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Ecozote recycled Plastazote

Ecozote recycled plastazote foam inserts inside a case
Recycled flight case foam
Custom Ecozote case foam
Ecozote case foam lining
Ecozote foam inserts
Equipment cases with recycled foam

You can significantly improve the sustainability of your business’s protective cases, tool control, and engineered cushion packaging by switching to Ecozote recycled Plastazote foam inserts.

Ecozote performs similarly to Plastazote foam but with 30% recycled content. It is a closed-cell cross-linked low-density polyethylene (LDPE) foam material. Ecozote is ideal for high-performance foam inserts for cases and other specialist protective packaging. Read more


Lightweight material
Reusable packaging product
Packaging with recycled content
Size optimised packaging
LDPE foam packaging symbol
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Packaging with recycled content
Recycled content
Reusable packaging product
Lightweight material
LDPE foam packaging symbol

About Ecozote foam inserts

Businesses typically use foam inserts alongside protective cases for long-term storage and protection. Whilst this minimises their impact on the environment over their entire lifespan, the material can be difficult to recycle. As such, many view it as not sustainable.

In response, a new recycled Plastazote – Ecozote – has been launched.

Proving the same cushioning performance and lightweight as standard Plastazote, Ecozote contains at least 30% recycled content from post-industrial waste sources.

The recycled content improves its eco credentials and helps it avoid any charges as part of the UK Plastic Packaging tax.

Why use recycled Plastazote inserts?

The material is available in two densities, allowing for conversion into a range of protective packaging products. But Ecozote is most suited to creating foam inserts for protective cases.

Besides being lightweight, the foam material provides excellent, predictable and reliable cushioning performance. Due to its consistent cell size, it is even possible to calculate the optimum amount of foam to protect specific items.

Any tools, equipment or components you store or transport within an Ecozote recycled Plastazote foam insert are safe from impact, shock, vibration and general mishandling.

Ecozote is also ideal for handling trays, foam dunnage for returnable packaging (such as totes and Euro containers), shadow-boards and even luxury foam packaging.

Benefits of Ecozote recycled Plastazote

Ecozote recycled Plastazote offers the following benefits:

  • Contains 30% recycled post-industrial waste.
  • Is not subject to charges incurred by the UK plastic packaging tax.
  • Provides exceptional cushioning performance.
  • Can be used to enhance any protective case.
  • Consistent cell size for reliable protection and performance.
  • Lightweight and low density to minimise transit emissions.
  • Superior weight-to-performance ratio when compared to alternative foams.
  • Available in 2 grades – LDR 27 and LDR 18.
Packaging with recycled content

Recycled content

Ecozote contains at least 30% recycled content, making it exempt from the UK Plastic Packaging Tax.

Reusable packaging product


Ecozote is designed to be used over multiple trips (e.g. in protective cases).

Lightweight material

Lightweight material

Recycled Plastazote material is lightweight, minimising CO2 emissions from transportation.

Size optimised packaging

Size optimised

Software can calculate the exact amount of material required, minimising outer pack sizes.

LDPE foam packaging symbol

Low density Polyethylene

Ecozote recycled Plastazote is manufactured using low density Polyethylene material.

What is Plastazote?

Plastazote is a cross-linked foam material made using low-density polyethylene (LDPE). It offers an excellent weight-to-performance ratio and is suitable for cushioning protection applications. Its use is widespread in enhancing protective cases, presentation packaging and foam dunnage.

What is Ecozote?

Ecozote is a form of Plastzaote that contains 30% recycled content. It still provides the same levels of cushioning performance and similar appearance but is more sustainable due to its post-industrial waste content.

Is Ecozote affected by the plastic packaging tax?

The plastic packaging tax only affects products with less than 30% recycled content. As such, Ecozote is not within the scope of the tax. It could also be argued that the foam inserts using Ecozote are for long-term storage, which is not affected by the tax.

Is Ecozote suitable for protective case inserts?

The most common use for Ecozote is the creation of custom foam inserts. Ecozote can be routed, cut by waterjet or pressed (die cut), creating intricate recesses that match the contours of your equipment. Many businesses are switching their standard Plastazote case inserts for Ecozote equivalents.

Are there different grades of Ecozote?

Ecozote is availbe in 2 diferent grades, LDR 18 and LDR 27. Which grade you should use depends on your product, application, and the types of environment and handling you are expecting your products to encounter. A GWP engineer can advise on the best option for your specific requirements.

Is recycled Plastazote foam sustainable?

Ecozote is currently the only high-performance foam that includes any recycled content. You should also consider that Ecozote (and Plastazote) are not intended for use in single-trip applications but instead for use as reusable packaging. Recyclable foams such as Fibrease are now commercially available but do not provide the same level of cushioning protection.

Ecozote foam insert pricing

As any Ecozote recycled Plastazote foam inserts you source for your business will be entirely bespoke, it is impossible to list prices on this website. The outer case size, material thickness, number and complexity of recesses cut into the foam, and more impact your price.

However, you can request a free, entirely no-obligation quote for any foam insert your business requires. This way, you get your perfect foam insert at the most competitive price and with the highest quality guaranteed.

Plastazote foam experts

GWP Protective are amongst the leading Plastazote converters in the UK. With a modern conversion facility boasting the latest equipment and an experienced design team, your case inserts or other engineered foam products perform exactly as required. No more damaged tools or equipment, no more frustrated customers, no more delays on site.

So, if you would like to see how switching to Ecozote recycled Plastazote foam inserts can improve your business’ sustainability without compromising the protection of your kit, please speak with a GWP team member today.

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