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Innovative postal packaging inserts to minimise transit damage

The Sealed Air range of Korrvu® packaging is an innovative new form of transit / postal packaging.

By using a non-slip film to either suspend or secure products within a traditional corrugated outer carton, it provides a practical alternative to foam void fill / inserts.

Besides the potential environmental benefits of eliminating foam or polystyrene, the Korrvu® Suspension, Retention and “Lok” packaging products offer a wealth of additional advantages, including space savings through flat pack supply and reducing packaging inventory.

Please see below for the range of Korrvu® options available through GWP.

Korrvu retention packaging

Korrvu® Retention Boxes

Postal packaging colour options

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Korrvu suspension packaging

Korrvu® Suspension Boxes

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Korrvu Lok packaging

Korrvu® Lok™ Packaging System

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Ecommerce packaging

Ecommerce Packaging

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More info on Korrvu® Packaging

Ideal packaging solution for ecommerce businesses

With the explosion in ecommerce seeing many more products and items being sent via courier networks – and conservative estimates indicating there are at least 7 touch points during their journey – there is considerable potential for damage to occur. Korrvu® can help with this, as well as providing a number of other benefits.

Korrvu® packaging works by securing products using a traditional cardboard box with an innovative elastomeric, non-slip film to hold each item in place. By suspending or fixing the item within the outer packaging, it prevents transit damage by eliminating movement within the box and collisions with the walls of the carton.

The versatility of this method ensures a wide range of products can be safely packaged, offering both cushioning protection during transit.

The high quality, clear film also allows for the product to be will presented once the package is opened by the recipient.

Korrvu® is available in a range of stock sizes, although GWP Packaging will generally look to recommend a bespoke solution for your business. Taking this approach allows for packaging that is tailored to your specific product, market or application – an approach that allows for optimised levels of protection and proves to be more cost effective too.

GWP can also supply the outer boxes used with your Korrvu® packaging, along with a wide range of alternatives such as fixed or adjustable dividers, integral fittings engineered from corrugated, as well as precision foam inserts for high value or very fragile items.

Korrvu® Packaging Video

Key info in less than 2 minutes

Please watch the video below for a brief overview on how the Korrvu® system works. Please note that this content is supplied by Sealed Air.

Korrvu® Packaging FAQs

Common questions about Korrvu® packaging boxes

Please see below for a number of common questions asked about the Sealed Air Korrvu® range.

Can’t see the information or answer you need? If so, a member of the GWP team will be happy to assist, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01793 754 444 or email

What is Korrvu®?

Korrvu® is essentially a combination of plastic films and corrugated packaging that acts to protect products during transit. As a result, it is a widely used form of postal packaging used to send ecommerce orders and even industrial parts to customers.

How does Korrvu® work?

Korrvu® can work in a number of ways, depending on the specific type selected. Suspension boxes for example works by suspending the products – between two layers of film – in the air space of the outer shipping container (protecting it from impact / mishandling). Retention packaging holds products securely within a proprietary frame to prevent movement – and therefore damage – during transit.

What is the difference between Korrvu® Retention, Suspension and Lok™?

In essence, Korrvu® retention eliminates damage by holding a product securely in place, preventing movement and collisions with the walls of the outer containers. Suspension packaging on the other hand, suspends the product inside 2 layers of films, which will then have air space all around it (effectively cushioning the item). Finally Korrvu® Lok™ is similar to Retention packaging in that the product is placed onto a layer of film, before the corrugated element of the fitting is closed, holding the item in place.

What sizes is Korrvu® packaging available in?

Korrvu® packaging is available in a number of stock sizes, which can accommodate a number of products. However, it is possible to specify custom sizes (subject to order volume) which can allow for improved efficiency / protection.

What is the Korrvu® made from?

Korrvu® packaging is typically made from a single wall corrugated cardboard material. The film is an elastomeric, high performance, non slip plastic. The film is very resilient, hard to pierce, and will not propagate if it is damaged (i.e. a tear will not enlarge). As such, Korrvu® packaging is suitable for recycling.

Who manufactures Korrvu® packaging?

Korrvu® is manufactured by Sealed Air, although GWP Packaging are official distributors of all of their product range (including Korrvu®). As the inventors of bubble wrap (which was originally developed as a wallpaper!), Sealed Air have been designing and manufacturing protective packaging products since 1960.

What is Korrvu® typically used for?

Korrvu® is used for a wide range of industries and applications. Its use is particularly widespread for ecommerce packaging applications, as it is ideal for the safe transit of electronics, china and glassware, consumer goods and virtually any delicate product or part. It is also sometimes used in medical applications too.

Can I order a single Korrvu® box?

As suppliers to businesses, GWP packaging would not be able to supply single Korrvu® boxes (or very low order volumes). If you would like to use Korrvu® packaging for a personal application, we would recommend searching for an online retailer of the stock sizes. However, if you need higher volumes and / or custom features, GWP would be happy to help.

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GWP Packaging specialise in supplying a wide range of corrugated packaging products to businesses and trade customers.

Trading for nearly 30 years, and being official yet independent suppliers of Sealed Air products (and their alternatives), your company can benefit from genuinely impartial and expert advice on what would be the best packaging for your specific products, market or application.

Due to this our friendly staff, based in the South West of the UK, will be more than happy to assist you in choosing the most suitable Korrvu® packaging or alternative option.

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