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Revolutionary corrugated cardboard spools for weight and cost reductions over plastic spools

Corrugated cardboard spools (Corrispools) offer you all the benefits of moulded plastic spools but with a number of additional advantages. Corrugated cardboard spools are particularly lightweight allowing for easy handling yet remain durable,  strong and hardwearing.


Suitable for pretty much any wound product (cables, hoses, rope etc.) these cardboard spools are also available with print options, branding and additional surface finishes.


To discover additional benefits of Corrispools and how they can be used to improve your everyday handling and storage needs, please contact our team today.

GWP supply all our cardboard packaging - although pre-assembled spools is our biggest requirement. They are bespoke to meet our exact specifications, are supplied on a just in time service and are of excellent quality. All reasons why we have worked with GWP for more than 15 years...

R Simmonds | Stores Manager, Batten & Allen

The perfect alternative to moulded plastic and plywood spools

Corrispool – created from corrugated board and developed by GWP Packaging in order to meet specific industry requirements – has pushed the boundaries of spool design and technology.


Designed to suit almost any type of linear wound products and manufactured from strong, corrugated fibreboard, your corrugated spools are engineered to meet the strength and durability requirements of each individual application.


A dedicated design team can develop the perfect spool for both your product and your production methods.


A fully automated manufacturing process on purpose built machines guarantees exceptional accuracy and continuous supply to meet even the most demanding schedules.

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Benefits of Corri Spool Corrugated Spools

  • Cost effective alternative to plastic spools
  • Light-weight for easy handling
  • Trouble free winding – designed specifically for your equipment
  • Created from extra strong and durable corrugated cardboard
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Available printed for optimum branding
  • JIT supply on demand available (subject to order volumes)
  • Space and cost savings through flat pack supply

Applications and uses

View a selection of the corrugated cardboard spools available through GWP. Please click the individual thumbnails for a larger view.

Why replace your plastic spools?

Constructed to suit any application, corrugated spools can be supplied assembled and ready to use on a fully managed Just in Time basis (subject to order volume).


Considerably lighter and easier to move around than traditional plywood or plastic reels, Corrispool offers greater recyclability, lighter weight and in many cases, lower cost.


Typical applications include electrical and electronic cables, plastic and heat shrink tubing, rope, string and chains, flexible extrusions and pressed electronic components.

Free Guide: The 7 signs you're overpaying for your packaging

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