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Hinged wooden packing box

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Hinged wooden packing box

If you need a sustainable yet practical option to store, handle or transport tools, parts or equipment, hinged wooden packing boxes are ideal

Hinged wooden packing boxes are a popular alternative to metal or plastic protective cases. Typically using plywood, packing boxes can be manufactured to custom sizes. Various options, including handles, exterior branding, and foam inserts, further enhance usability and protection. Read more


Plastic free packaging
Biodegradable packaging
Recyclable packaging
FSC logo as used on FSC certified packaging
50 FOR wood packaging symbol
  • No obligation and no pressure quotes for any case.
  • Free and impartial advice from UK based packaging experts.
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Plastic free packaging
Biodegradable packaging
Recyclable packaging
FSC logo as used on FSC certified packaging
50 FOR wood packaging symbol

About hinged wooden packing boxes

Hinged wooden packing boxes are a lightweight alternative to many plastic cases (such as those manufactured by Peli, SKB and Explorer) where full water resistance is not required.

The hinged lid design allows easy access to the contents of the packing box, whilst a range of optional extras can improve usability, too. Options include the addition of handles, lid stays, straps, catches and even stencilling of branding and instructions to the outer surfaces.

Besides these, you can also choose to add custom foam inserts to your hinged wooden boxes. GWP can design and manufacture your foam to be a perfect fit for your product or equipment while providing the optimum cushioning protection level.

GWP can also tailor the durable plywood construction to provide the required protection during transit while enhancing longevity. The wood used is also ISPM 15 treated to ensure suitability for export.

Finally, and unlike many plastic cases, hinged wooden boxes are easily recycled at the end of their usable lifespan (aiding your business’ sustainability efforts).

Key benefits of hinged wooden packing boxes

The main features and benefits offered by hinged wooden boxes include:

  • Lightweight alternative to plastic cases.
  • Easily recycled at the end of their usable lifespan.
  • The hinged lid allows easy access to contents.
  • Optional foam inserts provide excellent protection from shock and impact.
  • Other options include handles, straps, catches, etc.
  • Can stencil company branding, instructions and other text/graphics onto external surfaces.
  • Popular for service engineers and military applications.
  • ISPM 15 treated wood for suitability for export.
Biodegradable packaging


The timber used in the manufacture of this packaging is biodegradable.

Plastic free packaging

Plastic free packaging

Your wooden boxes are free from plastic materials.

Reusable packaging product


The durable nature of wooden shipping crates means they can often be reused over multiple trips.

Recyclable packaging

Recyclable packaging

Hinged wooden packing boxes are recyclable at appropriate recycling facilities.

Packaging manufactured in the UK

UK manufactured

GWP manufacture your timber packaging in the UK, reducing emissions from transport.

50 FOR wood packaging symbol


Hinged wooden boxes use wood (plywood) in their manufacture.

FSC logo as used on FSC certified packaging

FSC® certified

You can choose to have your crates made using FSC certified materials.

What are hinged wooden boxes used for?

You can use Hinged wooden boxes for a wide range of applications. These include storing specialist tools and equipment and shipping a range of products (including for export). The addition of features such as handles and foam inserts make hinged wooden boxes an alternative to some protective cases and carry cases.

What material is used to make wooden packing boxes?

Wooden packing boxes typically use plywood in their manufacture. This material provides good levels of protection and can be used in differing grades and thicknesses to tailor the box’s strength to a specific product or equipment.

Are wooden packing boxes suitable for export?

Wooden packing boxes use ISPM 15 treated wood in their manufacture. This process makes them suitable for export.

Can these wooden boxes include foam inserts?

Hinged wooden boxes can include various insert options, from simple foam lining to custom-engineered foam inserts. It is possible to design and manufacture your inserts to be a perfect fit for your specific items and provide a precise level of cushioning protection.

Are softwood crates suitable for export?

Softwood cases are suitable for export packaging provided the wood is ISPM 15 treated (to prevent the transit of insects, fungus, diseases, etc.).

Bespoke hinged wooden packing boxes

The hinged wooden packing boxes that GWP supplies – much like the other wooden shipping crates – are manufactured in bespoke sizes to suit your specific product, parts or equipment. Whilst this approach vastly improves protection, lowers costs (using less material) and minimises transport and storage requirements, it makes listing prices on this website difficult.

Free quotes and advice

Instead, a team of designers, estimators and technical sales teams can provide free advice on the best option for your business and no obligation quotes for any industrial packaging you may require.

This approach ensures that you not only end up with a genuinely cost-effective solution but also one that provides the optimum level of protection.

If your business or organisation can benefit from this approach, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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