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Specialist Corrugated

A range of unique products expertly manufactured from corrugated cardboard

With over 25 years experience in working with corrugated specialist packaging, GWP Packaging’s products extend far beyond what is thought of as traditional packaging.


An experienced and award winning design team have created a wide range of products from corrugated cardboard that provide you with alternatives to more costly or heavier materials.


For example, you can source a range of corrugated spools and reels that are not only lighter and more cost effective, but also offer excellent levels of durability and strength. The Corrispring range offers a genuinely eco friendly alternative to foam, whilst cardboard eco bins continue the theme of environmental awareness and responsibility.

Specialist corrugated packaging

Why source your retail packaging and POS from GWP Packaging?

  • Unique products not found anywhere else
  • Low cost alternative to plastics and plywood materials
  • Huge flexibility in terms of design (including custom options)
  • Range of surface coatings for further enhanced properties


To find out more about the unique specialist packaging that can be designed and manufactured from corrugated cardboard, please continue reading below or contact us for further information.

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Corrugated Cardboard Spools

Lightweight alternative to wood / plastics


Designed to suit almost any type of linear wound products, Corrispools are individually engineered to meet the strength and durability requirements of any application. As a cost effective alternative to plastic and plywood, corrugated cardboard spools offer a lightweight yet durable, recyclable method for storing many items.

Eco Bins

Encourage increased recycling


With the environment being a key area of focus for many companies, Eco Bins are a 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable way to encourage recycling. Eco Bins are available in various distinctive colours, are quick and easy to construct and offer a low cost solution for any bin application at your organisation.

Foam Alternative

Eco friendly foam alternative


Cardboard cushioning provides an environmentally friendly way to cushion your products or items whilst in storage or transit. Corrispring is suitable for a range of uses, including electronic goods, IT products, telecommunications equipment and various other high value items that require cushioning.

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