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Engineered Cardboard Products

A range of unique products expertly manufactured from corrugated cardboard

Need something out of the ordinary? Have a new idea for a product that you can’t find and would like to explore manufacturing? Or simply looking to improve the environmental credentials of your business?

With almost 30 years in the design and manufacture of specialist corrugated packaging and products – everything from recycling bins to spools – an experienced and award-winning design team can provide you with alternatives to more costly or heavier materials.

Please see below for a range of specialist items manufactured from corrugated cardboard or get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

Corrugated cardboard spools

Cardboard Spools

Spools colour options

Custom Sizes
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Cardboard pallets

Cardboard Pallets

Spools colour options

Custom Sizes
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Cardboard recycling bin

Recycling Bins

Eco bins colour options

Custom Sizes
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Cardboard picking bins

Picking Bins

Cardboard picking bin colours

Custom Sizes
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A gable style Correx box in red material with white printed logo

Correx® Products

Correx picking bin colour options

Various Items
Custom designs

Waterproof cardboard packaging

Specialist Coatings

5 x Options
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Specialist packaging coatings

Anti Static

Anti static packaging colours

Stock Range
500+ Options

Traditional Corrugated Packaging

Standard packaging options for your business

Besides the range of specialist items you can source from GWP, your business can source the full range of traditional boxes, cartons and inserts too.

Ecommerce packaging boxes


Ecommerce packaging colour options

Custom Sizes
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Industrial transit packaging

Transit Packaging

Postal packaging colour options

Custom Sizes
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Postal book wraps

Postal Packs

Ecommerce packaging colour options

Custom Sizes
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Retail packaging with cut-out

Printed / Retail

Retail & POS colour options

Custom Sizes
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Cardboard POS

Point of Sale

Retail & POS colour options

Custom Sizes
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Cardboard bottle packaging

Bottle Packs

Bottle carrier colour options

Custom Sizes
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Integral fittings

Inserts / Dividers

Cardboard packaging insert colours

Custom Sizes
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More Info on Specialist Cardboard Products

Engineered solutions from an award-winning design team

Many people underestimate how useful cardboard can be as a material.

However, a growing number of inventors, entrepreneurs and business owners are coming to see the benefits offered by this material. As a result, many are looking to create, manufacture and / or source specialist products manufactured from corrugated material.

This is where GWP can help.

Although the focus of GWP’s business has been the creation of traditional transit and retail packaging, the expertise and knowledge of the materials used means that it is possible to create a wide range of products, including those which are completely bespoke and haven’t been commercially produced before.

With free advice and guidance on the suitability and performance of specific corrugated grades and material types, new requirements can be made a commercial success thanks to an established, award winning design team.

Plus, new designs and products can be fully protected through the use of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and full confidentiality at every stage of the process.

Focus on the environment

Besides the difficulties faced by businesses in terms of being able to find packaging or products tailored to provide a solution to a specific requirement, many face another challenge.

Becoming more environmentally friendly.

With a pressing need to become sustainable (as well as meeting increased consumer demand for environmentally sound solutions), many organisations are looking to move away from plastics and other similar materials.

This is where the surprising versatility of corrugated packaging can help.

Specialist products from GWP can replace plastic bins, cable reels, pallets, and even void fill packaging such as foams and polystyrene.

Switching to corrugated versions of these products can frequently reduce costs alongside the environmental benefits, whilst maintain performance levels too.

Specialist Corrugated Packaging FAQs

Common questions on the topic of bespoke engineered cardboard products

Please see below for some commonly asked questions when looking at creating specialist and / or custom products from cardboard.

Still have questions? Then please reach out to a member of the GWP team on 01793 754 444 or

Can you make anything from cardboard?

If it can be designed and manufactured in cardboard, GWP can help. With vast experience of the performance and capabilities of corrugated cardboard, a team of designers will be able to make a success of virtually any product that you need manufacturing for your business or resale. And if it can’t (or shouldn’t) be made from cardboard, we’ll be honest and tell you why.

What is the process for creating a new product?

Upon receiving an enquiry and plans / drawings (and signing of an NDA as appropriate), GWP’s design team will look at how the product can be made to work – from both a functional and commercial viewpoint. Following the design and modification process, a pre-production sample can also be produced as required.

Will you be happy to sign an NDA for quoting on my new product / idea?

GWP Group are happy to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) for any project that you would potentially like to work with us on. This is a process GWP has followed many times when helping companies with bespoke items or bringing new products to market.

Is using cardboard an eco-friendly option?

Corrugated cardboard material is arguably the most environmentally sound material for commercial applications – be that for packaging for products themselves. The material is recyclable (and usually made from recycled content) and biodegradable. All material GWP uses is also from FSC approved sources.

Will cardboard be strong enough for my project?

Cardboard can be surprisingly strong (and can also be enhanced using various coatings such as waterproofing and corrosion inhibiting properties). Whilst this makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, our designers will be able to advise on its suitability for your specific intended use and be able to suggest alternatives if required.

Can I get pre-production samples for testing?

All products and packaging designed and manufactured by GWP can have pre-production samples produced before full manufacturing. This allows for testing and helps to ensure complete satisfaction before committing to a finished design.

Free quotes & Sampling Service

Get the exact product you need for your business

GWP Packaging have been experts in the design and manufacture of specialist cardboard packaging and products for almost 30 years.

What this means in practice is that your business can tap into a wealth of experience and knowledge on the capabilities and performance of corrugated material. Get free quotes and advice on any unique or unusual product you may require. Benefit from a comprehensive design service. And have samples to test and evaluate before committing to manufacture.

If this sounds like it may help your business, please get in touch with a member of the GWP team today to discuss your specialist corrugated requirement.

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