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Custom designs to stock management and calculated performance levels – we can help

If you choose to work with GWP Protective, you can be certain we will be constantly striving to achieve your complete satisfaction.

This is achieved partly through offering you the largest range of protective cases available from a single source in the UK. And providing your business with unrivalled experience and expertise in the creation of foam inserts and packaging.

Case manufacturers
Rather than being simple case manufacturers, GWP Protective have invested considerable resources in order to be able to offer your business a wide range of supporting services

However, we also take great pride in being able to offer your business total flexibility. This in turn involves providing you with a highly bespoke service throughout conceptualisation and all the way through to delivery.

A focus on design, which includes a mobile service, calculating exact levels of performance for your foam inserts and technical problem solving, regularly exceeds our existing customers’ expectations, no matter how demanding.

Plus, to further aid your business, you can also take advantage of a full inventory and stock management service.

Why choose GWP Protective as your case and foam partner?

  • Genuine focus on your satisfaction
  • Utilisation of latest software and equipment
  • Modern, clean production facility
  • Experienced, friendly and knowledgeable staff providing impartial advice
  • Expert designers to guide you through the design process
  • No obligation quotations and free “first off” sampling service
  • Wide range of value added services to benefit your business

01: Product Protection

Unrivalled protection for your tools, equipment, products and more...

The cornerstone of GWP Protective’s business is protecting your products.

So whether you are experiencing damage to high value items, suffering from high volumes of returns or finding your reputation is suffering from unreliable supply, GWP can help.

Find out more about the specific services developed to prevent transit damage below.

Foam protection

Calculated Foam Performance

Precisely tailored protection

GWP Protective’s award winning design team are one of the few in the UK to utilise a revolutionary piece of software which enables an engineered level of shock protection to be designed into our foam inserts.

In essence, your products will benefit from calculated levels of protection when housed in a case with foam inserts.

Case and foam design service

Custom Design Service

Expert creation of custom cases / foam

Our company ethos is based on providing every one of our clients with a unique level of service – regardless of the requirement or application.

As a result of this we have a dedicated in house design team with a vast knowledge of flight cases, branded protective cases, and expert engineering of foam inserts and cushion packaging.

Mobile design service

Mobile Design Service

Designers that come to you

We understand that it is not always possible to release sensitive, extremely large, very delicate or items that are simply too expensive or rare for the process of designing foam protection.

As such you can use a unique mobile design service – whereby a designer can come to you to digitise your items.

Free Guide: GWP Protective 15 considerations for protection

Download: 15 Crucial Considerations...

…when protecting your high value, fragile or business critical tools, products or equipment. Find out how you can eliminate transit damage and reduce costs too

03: Manufacturing Excellence.

Why you should consider aluminium cases

Although you can source the widest range of “off the shelf” cases from GWP Protective, by choosing GWP as your case and foam partner you are getting much more than just another supplier.

You can specify cases designed and produced to your exact brief. Your foam and case can be manufactured together to ensure a perfect fit. And you can choose from a range of additional features – such as foam laser etching – simply not available anywhere else.

Please see below to discover how working with a manufacturer – rather than a supplier – can aid your business.

Foam conversion

Foam Conversion

UK leading foam expertise

With foam conversion being the largest part of our business, we take pride in the precision and level of protection your foam products provide.

We always aim to ensure that whatever your product or equipment, they will arrive at their destination in exactly the same condition in which you sent them.

Case manufacturers

Case Manufacture

In house manufacture of your cases

Looking for top quality case manufacturers? Then you have come to the right place!

At GWP Protective we design and manufacture a range of flight cases and presentation cases at our production facility in Salisbury. This ensures that your cases and foam inserts will always be of the highest quality.

Branded protective case supplier

Branded Case Options

Widely used by sports teams

Besides custom foam inserts and bespoke cases, your business can also select from the widest range of branded, “off the shelf” cases available from a single supplier in the UK.

Being completely independent also means that you get free, impartial advice on the best case for your specific application and / or budget.

04: Cost Reduction Strategies.

Taking a holistic view of your cases and foam

Whilst often the protection for your products or equipment is of the utmost importance (i.e. kit costing thousands of pounds simply cannot be damaged), GWP Protective will always look at ways to maximise the cost effectiveness of your cases and foam.

Whilst eliminating transit damage is one way of doing this, there are other tactics you can employ to drive down costs. For example, reducing your required warehouse space. Sourcing all packaging from a single source to reduce admins and benefit from economies of scale. Or even conducting a holistic, thorough analysis of your packaging and the associated processes.

Please see below for examples of these services that could help your business.

Minimise packaging stock

Inventory Management

Improve the logistics of your business

Besides allowing you to reduce the required warehouse space for storing your cases and / or foam, GWP Protective can accurately monitor and predict usage to ensure that stocks cannot fall below a pre-agreed level.

Products can then be called off on a “Just In Time” basis.

Single source packaging suppliers

Single Source

All your packaging from one supplier

As well as sourcing your cases and foam from a single supplier (guaranteeing a better fit and performance), you can source a much wider range of packaging from GWP Group.

From corrugated cardboard boxes, Correx®, specialist anti static and even POS, you can reduce admin and costs through single sourcing.

Packaging audit and evaluation

Packaging Audit / Evaluation

Free, no obligation reviews

Do you know if you are using the optimum case / foam? Have a high volume of packaging wastage? Lots of returns? Know your cases – or other packaging – isn’t performing, but don’t know where to start fixing it?

Let GWP Protective improve your entire packaging processes / supply chain by taking a holistic view of your current setup and operations.

05: GWP Protective Operations.

A focus on precision manufacturing

Operating out of a modern, well equipped production facility in Salisbury, Wiltshire, GWP already work with clients throughout the UK, Europe and beyond. This has seen us forge strong partnerships with a wide range of organisations – from small businesses to international blue chip companies.

With a growing team of dedicated sales and customer support advisors, backed up by an expert design team and dedicated production planners and operatives, we take great pride in being responsive to your business’ needs and will always offer you the highest level of customer service.

The ethos of this customer service is based upon listening, understanding and providing the highest level of support.

Custom products for your business

Since GWP Protective was formed in 1990, the company has provided companies like yours with a wealth of knowledge and expertise of foam engineering. This has seen the creation of foam inserts from high quality materials such as Plastazote and other cross-linked polyethylene foams.

Using CNC routing, water-jet and pressing technology, GWP manufacture custom foam inserts for an infinite variety of products.

Utilising this material, your custom foam inserts provide the ideal protective foam packaging for your valued products.

Foam insert manufacture
Plastazote foam inserts being added to a Peli Storm protective case at GWP Protective's manufacturing facility

One of GWP Protective’s unique selling points is the manufacture of both case and foam insert under one roof, ensuring that the fit between product, foam insert and protective case is always perfect.

The flight cases that we can also manufacture for you in house are designed to meet your specific needs / application.

By keeping production in house, it means it is possible to create single units, or many hundreds in a production run. GWP flight cases are renowned for their quality above all else and lead the way in both creative and innovative design.

Branded case options

The growth in the use of flight cases has also seen a market develop for more specialist cases. Whilst generally being available only in pre-defined sizes, the differences in construction have allowed for a number of different properties to be achievable.

Branded protective case supplier
Being independent means that GWP can offer your business the widest range of protective cases from a single source, and can also offer unbiased advice

Plastic, injected moulded cases have allowed for exceptionally strong, dust-proof, impact resistant and waterproof cases to be manufactured. Often known as “Peli Cases” (in fact a brand name for the most popular range), GWP Protective offer you the largest range of branded protective cases from a single source.

Add in a wide range of presentation, aluminium, rack mount and other specialist cases and the range of cases you can choose from can satisfy practically any requirement.

06: Video.

A behind the scenes look at GWP Protective

To find out more about how GWP Protective can help your business – from initial consultation all the way through to manufacturing the perfect protective solution for your application – please watch the video below

Free Guide: GWP Protective 15 considerations for protection

Free Guide

15 crucial considerations for protecting your items

Get your free guide highlighting the 15 critical points to consider when protecting high value tools, products or equipment.

07: About GWP Protective.

Your case and foam partner

Your highly engineered foam inserts can be tailored perfectly not only to the products they will protect, but also to your chosen exterior case – be it a custom built flight case, waterproof case, aluminium container or any of the branded options for which we are official distributors.

GWP Protective ensure we will always be responsive to your business’ needs, offering products that are perfectly tailored to your specific application, and forming partnerships throughout every stage of the design and manufacturing processes.

GWP Protective offices
The GWP Protective manufacturing facility and offices, based in Salisbury, Wiltshire

At GWP Protective, originally known as Eastman Packaging, our expertise lies in providing unrivalled protective solutions for any high value, delicate and sensitive equipment or products you need to safely store or transport.

This is achieved through a combination of traditional flight cases, branded protective cases and custom foam inserts.

An experienced sales and design team will work closely with you to provide innovative, cost-effective designs. This sees the use of the latest digitising hardware and CAD software that is linked directly to a state-of-the-art foam conversion facility.

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