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Protect your equipment.

Market leading range of protective cases available with custom designed foam inserts

If you are looking for the widest range of protective cases – all available with custom foam inserts – then you have come to the right place.

With options ranging from heavy duty waterproof cases, to lightweight aluminium transit containers, aesthetically striking presentation and sample cases and even custom designed and built flightcases, there is certain to be a protective solution  perfect for your specific application.

Please see below for the entire range of protective cases and engineered foam products.

01: Waterproof Cases

Tough, durable equipment cases for ultimate protection

Please see below for the range of market leading waterproof cases your can source and customise through GWP Protective.

Peli cases used extensively as military transit cases

Peli Cases

Peli cases are the original moulded, waterproof case. Superb protection guaranteed.

Peli Storm cases

Storm Cases

Storm cases are the most durable, easy to use waterproof cases available in the UK today.

SKB cases that are hard-wearing and durable

SKB Cases

SKB provide cost effective cases that do not compromise on quality or performance.

Cost effective Explorer cases

Explorer Cases

The Italian designed Explorer Cases offer aesthetically pleasing designs and low prices.

Hardigg roto mould cases are the toughest cases available today

Hardigg Rota Mould

Rota Mould cases from Hardigg are the perfect option for heavy duty applications.

Nanuk cases are the newest cases on the market

Nanuk Cases

The newest protective cases available, packed with innovation and a range features.

EXOCase waterproof flight cases


The size flexibility of a flight case with the waterproof qualities of a moulded case!

Free Guide: GWP Protective 15 considerations for protection

Download: 15 Crucial Considerations...

…when protecting your high value, fragile or business critical tools, products or equipment. Find out how you can eliminate transit damage and reduce costs too

02: Aluminium Cases.

Versatile, lightweight and easy to clean aluminium containers / kit skips

The following aluminium cases are available through GWP Protective, and can be customised to meet your specific requirements.

Zarges K470 aluminium cases

Zarges K470

Zarges K470 are widely regarded as the most durable aluminium transit cases available.

Zarges Eurobox aluminium transit containers


Zarges Eurobox aluminium containers provide a lightweight, cost effective solution.

Lithium battery packaging cases

Battery Cases

UN certified cases for shipping applications requiring lithium battery packaging

Aluminium sports and football kit skips

Travel Skips

Widely used by pro sports teams, Zarges skips are a great choice for kit / equipment.

Zarges EMC Mitraset rack cases

EMC Cases

Mitraset / EMC (Electro-Magnetic Compatible) are designed to protect your electronics.

03: Custom Cases.

Flight cases, rack units and the revolutionary EXOcase built to your exact specifications

Beside branded protective case options, you can also have bespoke case built to your exact size, specification and requirements.

Custom built flight cases

Flight Cases

Custom flight cases built to your exact size and specification, enhanced with foam inserts.

EXOCase waterproof flight cases


The next generation flight case! Water resistant, extra tough and improved aesthetics.

19 inch rack mount cases

Rack Mount

19″ rack units for the safe transit and storage of important electronics & equipment.

04: Sample Cases.

High quality cases to aid sales presentations and pitches

Give your sales team an edge in sales presentations with sample presentation cases that will wow potential clients.

Smart case custom presentation case

Smart Case

High quality, attractive presentation cases built in house to your exact requirements.

N case custom sample cases

N Case

Bespoke designs and sizes at cost effective price points to showcase your products.

Shell case soft presentation cases

Shell Case

Unique appearance and huge array of options to boost your sales and awareness.

Tekno plastic sample cases by W.Ag


High quality plastic sample cases in a selection of visually appealing colours and styles.

Minibag lightweight plastic cases


Lightweight plastic sample cases with a wide choice of bespoke customisation options.

Hofbauer maxibag


The perfect sample case to highlight the key features and benefits of your product range.

Xtrabag sales demo cases


Durable plastic cases that effortlessly highlight the benefits of your samples in sales meetings.

Ergoline salesman cases


Lightweight, visually striking plastic sales demo cases in a wide range of sizes.

Free Guide: 3 hacks to improve your sample cases

Download: 3 Psychological Hacks...

…for enhancing your sample cases and sales pitches. Find out how you can influence decisions, improve clarity, focus attention and ultimately drive more sales.

05: Brand Index.

Market leading cases trusted by millions

You can source the widest range of branded cases from a single source by working with GWP Protective. And being independent, it means that if you need a specific case – even if it isn’t listed below – GWP can help.

Please use the icons below to view the cases available from specific brand / manufacturer.

EXOcase logo
Explore case logo
Hardigg case logo
Hofbauer case logo
Nanuk case logo
Peli case logo
Rose Plastic logo
SKB case logo
Peli Storm case logo
Zarges case logo

06: Foam Inserts.

Customise any case with engineered foam to maximise protection / appearance

The performance – and therefore protection – of any protective case can be enhanced using custom foam inserts tailored to your tools and / or products.

Besides case inserts however, Plastazote® polyethylene foam, Stratocell and other widely used foams can be fabricated to help with tool control, line-side handling and even high volume packaging applications.

See all of the foam options and products that you can source from GWP Protective below.

Plastazote foam inserts for cases

Case Inserts

Bespoke foam inserts for cases that offer exact levels of protection for your important items.

Foam tool control and shadowboards

Tool Control

Never lose important tools or equipment again using tool control “shadowboards”.

Foam dividers and dunnage for handling and returnable packaging


The perfect solution for efficient in-plant handling, returnable and line-side applications.

Foam laser etching, engraving and cutting for branding

Laser Etching

Add branding, logos, part numbers and more with a sophisticated laser engraving service.

Presentation and added value retail foam packaging


High quality, aesthetically striking foams for luxury packaging and retail applications.

High volume foam packaging and end caps

Foam Packaging

Low density foam packaging for cost effective, high volume shipping requirements.

07: Selecting a Protective Case.

How to decide on the most suitable case for your specific application

Choosing the case that is right for your business or specific application can be a daunting task.

Whilst GWP Protective allows you to source the widest range of protective cases from a single (independent) supplier, this level of choice can further complicate matters.

Wheeled protective cases approved for air travel
Wheeled protective case with telescopic handle. Ease of use should be a consideration, alongside protection, when choosing a case.

However, by considering what is the most important factor when considering what you need from the case, you can quickly narrow down the suitable options.

These most typical 4 factors are as follows.

4 factors affecting protective case choice

  • The items / equipment inside cannot break under any circumstances
  • The case must be light in order to minimise shipping / aid handling
  • The aesthetics and appearance of the case are critical
  • The case(s) must be the lowest cost reasonably possible

Please note however that this list is not exhaustive, so if you have a specific query or need help in finding the perfect protective case for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Please email [email protected] or call 01722 416 440.

Protective cases to guarantee prevention of damage

If it is absolutely critical that your equipment, tools, or products cannot be broken, then usually the range of “waterproof cases” are the most suitable option.

Offering the highest level of protection of any case on the market today, all of the cases GWP Protective recommend are completely waterproof (IP 67 rated), crush proof, resistant to impact and also offer cushioning protection thanks to the optional foam inserts.

As a result, each of the waterproof protective cases you can specify comes with a manufacturers lifetime guarantee! So in the unlikely event you break your case, it can be repaired or replaced for free.

Protective equipment cases guaranteed to protect against damage
A Peli Storm case withstands an accident on site. Waterproof cases such as this are generally the toughest and most durable.

However, besides “physical” damage, these cases also protect from both dust and water ingress.

As anyone using electronic equipment or highly calibrated tools or devices on a regular basis knows, water can easily destroy an item causing delays and considerable expense.

As a result, these cases are particularly popular for applications such as tool hire, on-site service engineers, surveying and metrology, plus industries including automotive, aerospace, marine and any engineering sector.

There are also a number of these cases which are “airline approved”, meaning they can be taken on as hand luggage if travelling internationally.

Free Guide: GWP Protective 15 considerations for protection

Free Guide

15 crucial considerations for protecting your items

Get your free guide highlighting the 15 critical points to consider when protecting high value tools, products or equipment.

Lightweight protective cases for shipping / ease of handling

If you are exporting goods overseas or are travelling with lots of equipment by air, the lightness of aluminium cases could be a critical factor.

Whilst maintaining high levels of protection and being resistant to rust, using aluminium cases (including the Zarges range) can significantly reduce transit costs through minimising the weight of your consignment.

This makes them particularly popular for exporters, but also expeditions and even professional sports teams.

Aluminium transit cases for shipping and air freight
Zarges aluminium cases stacked and waiting to be loaded onto an air craft – their light weight makes them ideal for this purpose.

Besides this, the weight of a case can impact how easy it is to handle.

For smaller sized protective cases, the aluminium options are ideal thanks to their lightweight material and construction.

However, with larger cases where the contents can add to the weight considerably, moulded waterproof cases or even custom built cases can be a more sensible option.

This is due to the inline wheels and telescopic handle on certain cases, which means they can be easily pulled along instead of being carried. And of course, with custom cases, castors, handles and other features can also be added as required.

What protective case to choose if appearance is important

Put simply, if you are trying to make an impression on potential clients or even existing customers, there is only one choice – presentation cases.

Also referred to as sample cases, these usually plastic cases are designed with aesthetics in mind. Whilst this means that do not offer such robust protection as waterproof or aluminium cases, this not an issue as they would not be exposed to such environments or use.

Sample cases being used in a sales pitch to customers
A Shell Case, customised with foam inserts, is used during a sales meeting in order to highlight specific product samples.

Sample cases can also be easily enhanced. They usually feature printable surfaces to add company branding and straplines, whilst foam inserts can be tailored to enhance the presentation of your products.

It is also possible to specify custom built presentation cases, such as the N Case and Smart case range. These can be tailored to almost any size, with a wide range of additional options too.

This makes sample cases perfect for sales pitches, tradeshows, presentations and client meetings.

It’s all about cost!

If you are looking for a protective case and the most important factor is the price, then the range of lightweight plastic cases are the ideal solution.

Whilst still offering good resistance to moisture and rain, plus dust, being dropped and general mishandling, the cases are a low cost option if the items to be stored inside are fairly robust themselves.

As a result, they also make great presentation cases, are frequently used for value added packaging (e.g. sending tools or parts to your customers) and can even be used in conjunction with larger cases to form service “kits”.

Lightweight plastic carry cases
A lightweight plastic case is generally the lowest cost option, but the potential cost of damage to items must also be considered.

However, it is important to bear in mind focusing on costs can be a false economy.

Sometimes, whilst a case may be of a higher unit cost than alternatives, by reducing damage in transit (plus the cost of replacements, returns and the negative impression for your customers) they can in fact offer overall cost savings.

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