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WAG Jazz Cases

WAG Jazz cases

Injection moulded plastic cases

Regardless of your industry or job role, WAG Jazz cases are an excellent all-round option for protecting equipment or presenting samples.

WAG Jazz is a range of injection-moulded cases. They boast a modern, clean appearance and a wide range of features to improve usability. Jazz cases are available in 15 sizes and eight colours as standard. Like other WAG cases, they are popular for sales pitches, safe storage of medical devices, and protection of various tools and equipment.

Besides the inherent benefits of the WAG Jazz range, sourcing your carry cases from us allows you to benefit from our experience and expertise in custom foam inserts. And if Jazz isn’t one hundred percent right for your specific requirements, we can offer impartial advice and a wide range of alternative options.

WAG Jazz cases

WAG Jazz case features

As with most WAG products, the Jazz range of plastic cases has a wide array of features and benefits.

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WAG Jazz handle

Ribbed handle

The handle on Jazz cases is moulded into the main body and features subtle ribs that make it easier to grip without compromising comfort.

WAG Jazz catches

Durable catches

The hardwearing, integrated seals and catches are not only easy to use but also strong enough to ensure that the contents of your case remain secure.

WAG Jazz ribbed design

Ribbed design

Jazz cases feature a striking ribbed design, making them appear clean and modern. The ribbing also provides added strength to the cases.

WAG Jazz feet

Moulded feet

The chunky feet, moulded into the cases body, enhance Jazz cases’ stability when standing upright, making them easier to store and transport safely.

WAG Jazz branding area

Smooth surface area

Jazz cases feature a large area for adding print and branding. Options include vinyl lettering, screen printing, digital, or even in mould labelling.

WAG Jazz stacking pins

Stacking feature

Besides their feet, Jazz cases also have moulded lugs that allow them to be stacked when led horizontally. Again, this makes storage and transit more efficient.

WAG Jazz carry cases
WAG Jazz equipment case
WAG Jazz with foam

WAG Jazz case sizes

The WAG Jazz case range offers 15 size options. The smallest case measures 229 x 199 x 55 mm, while the largest is 497 x 411 x 160 mm. Eight standard colours are available: black, silver, grey, blue, navy, red, and yellow.

WAG Jazz case size table

Ref. Internal (L x W x H) External (L x W x H) Lid / Base Weight
5002 229 x 199 x 55 mm 216 x 148 x 45 mm - -
5003 229 x 199 x 70 mm 214 x 146 x 60 mm 22.5 / 37.5 mm -
5004 229 x 199 x 85 mm 214 x 146 x 75 mm - -
5005 291 x 252 x 60 mm 278 x 193 x 50 mm - -
5006 291 x 252 x 80 mm 275 x 191 x 70 mm 25 / 45 mm -
5007 291 x 252 x 100 mm 275 x 191 x 90 mm - -
5011 357 x 305 x 80 mm 342 x 237 x 70 mm - -
5012 357 x 305 x 95 mm 340 x 235 x 85 mm 35 / 50 mm -
5013 357 x 305 x 110 mm 340 x 235 x 100 mm - -
5017 437 x 379 x 100 mm 419 x 298 x 90 mm - -
5018 437 x 379 x 130 mm 416 x 295 x 120 mm 45 / 75 mm -
5019 437 x 379 x 160 mm 416 x 295 x 150 mm - -
5032 497 x 411 x 120 mm 479 x 329 x 110 mm - -
5033 497 x 411 x 140 mm 477 x 327 x 130 mm 55 / 75 mm -
5034 497 x 411 x 160 mm 477 x 327 x 150 mm - -

WAG Jazz case colours









Additional colours (MOQs apply)





Dark red








WAG Jazz datasheet
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Custom Jazz cases

Arguably the main benefit of sourcing your WAG cases from GWP, is the range of customisation options we can offer.

WAG Jazz cases with foam inserts

Custom foam inserts

Any WAG Jazz case your business uses can be enhanced with custom foam inserts that prevent damage and improve organisation.

Printed WAG Jazz cases

Printed Heavy cases

The smooth surfaces of Jazz cases allow for printing simple logos and graphics directly onto the case (digital or screen print).

WAG Jazz inmould labelling

In-mould labelling

Full colour, photographic quality imagery can be added to your cases during manufacture through in-mould labelling.

WAG Jazz moulded interior

Moulded inserts and panels

The production process allows for custom moulded interiors and panel dividers (subject to minimum volumes).

Engineered foam inserts

foam for cases

Available for all cases

High-quality foam inserts can enhance any Jazz case (or alternative) your business uses.

expert design

Expert foam design

Work alongside an experienced design team to create custom-made WAG case inserts.

branded foam

Aesthetic appeal

A vast range of colour and branding options (including laser-etched logos) enable a striking visual appearance.

UK manufactured

UK manufactured

All foam inserts/packaging are manufactured in house at GWP, ensuring the highest quality.

Buy WAG Jazz cases

Although at GWP Protective we are one of the largest foam converters in the UK, as a business, we also have more than 25 years of experience in the UK protective case market.

The benefits of this for your business are twofold.

First, you can select from the broadest range of protective cases available from a single supplier. We can supply cases manufactured by WAG, Hofbauer, Maxado, Rose Plastic, and many more.

Second, you can get impartial, unbiased advice that you can rely on when sourcing cases for your business.

Add in the high quality of the foam inserts available, a considerable number of branding options, a true focus on customer service and satisfaction, and no-obligation quotes on any requirement, and it becomes clear that our experts can help your business find the optimum case.

What size Jazz cases are available?

Jazz cases have a good selection of sizes, being among the larger ranges of plastic cases. The smallest option is 229 x 199 x 55 mm, with the largest case being 497 x 411 x 160 mm. Both measurements refer to the case’s internal dimensions.

Can I get a Jazz case to match my brand colours?

Jazz cases are available in eight stock colours as standard. However, they can be ordered in 12 more colours, subject to setup charges and minimum order quantities (MOQs). If you need a significant volume, custom colours are also available.

How can I add logos and graphics to these carry cases?

WAG Jazz cases provide a reasonably large area on the front and back that is smooth for printing or affixing labels. This makes it fairly straightforward to add logos and graphics through screen or digital printing. If you need a large volume, you can also specify in-mould labelling, where a detailed design is moulded directly into the case during manufacture.

What are Jazz cases manufactured from?

Jazz cases are manufactured from high-quality, durable polypropylene plastic. This not only means that the cases are long-lasting and robust but also easily cleaned and provide a good “tactile” feel when handled.

Is it possible to get Jazz cases with transparent lids?

While many of the WAG cases are available with transparent lids, the Jazz range is not. This is mainly due to the ribbed design and the additional thickness of the case, which ensures it is suitable for more robust applications.

Do Jazz cases protect from water and dust ingress?

Jazz cases will provide a good level of protection from dust and water. However, it is essential to note that these cases are not fully watertight or IP-rated. If you need a case that will provide this level of protection, you would need to consider a genuinely waterproof case option such as Peli™ Protector, Storm Case™ or Explorer.

What Jazz case alternatives are there?

Jazz is relatively unique in that it provides an outstanding balance between cost and durability, being more hardwearing than many of the traditional plastic sample cases. The nearest equivalents are the ProTec, Multibag and Heavy case ranges.

Jazz case alternatives

Besides WAG Jazz cases, we can offer your business the widest range of protective case options from a single UK supplier.

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WAG Heavy case

WAG Heavy

13 sizes

WAG Tekno cases

WAG Tekno case

15 sizes
Popular range

Waterproof cases

Waterproof cases

Huge range of brands/sizes
IP67 rated

WAG Twist cases

WAG Twist

18 sizes
Unique design

Maxado Excellent cases

Maxado Excellent

24 sizes
2 options

Hofbauer Maxibag cases

Hofbauer Maxibag

21 sizes
Injection moulded

Sample case with foam

Custom foam inserts

Precision engineered protection

Hofbauer Multibag cases

Hofbauer Multibag

2 sizes
Double walled

Rose Plastic ProTec cases

RoseCase ProTec

9 sizes
Torsion stiffened

Hofbauer Quantum T cases

Hofbauer Quantum T

8 sizes
Double walled

Hofbauer Xtrabag cases

Hofbauer Xtrabag

5 sizes

Rose Plastic Ergoline

RoseCase Ergoline

20 sizes
Lightweight PP

Hofbauer Megabag cases

Hofbauer Megabag

4 sizes
Double walled

SPI Dart case

SPI cases

8 sizes
8 colours

Shell case Hybrid 300

Shell Case (STD 300)

7 sizes
Soft shell PU

A salesperson using a sample case to present products

Sample cases

Cases perfect for sales meetings and presentations.

A person holding a black carry case

Carry cases

A wide range of equipment carrying cases.


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