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3 Psychological Hacks For Sample Cases.

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How using psychology can enhance your sample cases

Visual merchandising has been used for many years, in some of the most competitive retail and sales environments. But did you know you can apply these tactics to your sales demo cases?

You can use these tactics to improve your sales pitches, help persuade your customers to buy the products you want them to and, ultimately, hit your sales targets.

This 11 page guide identifies how using these psychological factors, plus taking advantage of unconscious thought processes, you can capture attention, highlight your most important products and steal a march on your competition.

Free Download: GWP Protective 3 psychological hacks for sample cases
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Psychological tactics have been developed and refined over many years, in some of the most competitive retail spaces and product categories. They can be the difference between a product flying off the shelves, or being left to gather dust.

Download your guide to learn the following

  • Discover the “Rule of 3” and how it can aid sales
  • Take advantage of people picking the middle option
  • Find out how you can use the pyramid principal
  • Bonus hack – use a “Pig in the Window”
  • Gain a competitive advantage with your sales pitches

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