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Cardboard trays
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Corrugated Produce / Handling Trays

Cardboard tray packaging perfect for handling various items

Cardboard trays are a great choice for safe and easy handling of a wide range of items. Commonly used for fresh produce and foods (including for display and delivery), corrugated trays are also used for handling parts and components in manufacturing applications.

Manufactured to bespoke sizes and in material to provide the optimum level of strength / suitability for your business, you can also specify numerous options including water resistant coating, external print and hand holes etc. Read More

Available Colours:

Brown Kraft Cardboard
Single Colour Print
Full Colour Print
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FSC Packaging manufactured by GWP (certificate FSC_C161914)

This product
can be
FSC® certified
on request


More information on cardboard produce trays

Traditionally used for displaying fresh produce in supermarkets and other retail locations, the increase in food subscription services and ecommerce deliveries means that cardboard trays used for fresh or other produce are increasing in popularity.

Being simple to load thanks to the open tops, they are also easy to handle thanks to (optional) integrated hand holes. Efficient transit / storage is also possible thanks to the inherent stacking features.

GWP will manufacture your produce trays to any size you require – to meet either your own or your customers specific requirements. A suitable material grade will also be chosen based on your specific application, providing optimum strength and protection in transit, when stacked in storage, or when displayed in store.

This approach also means that typically your corrugated trays can be used over multiple trips / journeys, further enhancing your environmental credentials (the cardboard material is fully recyclable and from FSC certified sources too).

The longevity and performance of your cardboard trays can also be enhanced through the use of specialist coatings, particularly by adding water resistance. It is of course possible to add a wide range of print as well, including logos, branding, handling instructions and so on.

Please note that GWP trays are suitable only for pre-packaged products, or those that will be washed, peeled or shelled before use.

Alternative uses for cardboard trays

The versatility provided by stacking cardboard trays also means that they are used in a number of applications beyond the transit / delivery of fresh items.

Their ability to be easily loaded, stacked and handled has seen them being used in a number of industrial packaging applications as well.

This includes the movement of parts, components, tools and fully manufactured products around production areas in a wide range of varying industries.

This type of application also benefits from using the water resistant Liquiguard coating (as this also enables the movement of greased / oiled parts), whilst anti scuff coating can also protect from surface blemishes and marks (e.g. such as on painted or highly polished surfaces).

A further option is the inclusion of inserts, dividers sets and even foam (creating a composite pack) to improve efficiency of handling, separate parts and provide enhanced protection too.

So regardless of your intended application or industry, cardboard trays are a truly versatile packaging solution.

Key Benefits of cardboard trays at a glance

  • Widely used for fresh produce (those that will be shelled / peeled / washed only)
  • Perfect for home deliveries of fruit, vegetables, flowers etc., or display in store
  • Also widely used for handling of parts / products in industrial applications
  • Easy to handle with hand holes etc.
  • Can be safely stacked due to tailored material strength and corner features
  • Can be further enhanced with water resistant coating
  • External print option to carry product / part names, branding, instructions etc.
  • Fully recyclable and biodegradable, whilst also suitable for multiple uses


Questions about cardboard trays

Many businesses are surprised that cardboard produce trays can actually be used for a number of applications… which itself tends to raise a number of questions. The most common of these (plus answers) are below.

Struggling to find the info you need? Then please call 01793 754 444 or email for further assistance.

What are cardboard trays?

Cardboard trays are effectively an open topped box that allows for items to be easily loaded and removed. Frequently used for the transit and display of fresh produce (e.g., fruit, veg, flowers etc.) they can be supplied flat for easy assembly with no tape / gluing etc. required.

Can cardboard trays be safely stacked?

The design of most cardboard trays means that they incorporate sturdy sides and integral stacking corners. When coupled with the correct material grade, this means that your trays can offer excellent stacking strength and performance.

Are your produce trays food grade certified?

Whilst GWP’s cardboard trays are not food grade certified (i.e. for direct food contact), they are suitable for any food that will be shelled, peeled or washed before use (e.g. bananas, potatoes etc.) Pre-packaged products are obviously OK too.

Can I use these for ecommerce deliveries?

Cardboard trays are increasingly being used for home delivery of fresh produce as part of meal kits and food subscription businesses. They are also particularly suited to delivery of flowers. Their use has become more popular with the advent of increasing online purchases.

Are cardboard trays suitable for handling industrial parts?

Many businesses are unaware that cardboard trays are a great option for the handling and movement of components around their manufacturing facilities or as part of their wider supply chain. The ability to be stacked and easily moved makes them a low cost alternative to returnable packaging options.

What weight can corrugated trays take?

GWP can design and manufacture a cardboard tray that will provide the optimum strength / cost balance for your particular products or requirements. This can involve using single or double walled materials in a number of grades or including structural elements to improve performance as required.

Tailored Pricing / Specification

Source cardboard trays for your business

Whether you are a food producer, wholesaler, online business or even a manufacturer, working with GWP allows you to source all of your packaging from a single supplier. This includes everything from corrugated boxes (from transit packaging through to ecommerce and retail), foam, protective cases, picking bins, Correx® totes and even anti-static packaging.

This single sourcing option ultimately reduces your costs and admin.

Add to this a number of unique services, including a full VMI (vendor managed inventory) whereby we hold your stock and deliver it just in time, and your business can realise improvements in efficiency, productivity and long term costs.

As well as all of this, you can also get free, truly impartial advice, alongside no obligation quotes for any packaging requirement.

Custom Cardboard Trays

Options for enhancing your corrugated trays

Regardless of your intended application, there are a number of ways in which you can enhance any cardboard packaging trays that you use at your business. Please see below for a number of options to consider.

Cardboard produce trays

Custom Printed Trays

Add branding, instructions and other useful details

Image coming soon

Hand Holes / Cut-Outs

Improve handling efficiency and safety for users

Cardboard box dividers

Cardboard Box Dividers

Improved use of space, plus transit protection

Liquiguard waterproof cardboard sheets

Water Resistant Coating

Add resistance to moisture, oil and grease

Temp guard thermal liners

Insulated Box Liners (TempGuard™)

Temperature control for shipping perishable items

Alternative Corrugated Packaging

Similar industrial / transit packaging options available

Die cut transit packaging

Die Cut Boxes / Packaging

Transit packaging colours

Custom Sizes
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5 Panel Wrap

5 Panel Wraps / Wraparounds

Custom Sizes
Enquire for info

FEFCO Cartons

Standard FEFCO Styles

100+ Styles
Custom sizes

Corrugated cardboard cases

Corrugated Cases (0201)

Transit packaging colours

Custom Sizes
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Crash Lock Boxes

Crash Lock Boxes (Easy Assemble)

Transit packaging colours

Custom Sizes
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Composite packaging

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