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Careers at GWP Group

GWP Group offers a dynamic and challenging environment with a mix of manufacturing, sales, administrative and logistics opportunities. As a primarily Business-to-Business (B2B) operation focused on the packaging market in the UK, we are always looking for the right people to add our close knit team.

Careers & Applying for Employment at GWP Group

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Current Vacancies

With a constantly growing team of sales, customer service, admin and production operatives, we are constantly looking for dynamic and energetic people to join our team.


As a business we have also experienced strong growth over the last few years, which in turn has meant a constant stream of new positions being recruited for. So whether you are looking for careers in manufacturing, finance, sales, customer support, design or marketing, GWP Group would like to hear from you!


Please see below for a list of all current job vacancies across our five divisions and our two sites (Salisbury and Cricklade). You can download the full job specification by clicking on the links to the right of the descriptions below.


Finance Administrator



GWP Packaging


Warehouse Manager



GWP Packaging


Production Planner




Maintenance Technician



GWP Packaging


Goods In Operator



GWP Packaging


Machine Operative



GWP Packaging


Warehouse Forklift Operative



GWP Packaging


Warehouse Team Leader








Production Operative



How to Apply

To apply for any of the currently vacant positions listed above, please download and complete our application and recruitment monitoring forms and return with covering letter (and CV if applicable) to:


Personnel Department, GWP Group, Unit 20 Chelworth Park, Cricklade, Wiltshire, SN6 6HE


Alternatively, you can submit your application via e-mail, by sending to


Please use the links below to download the relevant forms.

Submit Your CV Online

If you would like to apply for an advertised position online, or speculatively submit your CV, then please do so using the form below.


Our HR department will keep a copy of your Curriculum Vitae on file and contact you should any suitable positions become available.

Thank you for submitting your details, we will be in touch soon.


If you would like us to remove your details from our database at any time, then please send a brief e-mail to our HR department at

Working at GWP Group

The GWP Group and all of our divisions are innovators in protective packaging, but we are much more than just another box company. Our culture of continual improvement and customer focus is prevalent throughout all aspects of our business.


We strive to be the best we can be, and provide a platform for all of our staff to progress their careers.

Packaging jobs in Swindon

We aim to develop all of our staff through successful training programmes, offering clear opportunities for progression within our company. We provide a friendly and open working environment and competitive salaries with full benefits package.

We are acutely aware that a successful history does not guarantee a successful future. Whilst we have been both successful and profitable for more than 25 years of trading, we are aware that markets and customers’ needs are forever evolving. This is why the GWP Group maintains a commitment to investing in modern technologies, production techniques, software, systems and, most importantly, the development of our staff.

Ruth Cook | Managing Director, GWP Group

Culture Statement

Innovators In Protective Packaging.


These four words form the basis of our business. They describe us. They are what we are constantly striving to achieve. They influence the day to day and define the long-term strategy. They provide the inspiration to our staff – from our designers, production team and sales team to our directors and everyone in between.


GWP Group are innovators in protective packaging. But what does this mean? These four pillars shape the way in which GWP Group operates, and what you can expect as a member of our team…


As a business, GWP is constantly looking to improve. Be this through innovative design, use of materials, the systems and equipment we make use of and the services we offer to our customers – creative thinking and pioneering ideas play an important role in everyone.


We take pride in offering a bespoke level of service to each and every one of our clients, which we aim to achieve through the following:


  • Placing a strong emphasis on design expertise and problem solving
  • Offering services, products and systems specifically tailored to each customers requirements
  • Aspiring to offer unique materials and products through a carefully chosen supplier network
  • Encouraging ideas and feedback from staff at every level of the business

In (inclusive)

GWP Group recognises the importance of the role that our staff play in the success of our business. As a result, GWP aspires to create a safe, inclusive environment that allows all staff to reach their full potential. As a family run business, each member of our team will be treated as an individual.


This focus, however, extends beyond our business and is reflected in the projects and initiatives that we undertake in the local community.


As part of the GWP team, you can expect, and have shared responsibility for:


  • Engaging in appropriate training and development programmes to reach your full potential
  • That all colleagues, customers and suppliers are treated with respect and socially / morally responsible behaviour at all times
  • That the highest levels of health and safety will always be adhered to
  • That important information regarding the business will be communicated to all personnel
  • To maintain and grow relationships and engage in projects in the wider community


Besides the commitment to colleagues and the community, both GWP Group’s and your own responsibilities extend beyond this.

The ethos of GWP Group requires protection for the environment, business’ assets and ongoing operational success of the company for everyone involved.


Protecting these interests should be achieved / maintained through all GWP personnel:


• Maintaining the working environment, and equipment, to the highest possible standards
• Ensuring environmental controls are adhered to (including maintaining external accreditations)
• Complying with all legal requirements and legislation as set out in law


Whilst packaging is effectively what GWP Group does, we aim to be much more than just another box manufacturer. As with our focus on innovation, we realise that the partnerships we form with our customers – large and small – is integral to the ongoing success and growth of the business.


As such, our commitment to our customers is as follows:


• To produce exactly what our customers need, exactly when they need it
• To maintain the highest levels of quality and service at all times
• To treat our customers in the same morally and socially responsible way in which we treat our colleagues, in order to build lasting relationships
• To do everything possible to guarantee these, and any other commitments, we make / have made, to our customers

In Summary

As a member of the GWP team, our aim is to treat you as an individual, make you feel valued and ensure you are aware that you directly contribute to the success of our business.


Through engagement with the culture and ethos of GWP Group as set out in this document, the board of directors believe the benefits of such an approach will result in a working environment, create relationships and general behaviour that is beneficial to all staff, customers, suppliers, the environment and the wider community.


Below is a downloadable copy of GWP Groups Culture Statement Policy. Please click the button to download the PDF.

Equal Opportunities

We not only consider our staff to be our greatest asset, but also aim to offer every one of our employees, at all levels of the business, the training, opportunities, motivation and rewards for them to be the best they can be in their careers.


We are constantly looking to attract the perfect mix of skills, talent and diversity.

We are proud of our Equal Opportunities Policy. We monitor the effectiveness of this by asking all candidates to complete a (completely confidential) equal opportunities form, and use the data gathered in our ongoing commitments to fair practices and recruitment policy.

Mindful Employer

GWP Group are proud to take part in the National Health Service (NHS) “Mindful Employer” initiative. Developed, led and supported by employers, the aim is to increase awareness of mental health at work as well as providing support for businesses in recruiting and retaining staff.

Mindful Employer

There are numerous mental health issues that can affect employees. Stress, depression and anxiety are believed to result in more lost working days in the UK than any other forms of illness.


The overall cost of this to employers, through lost production and staff turnover, is estimated at approximately £30 billion per annum.


Taking steps to improve the management and recognition of mental health in the workplace should enable at least 30% of this cost to be saved – up to a potential £9 billion a year. Certain research has also shown that a spend of 80p on health promotion and intervention can save £4 in costs incurred due to absenteeism and the requirement for temporary staff.


With the right support, people with mental health issues can and do stay in work. This is support GWP always strive to offer.


Find out more about this initiative at

Positive About Disabled People

GWP Group has a positive attitude towards job applications from disabled people.


As with all companies that display the disability symbol, we make five promises concerning our recruitment policy, training, retention, consultation and disability awareness.


These 5 promises are as follows.

Positive About Disabled People

  1. We will interview all disabled applicants that meet the minimum criteria for a job vacancy, considering them solely on their abilities
  2. We hold discussions with disabled employees at least once a year, what both ourselves and they can do to make sure disabled employees can develop and use their abilities within GWP
  3. We make every effort that if employees become disabled to ensure that they stay in our employment
  4. We take action to make sure that every employee develops the appropriate level of disability awareness needed to make these commitments work
  5. We will review these commitments each year and assess what has been achieved, ways in which we can improve on them, plus our keep our employees informed about progress and future plans

For more information, please visit the government website at

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