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Hofbauer Quantum T

Hofbauer Quantum T

Double-walled plastic cases

Hofbauer Quantum T could be the answer if you are looking for a rugged protective case that does not need to be completely waterproof.

Hofbauer Quantum T is a range of double-walled plastic cases. Their construction makes them durable and increases protection for their contents. Available in eight sizes and two colours, these Hofbauer cases suit service technicians, engineers, and field staff.

At GWP, we can offer much more than simply supplying Hofbauer Quantum T cases. In addition to a wide range of alternative protective cases, you can add foam inserts, external branding, and several other custom options. Our team of experts can also advise on the best case and foam combination for your specific application.

Hofbauer Quantum T cases

Hofbauer Quantum T features

Besides their durability and longevity, Hofbauer Quantum T cases also boast a range of features and benefits.

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Quntum T catch


The catches are designed to “snap shut,” providing a very secure, easy-to-use closing mechanism that ensures the case’s contents remain safe.

Ribbed area

Ribbed area

The ribbed area on the body improves the case’s strength and performance while also being decorative (providing it with a distinct appearance).

Quantum T carry handle


The ergonomically designed handle is remarkably small, so it does not detract from the cases’ usability or sleek appearance. It also folds flat when not in use.

Label area

Label area

Many businesses prefer a more subtle approach to branding their sample cases, which the smooth label area on Quantum T cases allows.

Quantum T moulded feet

Moulded feet

Moulded feet allow the Quantum T cases to stand upright, making them easier to retrieve when out on site (it is much easier to grab them in this position).

Quantum T lid stay


A long-lasting hinge ensures the case remains functional for thousands of uses, while a lid-stay allows the lid to remain open without support.


Hofbauer Quantum T sizes

Hofbauer Quantum T cases are available in eight sizes. The smallest is 420 x 300 x 70 mm, while the largest is 513 x 360 x 161 mm. They range in weight from 1.9kg to 3.9kg. Quantum T cases are available in black and light grey.

Hofbauer Quantum T size table

Ref. Internal (L x W x H) External (L x W x H) Lid / Base Weight
1000 420 x 300 x 70 mm 460 x 375 x 96 mm 20 / 50 mm 1.9 kg
1100 420 x 300 x 100 mm 460 x 375 x 120 mm 34 / 64 mm 2.1 kg
1200 420 x 300 x 120 mm 460 x 375 x 147 mm 45 / 75 mm 2.3 kg
2000 475 x 340 x 90 mm 520 x 410 x 110 mm 30 / 60 mm 2.7 kg
2100 475 x 340 x 130 mm 520 x 410 x 150 mm 50 / 80 mm 2.8 kg
2200 475 x 340 x 170 mm 520 x 410 x 195 mm 70 / 100 mm 3.6 kg
3000 513 x 360 x 121 mm 562 x 434 x 141 mm 50 / 71 mm 3.7 kg
3100 513 x 360 x 161 mm 562 x 434 x 181 mm 70 / 91 mm 3.9 kg

Hofbauer Quantum T colours



Hofbauer Quantum T datasheet
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Custom Quantum T cases

It is possible for us to enhance your Hofbauer Quatum T cases in several ways, adding usability, protection, improved appearance, and more.

Hofbauer Quantum T with foam inserts

Custom foam inserts

Quantum T cases with foam inserts can provide a calculated level of physical protection for your equipment.

Hofbauer Quantum T moulded inserts

Moulded interiors

The blow moulded twin-wall construction enables the interior surfaces to feature bespoke size/shape recesses.

Hofbauer Quantum T moulded label

Moulded branding

You can have your company logo and branding moulded directly into the label area (subject to MOQs).

Engineered foam inserts

foam for cases

Available for all cases

High-quality foam inserts can enhance any Hofbauer Quantum T (or alternative) your business uses.

expert design

Expert foam design

Work alongside an experienced design team to create custom-made Hofbauer case inserts.

branded foam

Aesthetic appeal

A vast range of colour and branding options (including laser-etched logos) enable a striking visual appearance.

UK manufactured

UK manufactured

All foam inserts/packaging are manufactured in house at GWP, ensuring the highest quality.

Buy Hofbauer Quantum T cases

Still not sure if Hofbauer Quantum T cases are right for you?

Why not get a free, no-obligation quote tailored to your specific requirements, including foam, branding, etc., if needed, so that you can make a more informed decision?

Why not speak with a team of case experts who can provide genuinely impartial and unbiased advice on the best carry case option for your business (with more than 25 years of experience, this is information you can trust)?

And even if Quantum T isn’t right for you, why not choose from the widest range of case options available from a single supplier?

Why not source your case and foam together, reducing costs, improving quality and streamlining the buying process?

Why not put your trust in the UK’s leading independent protective case supplier, which also happens to be one of the UK’s largest foam converters?

Why not get in touch and see just how much we can help you in finding the right case for your business.

What size Quantum T cases are there?

The Quantum T case range offers eight size options. The smallest is 420 x 300 x 70 mm, and the largest is 513 x 360 x 161 mm (all dimensions given are for the case internals).

Can I have Quantum T cases in colours to match my branding?

Quantum T cases come in black and light grey as standard, with any other colours subject to a relatively high order quantity. However, the neutral colours can be offset with printed branding or labels to reflect your corporate identity.

Is it possible to add bespoke foam inserts to Quantum T cases?

All Quantum T cases can include bespoke foam inserts. It is also possible to specify custom moulded interiors (i.e., on the wall that forms the case’s interior), but this is again subject to high minimum order quantities. On the other hand, foam inserts can be specified from a single unit and provide enhanced cushioning protection, too.

Are Quantum T cases suitable for heavy-duty use?

Due to the double-wall design of the cases, Quantum T should be seen as an option between lightweight plastic cases and the ultra-durable options from Peli and Explorer. GWP will be happy to advise on their suitability for any specific application/environment.

What material are Quantum T cases manufactured from?

Quantum T cases are blow-moulded using tough, durable polypropylene. This plastic offers a good finish, is easy to clean, and is long-lasting.

Why is double wall construction considered an advantage?

Double-wall cases provide an additional level of protection for their contents. The air between the walls creates a “cushion” that absorbs some of the forces caused by unexpected impact or mishandling (something that the addition of foam inserts helps with even further).

Can Quantum T cases be enhanced with print or other branding options?

Quantum T cases can have print or labels added to the exterior surfaces, while there is a dedicated label area for attaching smaller graphics, etc.

Hofbauer Megabag alternatives

There is a wide range of plastic cases that we can supply to your business, ranging from lightweight options through to heavy duty waterproof cases.

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Hofbauer Maxibag cases

Hofbauer Maxibag

21 sizes
Injection moulded

Hofbauer Xtrabag cases

Hofbauer Xtrabag

5 sizes

Hofbauer Megabag cases

Hofbauer Megabag

4 sizes
Double walled

WAG Heavy case

WAG Heavy

13 sizes
Double walled

Sample case with foam

Custom foam inserts

Precision engineered protection

SPI Dart case

SPI cases

8 sizes
8 colours

WAG Tekno cases

WAG Tekno case

15 sizes
Popular range

Waterproof cases

Waterproof cases

Huge range of brands/sizes
IP67 rated

Hofbauer Multibag cases

Hofbauer Multibag

2 sizes
Double walled

Rose Plastic Ergoline

RoseCase Ergoline

20 sizes
Lightweight PP

Maxado Excellent Steady Series

Excellent cases

24 sizes
2 options

Rose Plastic ProTec cases

RoseCase ProTec

9 sizes
Torsion stiffened

Shell case Hybrid 300

Shell Case (STD 300)

7 sizes
Soft shell PU

WAG Jazz cases

WAG Jazz

15 sizes

WAG Twist cases

WAG Twist

18 sizes
Unique design

A salesperson using a sample case to present products

Sample cases

Cases perfect for sales meetings and presentations.

A person holding a black carry case

Carry cases

A wide range of equipment carrying cases.


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