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Peli™ Rack Cases

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Pelican Hardigg™ Rack Cases

19” Rack mount cases for sensitive electronics

Besides the market leading range of standard waterproof cases, you can also source specialist Peli rack cases (also known as Hardigg™ rack mount)  to protect specialist electronics and communications devices.

Offering compliance with MIL-STD 810F, IP67 ratings (i.e. completely waterproof), anti-vibration and special mounting options, as well as being exceptionally rugged, hardwearing and sturdy, rotationally moulded pelicase racks provide market leading protection.

Please see below for the range of options available.

Hardigg Classic Rack cases

Peli™ Classic Rack

Peli Rack Case Colours

3 – 26U
15 – 30 G Rating

Hardigg SuperMac Rack cases

Peli™ SuperMac™

Peli Rack Case Colours

3 – 14U
>40 – 70 G Rating

Hardigg Mac Rack cases

Peli™ MAC Rack™

Peli Rack Case Colours

3 – 14U
50 – 80 G Rating

Hardigg Min Mac Rack cases

Peli™ MIN MAC™

Peli Rack Case Colours

4 – 12U
50 – 80 G Rating

Hardigg Classic V Rack cases

Peli™ Classic-V Rack

Peli Rack Case Colours

3 – 9U

Hardigg Super V Rack cases

Peli™ Super-V Rack

Peli Rack Case Colours

3 – 14U

Hardigg Black Box Rack cases

Peli™ Black Box

SKB R Series Case Colours

3 – 14U
40 – 80 G Rating

Hardigg Pro Rack cases

Peli™ ProRack™

Peli Rack Case Colours

4 – 14U
80 – 120 G Rating

Alternative Rack Units

Custom and aluminium 19” rack housing options

Besides the Pelican™ rack mount options / Hardigg cases available, there are a number of other options that may be suitable for your specific application or equipment. Please see below for further details.

Zarges Mitraset Classic

Zarges Mitraset Classic 19" Housing

Zarges Eurobox case colours

3 – 12U
Loads up to 100Kg

Zarges Mitrase Racklite

Zarges Mitraset Racklite 19" Housing

Zarges Eurobox case colours

3 – 12U
15% weight saving

Zarges Mitraset Racklite Basic

Zarges Mitraset Racklite Basic

Zarges Eurobox case colours

3 – 12U
Lowest cost option

More info on Peli Hardigg™ Rack Cases

19” racks to protect crucial electronics and comms gear

Electronics and communications gear can often be “mission critical”. Effectively, they cannot be damaged at any cost. Even those which are not so crucial, are usually very expensive and often specialist as well.

This is why protecting them successfully can have a big, positive impact on your operations.

Having been in military use since the mid-1960s, when they were created from moulded plastic and used for mounting signal relays, rack mount cases have been developed over many years to become the advanced., feature packed solutions now available.

As the name suggests, 19” racks are created to house equipment that is 19 inches, or 482mm in width. Alongside this recognised industry standard, they also use standardised height increments (these units are referred to as either U or HE dependent on the equipment and industry).

The electronics equipment is bolted directly to a set of standardised rails that are within the rackmount case. Depending on the U or HE of the case, further equipment modules can then be added above or below.

The depths (i.e. front to back) can be the standard 219mm, 350mm, 480mm and 610mm, or can be tailored to the equipment being mounted with depths up to approximately 1,000mm being achievable

Peli Rack Mount Cases

The Peli Hardigg™ rotationally moulded cases have long been used in the military and supporting industries thanks to their IP67 rating, rugged and tough exterior, plus range of standardised 19” rack options.

Created using a rotationally moulded shell of Polyethylene, making them watertight and dustproof plus resistant to extremes of heat and chemicals, their small footprint casing and built-in sway space offers excellent protection against shock, impact, and vibration.

This makes them many industries’ rack mount case of choice.

Peli Hardigg Rack Case FAQs

Commonly asked questions regarding rack mount units

19” rack units can be one of the most complex when considering a protective case. As such, it is not unusual to have a number of questions regarding your options.

The below section aims to cover as many of these as possible but, if you cannot find the info you require, please get in touch. You can reach a GWP adviser on 01722 416 440 or by emailing

What are rack mount cases?

The primary purpose of rack mount cases is to house electronics and computing equipment. This can include specialist communications equipment, which has seen their use become widespread amongst military forces.

What Peli™ Hardigg™ rack case options are there?

There are a number of varying options when considering pelicase rack. This includes Classic Rack™, SuperMAC™, MIN MAC Rack™, BlackBox, ProRack™, Classic Rack, and Super V.

Are there any other manufacturers of Rack Cases?

Whilst Peli-Hardigg™ are arguably the most well known and widely used rack cases, there are alternatives from other manufacturers including SKB and Zarges (including their Mitraset range). A number of other specialist manufacturers can also be found, as well as manufacturers of custom rack cases too.

Why are rack mount cases 19 inch?

Often referred to as 19-inch racks, due to the standard size of the equipment to be mounted, this standardised size is commonly used across a number of industries including computing and IT, broadcasting, audio & visual, and entertainment sectors. Telecommunications, however, tend to use the larger format 23-inch racks

What does “U” refer to when specifying a rack mount case?

The U value (or sometimes HE) is the standardised unit for the height of electronics equipment. These units have a height of 1¾ inches (44.5mm), and by calculating the total height of the equipment to be mounted, this, in turn, gives the unit size of the case that you require. For example, 3.5 inches of equipment would equate to a 2U rack mount case, whilst 7 inches would be 4U and so on.

Are custom rack cases available?

Depending on your requirements, it is possible to source custom rack mount units. The EXOCase™ system (typically used as a waterproof flight case) can be configured to work as a 19” rack, or be specified at custom sizes as required.

Buy Peli-Hardigg™ Rack Cases

An independent protective case supplier and manufacturer

As suppliers of the full range of Peli™ waterproof cases and Hardigg™ rotationally moulded options, GWP are also able to offer the full range of rack units from this market leading manufacturer.

Combined with the breadth of knowledge GWP have in terms of the wider protective case options, it means you can be certain you are getting the most suitable – and most cost effective – protection for your important items

GWP Protective operate out of a modern, well equipped production facility, that also features an extensive design department to cater for any custom requirements you may have.

This, and a focus on manufacturing excellence, is the reason so many companies (many of which are similar to yours) trust us with protecting their most important items.

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