logos) ensure a striking visual appearance

UK manufactured

UK manufactured

All foam inserts/packaging are manufactured in-house at GWP, ensuring the highest quality

All Peli Ruck case models

View every Peli Ruck case size and option available

Peli R20 ruck case

Peli Ruck Case R20

Peli Ruck Case Colours

180 x 86 x 50 mm
Internal (L x W x D)

Peli R40 ruck case

Peli Ruck Case R40

Peli Ruck Case Colours

194 x 119 x 48 mm
Internal (L x W x D)

Peli R60 ruck case

Peli Ruck Case R60

Peli Ruck Case Colours

226 x 136 x 75 mm
Internal (L x W x D)

Peli Ruck case performance

Protection and performance you would expect from a Peli case

Peli Ruck cases boast much of the same performance benefits as the larger cases (and their closest alternative, Peli Micro cases). Peli Ruck cases are IP68 rated, making them waterproof to a depth of 2 meters for up to 30 minutes. A pressure equalisation valve also protects contents in this scenario.

The ABS and polycarbonate body and TPU bumper material also ensure that the cases are resistant to crushing and damage from impact and vibration. The material composition also provides an operating temperature of between -23 ⁰C to 93 ⁰C.

As per all other Peli Cases, Peli Ruck cases also offer a manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee.

  • IP68 Rated
  • -23 ⁰C to 93 ⁰C operating temperature
  • 0.7 kg buoyancy

PDF datasheet

View all of the Peli Ruck sizes, colours, technical data and more in a single downloadable document

Please download the free PDF datasheet for all of the important info (colours, sizes, features, weights) specific to the Peli Ruck cases.

Peli Micro datasheet

FAQs and additional Info

A selection of frequently asked questions if you are considering Peli Ruck cases

What are Peli Ruck cases?

Peli Ruck cases are a compact range of cases for smaller tools, parts, and equipment. They offer excellent protection – as you would expect from Pelican cases – alongside a unique appearance and features.

What are Peli Ruck cases made from?

The manufacture of Peli Ruck cases uses a durable and impact-resistant ABS outer shell. This tough material combines with a rubber exoskeleton which acts as a bumper if you or a user of the case drops or mishandles it.

Are Peli Ruck cases waterproof?

Peli Ruck cases are entirely waterproof, being IP68 rated. The rating means you can submerge them in 2 meters of water for up to 30 minutes.

Can I add foam inserts to Peli Ruck cases?

You can add custom foam inserts to any Peli Ruck case if required. Adding foam will provide additional cushioning protection for your items.

Are there any Peli Ruck case alternatives?

Due to the small sizes of the Peli Ruck cases, the alternatives are Peli’s own Micro case range or the SKB 3S Series cases. The most suitable one will depend on your products, application and environment.

Why should I source my business' Peli Ruck cases from GWP?

Peli Ruck case alternatives

A vast selection of similar waterproof cases and alternative protective case options

Why source your Peli Ruck cases from GWP?

Official UK Peli case distributors

Custom packaging design

Foam design expertise

As the UK’s leading foam converters, any Peli case you source from GWP can have custom foam already included – allowing for better quality, compatibility and pricing.

Peli Ruck cases on sandy ground

Widest range

Besides being official distributors of the full range of Peli cases, GWP also allows your business to select from the broadest range of other waterproof and protective case brands within the UK.

sample case advice

Genuinely impartial advice

As an independent supplier with 30-plus years of experience, you can benefit from expert and genuinely impartial advice on the best case for your specific application.


Official reseller of Peli cases in the UK

As an official reseller of all types of Peli cases within the UK, GWP Protective can offer businesses and higher volume users the full range of Peli Ruck cases. The supply of these is an addition to their other options, including Peli ProtectorStorm CasePeli Air and Peli Micro cases.

Besides this, you can also source a range of other branded (or custom-built cases) from GWP. Everything from ExplorerNanukSKBB&W and even Zarges options are available.

Buy Peli Ruck cases

Not sure what to pick? GWP will be happy to provide impartial advice if required. Not sure of your budget? GWP can help here with cost-effective, no-obligation quotes. Need foam too? Again, GWP can help (also being one of the largest foam converters in the UK).

So, if you are looking for a small, hard case option, why not speak with GWP about Peli Ruck cases and your other options today?

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