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WAG Swing cases provide perfect protection and presentation for small format items

The WAG Swing case range – similar in appearance to WAGs own Beat cases – are perfect for the presentation and protection of any small format items. This can range from small parts, product sets, gift items and collectibles (amongst others).

Available in 6 sizes and 8 colours as standard, these plastic cases / boxes can also be specified with a transparent lid to make them suitable for retail added value packaging use too. Foam inserts can further enhance their suitability for this.

Please see below for the range of WAG Swing cases available.

WAG Swing 3112 case

SWING 3112

WAG Swing case colours

93 x 60 x 25 mm
Internal (L x W x D)

WAG Swing 3114 case

SWING 3114

WAG Swing case colours

93 x 60 x 29 mm
Internal (L x W x D)

WAG Swing 3116 case

SWING 3116

WAG Swing case colours

93 x 60 x 32 mm
Internal (L x W x D)

WAG Swing 3224 case

SWING 3224

WAG Swing case colours

112 x 90 x 33 mm
Internal (L x W x D)

WAG Swing 3436 case

SWING 3436

WAG Swing case colours

112 x 167 x 38 mm
Internal (L x W x D)

WAG Swing 3648 case

SWING 3648

WAG Swing case colours

112 x 225 x 50 mm
Internal (L x W x D)

WAG Swing case foam inserts

Foam Inserts

Foam insert colours

Fully Bespoke
Enquire for details

Alternative Plastic Box Options

Similar options when looking for small plastic cases

Whilst the WAG Swing case range offers a fairly unique appearance and functionality, there are a couple of similar alternatives. This includes WAG Beat cases, as well as Rose Plastic RCS range.

Beyond this however, there are a huge range of more traditional plastic carrying cases that may be suitable depending on the application. Options from Hofbauer, Maxado and others can be seen below.

A GWP adviser will also be happy to provide unbiased guidance on the best case for your specific market, industry, or application. Simply get in touch for free, impartial advice if required.

WAG Beat cases

WAG Beat

Cases perfect for both retail and sales team use

WAG Jazz cases

WAG Jazz

Tough and long lasting carry case with striking ribbed design

WAG Tekno cases

WAG Tekno

German engineered since 1997 providing high quality

Shell case Hybrid 300

Shell Case

Soft shell cases with a unique, striking appearance

WAG Twist cases

WAG Twist

Unique twisted design for high quality appearance

Rose Plastic RoseCase RCS

Rose Plastic RCS

Lightweight plastic case range from Rose Plastic

Correx boxes

Correx® Boxes

Bespoke plastic boxes manufactured from Correx®

All sample cases

All Plastic Cases

Click here to see the full range of plastic case options

More Info on WAG Swing Cases

Unique appearance with a wealth of features

Perhaps the most striking thing about Swing cases is their appearance / format.

Standing vertically upright, this is in stark contrast to the majority of traditional plastic carry cases which have evolved to appear more like a briefcase.

This does however make the WAG Swing plastic boxes particularly suited for a number of applications.

Similarly to its close relative the WAG Beat range, Swing cases lend themselves particularly well to retail applications (i.e. becoming added value packaging). Their format allows then to be easily displayed with limited shelf space and can provide an eye-catching alternative to standard blister packs. Offering your products in a case that can be retained by the consumer also enhances the perceived (and actual) value significantly.

WAG Swing cases can be provided with translucent lids which allows the boxes to showcase their contents – everything from gift sets to DIY equipment, collectibles and much else besides – with the inclusion of custom foam inserts providing perfect presentation of such items.

Swing cases are also available in a wide range of standard colours (up to 20, although some are subject to minimum order volumes) and can be branded in varying ways too. This includes screen and digital printing directly on to the smooth surfaces, as well as in mould labelling (where high-quality photographic imagery can be set into the case walls during manufacture).

Other features of WAG Swing Cases

There are a number of other features of the WAG Swing range that you would expect to find on a more traditional plastic case.

This includes clip closure for easy, comfortable closing and opening of the case (whilst also keeping the contents secure). A full-length hinge ensures the case remains functional over many hundreds (even thousands) of uses. Stacking pins allow the cases to be stacked safely too.

Created from a high impact tested polypropylene material, these cases are also surprisingly strong and durable. The ribbed design to the edge of the cases also helps improve structural strength, whilst giving Swing cases their distinct, modern appearance.

And finally – as with all WAG cases – the plastics used are easy to clean, resistant to water and most chemicals, and provide an attractive surface finish too.

WAG Swing Case FAQs

Questions – and answers to common questions about WAG Swing cases

Although there are very few direct competitors to Swing cases – in terms of style and appearance at least – before selecting these for your business you may well have a number of questions.

The below section sets these out, before going on to answer them. But, if you cannot see the info that you require, please contact a GWP case expert on 01722 416 440 or email

What size Swing cases are available?

Swing cases are available in 6 main sizes, catering for smaller products and items. The smallest of the cases is 93 x 60 x 25 mm, with the largest being 112 x 225 x 50 mm (please note these figures refer to the inside dimensions).

Can these be used for retail applications?

Swing cases are a great option for retail applications. This is particularly true for sets of products (drill bits being a great example) where the consumer will see real value in have a case to retain to keep the items in on an ongoing basis.

Are Swing cases available with transparent lids?

To increase their suitability for use as value added retail packaging, WAG Swing cases are available with transparent lids. This allows consumers to see the products they are buying (rather than relying on print or labels) before purchase.

What colours are available?

WAG Swing cases are available in a standard 7 colours (8 when including transparent). There are a further 12 options which are subject to specific order volumes, whilst it is also possible to specify completely custom hues if you need a very high volume.

How can I brand these plastic boxes?

Swing – as with Beat and other WAG Cases, can be branded in various ways. This includes simple labelling, vinyl lettering, screen printing, digital printing and even in mould labelling.

What is in mould labelling?

In mould labelling – available on Swing cases – is where a high-quality image (including photographic) is printed and then added to the cases structure during the moulding process. This provides a much more durable finish than printing methods.

What are Swing cases made from?

Swing cases are manufactured in Germany by W.AG, utilising a high quality, impact test polypropylene. WAG also offer a number of their cases using a more environmentally friendly plastic, known as their “Green Line” option.

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