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Multi-trip packaging

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If you work in planning, logistics, manage production, or are involved in the efficient operation of your business’s supply chain, multi-trip packaging and reusable shipping boxes can significantly impact your success.

Multi-trip packaging is any box, tray or container used for more than one journey. It is usually manufactured from durable materials such as plastic, wood or metal. Multi-trip packaging is common in the supply chains of automotive, aerospace, and other manufacturing industries.

Returnable packaging containers

Euro container

Euro stacking containers

5 sizes
Moulded polypropylene

Correx handling storage tote

Custom Correx® tote boxes

Custom sizes
Corrugated polypropylene

Q Grip totes

Q Grip custom size containers

Custom sizes
Corrugated polypropylene

Attached lid container

Attached lid containers (ALC)

5 sizes
Moulded polypropylene

Rapitainer totes

Rapitainer® returnable boxes

Custom sizes
Twin wall polypropylene

Corriplast conductive collapsible tote

Conductive and ESD safe containers

Stock or bespoke sizes
Various materials

Multi-trip packaging inserts

Correx divider set inside a small euro container

Correx® dividers

Stock or bespoke sizes
Corrugated polypropylene

Specialist dividers

Fabric divisions

Custom sizes
Spunbond/foam laminate

Correx layer pads

Plastic layer pads

Stock or bespoke sizes
Corrugated polypropylene

Foam trays

Foam dunnage

Custom sizes/designs
Plastazote® (polyethylene)

Corriplast tote division set

ESD safe dividers

Stock or bespoke sizes
Corrugated polypropylene

Vacuum formed trays

Vacuum formed inserts

Custom sizes/designs

Handling trays

Correx stacking tray

Correx® stacking trays

Custom sizes
Corrugated polypropylene

Correx tray

Standard Correx® trays

Custom sizes
Corrugated polypropylene

Correx vial tray

Vial trays and racks

Custom sizes
Corrugated polypropylene

Plastic kitting trays

Line-side kitting trays

Custom sizes/designs

Other reusable boxes

Plastic pallet boxes

Plastic pallet boxes

Custom sizes
Corrugated polypropylene

Correx gable box

Correx® gable boxes

Custom sizes
Corrugated polypropylene

Correx plastic-shipping-boxes

Plastic shipping boxes

Custom sizes
Corrugated polypropylene

Correx briefcase boxes

Correx® briefcase boxes

Custom sizes
Corrugated polypropylene

Correx clean room boxes

Medical, clean room and pharma

Custom sizes
Corrugated polypropylene

Correx fluoresecent lamp coffins

Correx® lamp coffins (WEEE)

Standard or bespoke sizes
Corrugated polypropylene

What materials are used to manufacture multi-trip packaging?

Varying types of multi-trip packaging utilise different materials in their manufacture. Correx, moulded plastics, wood, metal and foams are all commonly used. Each returnable supply chain packaging type has distinct advantages and disadvantages and suitability for specific industries or applications.

Is Correx® a good choice for multi-trip packaging?

Correx® is one of the most widely used materials to manufacture multi-trip packaging. It is lightweight yet robust and can provide similar strength and durability as moulded plastics. However, the significant advantage it has over moulded containers is size flexibility. Custom sizes allow you to use containers that maximise space efficiency, lower transport costs, and improve your employees’ handling productivity.

Are Euro containers suitable for use in my supply chain?

Moulded plastic containers, bins and boxes are among the toughest multi-trip packaging you can source. These containers offer excellent performance and longevity. They are also resistant to water, moisture, oil, grease, dust and most chemicals. They are also comfortable to handle, easy to stack, and compatible with most racking, pallets and conveyors.

Can cardboard be used for multi-trip packaging?

Although not a true multi-trip packaging solution, corrugated cardboard is often used over multiple journeys. You should also consider that you lose the cost and environmental benefits of multi-trip packaging if you transport large volumes of empty containers around parts of your supply chain. Single-trip or expendable packaging may be a better option in specific scenarios.

Are wooden crates and cases single or multi-trip packaging?

Wooden crates and pallet boxes offer greater protection than corrugated cardboard but less than moulded or Correx options. They are less cost-effective than plastics in the longer term too. However, they are relatively low-cost, relatively easy to recycle, and available in custom sizes.

Is it possible to add print to multi-trip packaging?

You can use printing on exterior surfaces to add branding and logos to your multi-trip containers. Doing so gives your business a presence throughout the supply chain (effectively free advertising when in your suppliers’ or customers’ premises). Besides this, you can add part numbers, special handling instructions and other information to assist your employees.

Why are inserts and dividers added to multi-trip packaging?

Dividers, foam inserts, and other dunnage are among the most effective ways to enhance your multi-trip packaging. Inserts help minimise damage by preventing the movement of parts during handling and transportation. They also improve shipping and handling efficiency by allowing you to safely get more components into an outer tote. Inserts can also aid manual stock checking through quick visual checks. Production operatives can retrieve items from the containers more efficiently too.

Sourcing custom multi-trip packaging

The multi-trip packaging in your supply chain or line-side handling processes dramatically impacts your business. Yet many overlook the importance of it.

Get it right, and you have an efficient, closed-loop setup that delivers parts and finished goods safely and quickly. And this efficiency applies both within your business and when supplying your customers.

Get it wrong, and you could experience delays and damage to parts or products during transit. These issues result in increased costs and, ultimately, disgruntled customers.

As such, choosing a suitable supplier for your multi-trip packaging is a decision you should not take lightly.

Experts in returnable containers

GWP has been manufacturing both single and multi-trip packaging in various forms for more than 30 years. This experience and expertise offer your business several distinct advantages.

Firstly, you can source the most comprehensive range of packaging and handling products from a single source. You can minimise your admin, take advantage of economies of scale, and improve the compatibility of the various products you source by doing so.

Secondly, it also means that GWP can offer you genuinely impartial advice on the best returnable packaging for your business. No trying to sell you a narrow range of potentially unsuitable products. Just recommendations based on your specific requirements.

Besides this, you can work with an experienced team of designers to create custom returnable packaging. Bespoke multi-trip packaging is expertly tailored to your products, environment, industry or application.

If you are looking for multi-trip packaging that could significantly impact the success of your business, please get in touch.

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