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Minimise Packing Times

Reduce labour costs and see noticeable improvements in output and productivity by reducing packing times

When most companies look to reduce costs, particularly on packaging, the first thing to be analysed is unit cost. Whilst this has an obvious and direct impact on the bottom line, focusing solely on the price per unit can lead to corners being cut with regards to materials used and, ultimately, quality.


In fact, it is possible to significantly reduce costs without reducing the unit cost (and quality) of your packaging. It is even possible to pay may more per box and still see vast savings in costs.


So how this is done?


By minimising packing times, it is possible to reduce labour costs, increase output and productivity and not compromise on packaging quality which itself could lead to increased transit damage and returns.

Reduce packing times

Does your company need to minimise packing times?

Although often low cost, certain forms of corrugated packaging can be difficult or time consuming to construct.


If for example taped cartons are being used, the time it takes to assemble and then securely fasten it can – over many thousands of boxes – quickly add up. This can be exacerbated further by packaging that requires additional inserts, void fill or dividers to be added as well.


In fact, depending on the style of box you are using, the most time consuming part of your packing operations could be the taping of the boxes before loading. Filling the box is frequently the quick part.


Having eliminated the need for tape, some companies have even reported a 60% reduction in packing times.


This reduction in packing times can significantly improve your business’ productivity, which in turn can have a significant, positive impact on labour costs and profitability.

So how can packing times be minimised?

The starting point when looking to minimise packing times would always be to take a holistic view of your entire packaging process.


This would identify any cartons or inserts that are particularly time consuming to erect. These would then be re-engineered to eliminate the need for secondary packaging such as tape, whilst also reducing the time taken to assemble.

Minimise Packing times

Past experience also ensures that GWP Group already manufacture a number of products that eliminate the need for packaging tape. These inherently minimise packing times.


Crash lock boxes for example simply open out and lock together from flat. The pre-glued base flaps of these cartons that lock into place can reduce packing times by as much as a third.


Our experienced designers can also create packs that use integral cushioning that limit the need for foam to be added, are specific sizes thus eliminating void fill, or feature compartments that house multiple items.

Minimise packing times – additional benefits

It gets better. The use of crash lock or easy assemble packaging can reduce costs in a number of other ways too.


Firstly, by eliminating the use of tape it also means the costs of purchasing and the space for storage is eliminated. Secondary packaging such as tapes can be a significant it its own right, but one which is rarely addressed.


Easy assemble boxes, such as crash lock designs, have also been shown to reduce RSI injuries in employees tasked with assembling packaging and boxes too – a benefit to employees and to your business due to less absences.


For the end user of the packaging there are benefits too. Besides looking more attractive, they are much easier to recycle. This is because the packs fold down more easily, whilst the need for removing metres of tape is eliminated as well.


Finally, if custom sizes / formats of packaging have been produced to reduce or eliminate void fill, the knock on effect of this can also be reduced transit costs. This is particularly important for air freight where volume can have a big impact.

Case Study: The Consortium

The Consortium is one of a number of companies benefiting from the use of Crash Lock boxes.

Speed Up Packing Times

With a turnover in excess of £45 million, the volume of products being shipped meant that even modest gains in productivity would yield significant improvements in both cost and performance.

We’ve been working with GWP for around eight years. They supply all our packaging and we are absolutely delighted with them. Over time our needs have changed and they always respond swiftly with exceptional service. They know what we want and when we need it, and hold stock for us, and they never let us down. We feel they really understand our business, and they work very hard on the relationship.

Mark Barnett | Consortium Operations

Summary of key benefits:

  • Reduction in assembly times improve packing through-out and aids productivity
  • The cost of secondary packaging (such as tapes, void fill etc.) is eliminated
  • Your packaging is easier for the end user to recycle
  • The likelihood of RSI injuries in your packing staff is reduced

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Do you think your business could benefit from improved productivity, eliminating the cost of secondary packaging and all without compromising quality? If so, please get in touch for a personalised plan and advice on how to minimise packing times.

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