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Packaging Inventory Management

Lower costs, improve cash flow, minimise stock outs & reduce admin with a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Managing any inventory of products can be hard work. This is particularly true of your packaging inventory management.


Having too much stock ties up working capital and creates the additional (often significant) cost of safely storing your packaging.


Too little stock can lead to frequent outages. This in turn can stop production lines (at huge expense) and cause delays in fulfilling orders. It can also lead to the need to place frequent orders, increasing time spent on administration.

Packaging inventory management

The answer?


A vendor managed inventory (also referred to as Just In Time Delivery or KanBan supply).

So what is Just in Time Packaging?

One of the key services your business can take advantage of when working with GWP Group is a fully managed inventory.


The packaging inventory management service was originally created due to an ever increasing number of companies like yours feeling the cost pressures of maintaining large warehouses, struggling to cope with fluctuations in demand, and the difficulties inherent with the management of large inventories of differing packaging items.


In essence, your packaging inventory will be fully managed by GWP.

Packaging stock reduction

The advanced stock management system – unique to GWP – is configured and tailored to your specific requirements. It accurately monitors, anticipates and meets the fluctuating requirements, keeping your packaging within pre-agreed maximum and minimum stock levels.


As well as reducing your stock holding, it also allows deliveries from stock on vastly reduced lead times.

How a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) works

On entering into a service level agreement with GWP, we will manage the entire production, storage and distribution processes of your packaging with minimal further input from you.


With the manufacturing programme carefully managed, finished packaging products are stored in a clean, safe environment until required.


Your job is effectively calling off the stock as required through a secure online service.

Online packaging order

This system, accessible through any web browser, 24 hours a day, is both easy to use and also tailored to your requirements. Besides this, it automatically allows for earliest delivery dates, order quantities and other critical information to be calculated.


By monitoring and evaluating historical order patterns, GWP Packaging are also able to predict usage and manage stock levels to suit.


This ensures that by utilising our packaging inventory management service (also referred to as KanBan depending on industry), you will get the packaging that you need, when you need it, with the minimum of fuss.

Not just for Corrugated Packaging

Whilst the Inventory Management service has proven extremely useful to and popular with companies using significant volumes of corrugated cardboard packaging, the unique way in which GWP Group is structured ensures that the service is available across a much wider range of products.


As such, should you use corrugated, protective cases, foam inserts or end caps, Correx handling products, POS or any combination of these, you can let GWP Group manage your entire stock of packaging products.

Just in time inventory management

This even extends to holding stock of your commonly used sundries such as tapes and labels (even if we do not manufacture these ourselves) and, for sheet plants, stock of both coated and uncoated board.


On the subject of stock holding, one of the reasons this Just in Time packaging service is so widely adopted is the flexibility it offers. All of the GWP divisions keep a stock holding of raw materials that allows for sudden spikes in demand to be met without any disruption to your business.

Order Packaging Online

Your Just In Time delivery and inventory management service is further enhanced by a bespoke on-line ordering system, created to ensure you receive exactly what you require, precisely when you need it.


The system has been designed with a large degree of flexibility to your business to schedule the delivery of multiple products to several delivery addresses within a very user-friendly interface.


The system also calculates the earliest possible delivery dates, can automatically send out order confirmations and delivery notes, allows for you to add specific requirements to your orders, and cuts down the amount of administration and paperwork normally associated with placing conventional orders.

Order packaging online

Many businesses like yours that are already using the system comment that their favourite aspect of the system is its’ clear interface and simplicity. It basically does everything required in the quickest, easiest and most efficient way possible.


It is also linked directly to GWP’s manufacturing systems, ensuring the most efficient and reliable processing of new orders. And as with the JIT stock management service, the greatest benefit is realised through its customisation to your specific requirements.

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Why use an online packaging system?

  • Fast, safe and secure access with any web browser
  • Less paperwork and less administration
  • 24 hours monitoring of stock levels
  • Calculation of earliest possible deliveries
  • Viewing of previous orders
  • Add delivery and special instructions to orders
  • Exceptionally intuitive and easy to use

Further UK coverage

Whilst our strategically located warehousing and distribution centre allows us to offer exceptional coverage throughout the South West, the newly formed Corrboard Alliance ensures that your packaging can be supplied on time, every time, regardless of where your business is situated in the country.

Vendor managed inventory

The Corrboard Alliance distribution network can also help your business should you have multiple manufacturing or distribution centres which require differing products, delivery schedules or service levels.


Click here for further information on how your business can benefit.

Summary of key benefits:

  • Reduced stock holding results in minimised storage space, leading to lower rent / insurance costs
  • Less working capital is tied up in packaging stock, aiding cash flow
  • There is a reduced chance of stock becoming out of date / obsolete
  • Eliminates instances of stock outages
  • Decreased planning and ordering costs
  • Massive reduction in lead times and efficient delivery schedules
  • Pro-active Inventory Management
  • Bespoke online ordering system providing both visibility and flexibility
  • Reduced paperwork and admin

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For further information on how you can benefit from a full Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

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