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Stratocell R

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Stratocell R eco-friendly foam packaging material

If your business already uses Stratocell packaging, switching to Stratocell R is a considerably more “green” foam packaging option.

Stratocell R is a closed-cell polyethylene foam with a minimum of 65% recycled content. Stratocell R packaging also typically uses less material in protecting products than other forms of foam packaging. It is not subject to the Plastic Packaging Tax and is recyclable at locations handling LDPE 4 material. Read more


Lightweight material
Reusable packaging product
Packaging with recycled content
Size optimised packaging
LDPE foam packaging symbol
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Packaging with recycled content
Recycled content
Lightweight material
Size optimised packaging
Size optimised
LDPE foam packaging symbol

About Stratocell R

Stratocell R (the R standing for recycled) provides the same performance and properties as regular Stratocell but with a minimum of 65% recycled content.

Due to the recycled content of the foam, it is not subject to the UK plastic packaging tax, reducing the costs to your business.

End users can also recycle Straocell R packaging, but only at sites that handle LDPE 4 (low-density polyethylene). It is not recyclable in kerbside bins.

However, besides avoiding the plastic tax, the main benefit of the recycled material is that it considerably improves the sustainability of your business’s packaging.

Green foam packaging

There are other ways in which Stratocell R can help minimise your packaging’s impact on the environment.

Being easily fabricated into end caps, pads and other cushioning packaging, Stratocell typically uses less material to provide adequate protection than other foams. Less material reduces weight and outer pack sizes, minimising transport emissions.

It can easily withstand multiple compressions, making it far more effective than Polystyrene. This characteristic also means that it is suitable for returnable packaging applications.

And finally, Stratocell R is non-abrasive, water-resistant, and insulative.

Benefits of Stratocell R

The main reasons to switch to Stratocell R include:

  • Contains a minimum of 65% recycled content.
  • Not subject to the UK Plastic Packaging Tax.
  • Can be recycled at facilities handling LDPE 4.
  • Easily fabricated to create end caps, inserts, pads and other cushion packaging.
  • Withstands multiple compressions.
  • Lightweight to minimise pack weights and transit emissions.
  • Non-abrasive, water resistant and insulative.
Lightweight material

Lightweight material

Stratocell material is lightweight, minimising CO2 emissions from transportation.

Packaging with recycled content

Recycled content

Stratocell R contains at least 65% recycled content, making it exempt from the UK Plastic Packaging Tax.

Reusable packaging product


Stratocell R is durable enough to be used over multiple trips (e.g. in returnable tote containers).

Size optimised packaging

Size optimised

Stratocell foam provides high protection with minimal material use, reducing outer pack sizes.

LDPE foam packaging symbol

Low density Polyethylene

Stratocell R is manufactured using low density Polyethylene material.

What is Stratocell foam?

Stratocell is a type of foam manufactured by Sealed Air. It is possible to convert Stratocell into a range of packaging products, including end caps, pads and inserts. It provides cushioning protection to contents during transit and handling. It also performs considerably better than Polystyrene or similar fittings made using corrugated cardboard.

What is Stratocell R?

Stratocell R is a version of the regular Stratocell Polyethylene foam with a minimum of 65% recycled content. The R in the name denotes recycled. Despite the change in composition, it maintains the same level of performance as regular Stratocell material.

Is it possible to have eco-friendly foam packaging?

As traditional foams are difficult to recycle, many view them as bad for the environment. However, if foams are recycled correctly, they can be sustainable. Other eco-friendly foam packaging options, such as the wood-based materials, are starting to become available.

Is Stratocell foam recyclable?

Stratocell and Stratocell R are fully recyclable at facilities that handle LDPE 4 material (low-density polyethylene). Sealed Air also operates a closed-loop recycling program. You can find out more about this at Sealed Air. Stratocell is not recyclable in kerbside collections.

What is the density of Stratocell R?

Stratocell R is available in several densities (24, 30 and 35 kg/m3). Due to this low density and weight, Stratocell can help reduce the weight of your packaging and associated transit emissions.

Is Stratocell only suitable for single-trip applications?

Although Stratocell is popular for single-trip transit packaging applications, it can comfortably withstand multiple compressions. This characteristic makes it suitable for use with reusable packaging such as tote containers and stillages. It is also considerably more effective than “one drop” polystyrene.

Stratocell R pricing

GWP has a wealth of experience converting Stratocell R into green packaging products. Products produced include end caps, pads and inserts that minimise material use, pack sizes and costs without compromising the protection of your products.

However, as GWP tailor all Stratocell R foam packaging to your specific requirements, it is impossible to list prices on this site. Sizes, material use, product fragility, the total required number, and many other factors influence your price.

Free quotes and advice

GWP believe that tailoring your foam packaging, and your quotes, means you only pay for exactly what you need. And that your packaging fully meets your requirements.

You can also source your outer corrugated packaging boxes from GWP.

To facilitate this, you can request a free, no-obligation quote for any foam packaging you require. Please contact one of our foam specialists today to see how cost-effective this approach is.

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