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Shell case

Soft PU Cases.

Cases to boost your sales

If your business is looking to differentiate your latest products, impress clients in important sales pitches, or to boost retail sales, then Shell Case is the ideal choice. With a unique, attractive appearance and a range of customisation options (zips, labels, custom mouldings and colours etc.), you can ensure your brand stands out even in the most competitive markets.

Taking the form of an “off the shelf” collection of cases (the Standard 300 range) for low volumes, through to fully bespoke options for higher volumes and added value requirements, any product can be enhanced by Shell Case.

01: Key Benefits of Shell Cases.

Enhance brand recognition, differentiation and sales

Shell cases are noticeably different from other presentation and sample cases on the market – and this can give your brand a point of difference too. If you need to boost sales, stand out in retail spaces or impress in sales pitches, Shell Case is for you…

Features and benefits of Shell Cases at a glance

  • Professional and unique appearance in sales pitches and presentations
  • Wide range of branding options to boost recognition and aid repeat sales
  • Provides “added value” in retail applications (e.g. compared with disposal packaging)
  • All cases – both standard or custom – can be customised with branded zips, labels, tags and more
  • Presentation can be enhanced with precision foam inserts in a range of colours and finishes
  • Completely bespoke versions available to match any brief / application
  • Striking & different aesthetic appearance to stand-out in crowded retail environments
  • Range of standard designs and sizes, that can be tailored to your requirements

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What GWP Protective customers say

When faced with the challenge of creating an integrated carrying solution for a new Automated External Defibrillator (AED), Shell Case provided the answer. The result utilised an innovative combination of multiple materials to offer protection, easy access and flexible usability.

Cardiac Science | Source:

02: Why Use Shell Cases?

Features of every Shell Case that can increase brand recognition and increase sales

Regardless of whether you choose a Standard 300 Shell Case, or decide on a bespoke option, these lightweight presentation cases offer your business a number of common benefits.

Key amongst these is their striking visual appearance. Not only do Shell Cases offer a very distinct appearance from competing products, but there are also numerous branding options that come as standard.

This includes the option to brand the zips, tags, labels and some interior elements. This gives them a premium feel which can enhance your sales in two very different ways.

Firstly, Shell cases are the perfect option to store and present samples used for sales pitches and client meetings.

Shell case padded case
The standard Shell Cases can still provide excellent levels of protection and organisation thanks to their range of inserts and accessories

By projecting a professional image which is also different to that of your competitors, it ensures that not only are products and samples presented in the best possible manner, but that both your pitch and brand will be hard to forget.

This will ultimately lead to an increased likelihood of client orders and adoption.

Secondly, the stylish appearance also means that Shell cases can be used to add value to higher value consumer goods.

For example, once branded, the cases can be offered with products such as cameras, electronic devices and even medical equipment for ongoing storage and transportation.

So as well as gaining increased attention in crowded retail environments, it will also aid consumer perception that you are offering the premium, or best value, option.

This in turn can significantly boost sales.

Enhanced end user satisfaction

  • Added value for consumers, allowing for ongoing storage / transit of valuable items
  • Optional foam inserts offer further protection, reducing transit damage and returns
  • Coloured foam inserts can also be used for quick sample, part or product identification
  • Standard internal pouches, dividers and foam sets provide flexible storage options
  • Lightweight construction and ergonomic handles ensure comfortable use
  • Exterior case construction absorbs shock and impact caused by mishandling, protecting items
Free Guide: 3 hacks to improve your sample cases

Download: 3 Psychological Hacks...

…to enhance any sample case! Discover the hacks you can use to grab attention, drive sales and out-perform your competition. Download it for free now!

03: Applications / Images.

View typical applications and industries utilising Shell Cases

View a selection of Shell Cases along with some of their typical applications. Please click the individual thumbnails for a larger view, or see the following sections for images of specific products and customisation options.

04: Standard 300 Range.

Cost effective Standard 300 range that doesn’t compromise impact

The Standard 300 range of shell cases is a collection cases in predetermined sizes and colours.

Whilst there are still a number of ways to personalise and brand the case to your company’s identity, the main benefit of utilising this stock range is the cost.

However, as well as low unit prices (thanks to no tooling or design requirements), they are also available in low volumes and on short lead times.

This provides the benefits of being responsive to urgent requirements or increased seasonal demands for your products, as well as potentially reducing storage space (and costs) required to accommodate surplus stock.

It also means that, should you have a relatively small sales team, the exact amount of cases can be specified without a commitment to a minimum order volume or prohibitive upfront cost.

Shell case equipment case
Shell cases - like other sample cases - can be enhanced with foam inserts tailored to your products and equipment

The Standard 300 range, as well as providing a number of branding options, can also be customised with a range of modular inserts, dividers and pouches.

These can allow for easy segmentation of samples and products – improving the ease of their presentation – as well as safely storing a range of peripherals and accessories as required.

Besides this, any Shell Case can be further enhanced with custom foam inserts designed and manufactured to your exact specification.

This can improve the visual appearance of your cases’ interior, as well as offering a level of transit protection, which can help to reduce the number of returns and replacements attributable to damaged items.

There are no minimum order volumes for the Standard 300 range meaning that you can order the amount you need and avoid having to meet MOQs that will leave you with surplus stock that requires storage.

This will reduce the costs associated with warehouse space and help to save your business money

Cost effective options and features to aid profitability

  • Range of standard sizes and colours, all with custom options, eliminating tooling / design costs
  • Standard 300 stock range available in low order volumes, reducing costs associated with storage
  • Competitive pricing compared with injection moulded plastic cases
  • Less prone than plastic cases to scuffs and scratches, ensuring longer presentable lifespan
  • Lightweight yet robust construction can also reduce shipping costs
Shell case datasheet

Summary Info / Datasheet

Download the PDF Datasheet to view detailed information on the various features and applications, or see a full list of sizes & model details.

05: Shell Case Standard 300 Size Chart.

A table of sizes, weights, part numbers and colour options

Please see below for a full list of model numbers, sizes and additional information, or alternatively download the datasheet above for the information in PDF format

SKU / Case Ref. Internal Size (mm) External Size (mm)
Model 310  210 x 125 x 60 220 x 135 x 75
Model 320  270 x 210 x 75 280 x 220 x 90
Model 330  335 x 230 x 125 345 x 240 x 140
Model 340 380 x 325 x 125 390 x 335 x 140
Free Guide: 3 hacks to improve your sample cases

Free Guide

3 Psychological Hacks to Enhance Your Sample Cases

Get your free guide to discover 3 psychological hacks to grab attention and out-perform your competition

06: Modular Accessories.

Modular accessories for the Standard 300 range

Please view the images below that highlight the modular accessories compatible with each of the Standard 300 Range of cases.

Model 310

Model 320

Model 330

Model 340

07: Custom Shell Cases.

Custom solutions for high value items and ultimate brand recognition

As well as the Standard 300 range you can specify an entirely bespoke Shell Case that will offer unrivalled branding potential, as well as numerous special features.

Dependent on order volumes, custom Shell Cases can be designed and manufactured in practically any size, shape and colour.

Basic options include being able to enhance the look of each case with complementary coloured zips and specify handle designs, carrying straps and to take advantage of the standard branding options available on the Standard 300 range (tags, labels etc.).

And as with all cases available through GWP Protective, you can specify the highest quality foam inserts which are precision engineered to your exact requirements.

This offers not only further visual impact, but also provides protection against impact and mishandling during transit or storage.

Salesman sample cases
The inclusion of foam inserts in your salesman sample cases offers enhanced appearance as well as protecting the contents during storage / transit

However, there is the potential for custom logos to be moulded directly into the Shell Case construction (replacing the shell case logo on stock cases), as well as vacuum formed sections and integrated internal supports and divisions.

It is even possible for electronics and devices to be integrated into the case design, effectively creating a stand-alone product.

These options are all designed to provide an appearance that is completely tailored to your brand identity.

This ensures that consumer items act as a constant reminder for your users about your business (aiding repeat sales), provide advertising of your services when used by field engineers or service providers (enhancing awareness), and ensure sales pitches and sample presentations wow even the most sceptical of potential clients.

08: Custom Options.

Enhance any Shell Case

Please see below for the main options you have when modifying Shell Cases. Click the thumbnail for a larger image.

Common Customisation Options

Available on every Shell Case (Standard 300 and bespoke designs).

Bespoke Customisation Options

Subject to MOQs. Lead times approx 90 days from receipt of order.

Fully Bespoke Examples

Get in touch for further details based on your specific requirements

06: GWP Protective.

Experts in visually striking presentation packaging

GWP Protective, based in Salisbury, is the UKs’ premier manufacturer of bespoke presentation and sample cases, whilst also offering specialist knowledge in custom engineered protective foam.

The team at GWP Protective can offer you free professional advice on all aspects of presentation or retail cases, drawing on over twenty-five years of industry experience.

Your company can benefit from a talented case and foam design team making use of state of the art software to design a wide range of custom sample cases, which can be further enhanced through engineered foam inserts.

Salesman sample cases
The inclusion of foam inserts in your salesman sample cases offers enhanced appearance as well as protecting the contents during storage / transit

Ultimately, these can help with brand positioning, awareness, boost sales and add value to your products.

With a wide range of additional services that can provide tangible benefits to your business, such as fully managed stock, printing, a mobile design team and much more besides, by working with GWP Protective you can directly impact the profitability of your business.


Find out more about Shell cases

If you are looking for something different to present your samples, or add value to your products, then why not give Shell Case a try…

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Would you like to boost your products’ sales and directly impact your business’ profits with Shell Case?

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