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Reusable Packaging Inserts.

Plastic cell divisions, insert trays, foam dividers, layer pads and more…

If you are looking to customise and improve the performance of any handling tote or tray that you currently use (or are looking to source), then GWP can help. Your business can specify a wide range dunnage options, each designed and manufactured to your exact requirements.

This can include Correx® divider sets, fixed foam inserts, custom vacuum formed insert trays and even standard layer pads.

Many of these can be further customised not only to match the size you require, but with additional specialist properties.

Heavy duty container dividers
Dividers can be added to virtually any heavy duty container or multi trip packaging product

For example, anti scuff Bubbleboard can be used to protect delicate surfaces, whilst VCI coating can be applied to corrugated cardboard dividers to prevent corrosion of metal parts during transit.

Please continue reading for further info on how to choose the right dunnage option for your business

Why work with GWP Correx®

  • Widest range of dunnage options from a single supplier
  • Stock and bespoke outer tote / container options
  • Additional material options for further enhanced performance
  • Competitive pricing and short lead times across dunnage range

01: Dunnage Options.

Choose the right tote and packaging inserts for your business

Please use the links below for further information on the full range of dunnage and reusable packaging insert options you can source through GWP.

If you are not sure however what the most suitable option for your business would be, please speak with a member of the GWP team who will be happy to provide free, impartial advice.

Correx dividers

Correx® Dividers

Adjustable, stock or bespoke cell partitions

Correx® dividers improve your manual handling operations. With sizes to suit most industry standard totes, plus custom sizes available, these divisions can create a modular network of cells.

They can also be manufactured from specialist materials – such as Bubbleboard – to offer even greater levels of protection.

Vacuum formed trays

Vac Formed Trays

Moulded plastic insert trays

Great for mid to high volume requirements, vac formed trays can offer exceptional protection, being tailored to the contours of the product to be handled / stored.

As a single part they are also great for layering within a single tote or container, and can be easily enhanced with instructions and part numbers and are suitable for clean room environments too.

Foam dividers and dunnage for totes

Foam Dividers

Plastazote foam inserts and division sets

Foam dividers and inserts for totes provide excellent levels of protection due to the cushioning nature of the material and can be used for everything from simple dividers through to complex, engineered inserts.

Foam dividers also require no tooling, making them perfect for low volume requirements where surface or impact protection is important.

GWP Correx totes guide

Checklist: 21 Key Considerations...

…when sourcing tote containers. Get your free guide highlighting the critical questions you should be asking. Click below to download now.

Correx inserts / layer pads

Correx® Inserts

Specialist inserts for handling containers

Correx® inserts can range from simple layer pads – used for layer separation and stacking stability – all the way through to die cut trays for holding individual items in place.

Halfway between a vacuum formed tray and Correx® dividers, Correx® inserts are a cost effective solution regardless of your application.

Transit packaging

Corrugated Cardboard Dividers

Low cost packaging inserts

These cell partitions, manufactured from corrugated cardboard, offer a low cost method of preventing movement of items within an outer container.

Although less durable than Correx®, corrugated dividers can be enhanced with additional properties through a range of coatings. This includes anti scuff, corrosion inhibitor and even static protection.

02: Choosing a Dunnage Option.

A guide to selecting the correct reusable packaging inserts for your application

The number of different dunnage options can initially seem quite daunting. How do you select the correct returnable packaging inserts for your business or specific application?

There are actually a number of different factors that can influence which option will be most successful.

This can include – but is not limited to – order volumes, size, shape and value of the items to be transported or handled, the environment it will be used in and, of course, your budget.

Please continue reading below for a brief overview of how you can choose, or alternatively download the detailed guide that provides additional information.

Best all-rounder: Correx® Dividers

Correx® dividers are a good all round solution for virtually any application.

Tooling and unit costs are relatively low compared with other options, although additional costs can be incurred through increased assembly times. They can be supplied in various configurations, as well as different colours and ESD safe versions.

Custom dividers
Stock or custom dividers manufactured from Correx® are a great all round solution to improve handling

They only provide simple cells however which can limit protection for higher value items, and are effective only in single layers (as they do not retain their shape once removed from their outer container).

Best for protection / mid – high volumes: Vac Formed Trays

Vacuum formed trays are the best option when usability and protection are required.

Being tailored to the shape of the products or components to be handled / transported, the completely eliminate movement. This can protect from surface scuffs and scratches, as well as mis-handling in general.

They are also great for usability, as being a single piece of material can be easily stacked and layered within a single outer tote.

Saying that, they are only really suitable for mid to high volumes due to the very high tooling costs.

Lower cost alternative to vac formed trays: Correx® Inserts

Correx® inserts are effectively half way between Correx® dividers and vac formed trays. Formed from a single piece of material with shapes specific to the parts / components cut out from them, they offer increased protection against movement but whilst maintaining lower unit costs.

Saying that, they are more expensive (and less versatile) than plastic division sets, whilst not offering the same level of protection as vac formed trays. They are also not as competitive cost wise in high volumes.

Best for low volumes: Foam Inserts / Dunnage

Foam dividers / inserts incur no tooling charge (although there is usually a small machine setup cost – insignificant compared with tooling) and offer excellent levels of protection. This can include cushioning protection against impact or mishandling.

Foam dunnage for totes
Foam inserts are the perfect option if you only need low volumes of container dunnage

However, the individual unit costs are high (meaning they are suitable only for lower volumes) and they can “shed” material (creating dust) over prolonged, repeated use. Whilst ESD grades are available, increased potential for surface contact can increase the risk of shorting and damage.

Lowest cost option: Corrugated cardboard dividers

Corrugated cardboard dividers are the lowest cost solution when looking at tote inserts. As with Correx® dividers, they can be supplied in a number of configurations, and do help with organisation and damage prevention in transit.

Corrugated cardboard dividers
Corrugated cardboard dividers are a perfect low cost option, although are less robust and durable than plastic alternatives

Due to the nature of corrugated cardboard (being less hardwearing than plastic materials), reusability is limited and they are generally only used for single trip applications.

They can also shed particles (as with foam), and are not resistant to moisture etc.

GWP Correx cost reduction guide

Free Guide

7 ways to reduce your costs with Correx®

Get your free guide highlighting the 7 often overlooked tactics and strategies to reduce your ongoing costs by using Correx®. Download now and begin saving money today…

03: Why GWP Correx®.

Experts in multi trip and returnable packaging inserts

So why should your business trust GWP with your crucial supply chain packaging?

Well, for starters, GWP Correx® have more than 25 years’ experience in supplying a huge range of manual handling and returnable packaging products. As well as becoming the largest independent converter of Correx® in the UK, we can also offer your business the widest range of dunnage and returnable packaging inserts from a single supplier.

Besides this, by sourcing your outer totes and containers alongside any inserts and dividers, this also ensures much greater compatibility – and therefore improved efficiency, protection and costs.

Line-side packaging, such as Correx® totes, are a great option for moving parts or components around a supply chain

Besides a wide range of stock products available on very short lead times, you can also have any Correx® product tailored to your exact requirements. A team of Correx® specific designers will be on hand to guide and advise you at every stage of the design process.

All of this is coupled with a genuine focus on customer service, including a dedicated account manager offering detailed knowledge of not only the product you require, but of the challenges your industry faces as well.

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