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GWP Packaging assists local charity in shipping medical supplies

Matt Dobson: Last Updated 19th April 2023
Posted In: Community / Charity | Company News xx 31179

Medical Missionary News

GWP supply transit packaging to ship medical supplies

GWP has supported a Christian charity that provides medical supplies and aid to assist those involved in missionary work overseas.

The MMN (Medical Missionary News) charity – based in Swindon and established over 100 years ago – sends around 20 shipping containers of equipment and medicines to several countries each year. This activity is in addition to providing grants to support medical mission projects around the world.

GWP has supplied a number of oversized cardboard boxes into which the charity can pack items before they are shipped overseas. The charity will specifically use the packaging to send equipment and supplies to several African locations across Zambia and Angola.

Similar large cartons are used by several of GWP’s customers for industrial applications.

Doctor with medical equipment supplied by MMN charity
Doctor with medical equipment supplied by MMN charity.

About the project

GWP were approached by MMN, having seen press coverage of support provided to local charities.

Hannah Pearce, Communications Manager at MMN, commented:

We knew that GWP had assisted a number of charities in the local area, so when we required packaging, we decided to reach out to them. GWP immediately indicated that they could help, and we took delivery of the boxes very quickly. They are absolutely perfect for safely packing the items we ship across the globe and maximising the available space in our shipping containers.

Hannah Pearce, the Communications Manager at MMN
Hannah Pearce, the Communications Manager at MMN.

Jay Daggar, Sales Manager at GWP Packaging, added:

We always try to help charities within the local area wherever possible. MMN do some vital work in countries with limited access to healthcare, so we are delighted that we could help.

About the MMN charity

Medical Missionary News was initially formed in 1922 when a group of Christian doctors were concerned for medical colleagues involved in missionary work overseas. Initially, the organisation published a quarterly magazine (which is still published today) and soon afterwards set up a charitable fund.

A doctor providing care to a mother and child using equipment supplied by the MMN charity.
A doctor providing care to a mother and child using equipment supplied by the MMN charity.

Today, as well as providing healthcare supplies, the charity manages grants to support various overseas projects (including those in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and Europe). It also provides financial assistance for medical professionals in their studies.

Community involvement and support

Besides MMN, GWP has supported a number of similar charities over the last year.

This includes donating packaging to the loneliness charity, Marmalade Trust, for use as Christmas hampers, and boxes used to create an art installation by Shine Pinehurst. GWP is also a long-term supporter of the Swindon Food Collective (formerly Swindon Foodbank).

Cher Smith, MBE, with the cardboard boxes GWP have donated
Cher Smith MBE, Manager of the Swindon Food Collective, with the cardboard boxes GWP donated.

GWP also provided sponsorship for Ukrainian students as part of a partnership with Innovation Ben. This partnership has also seen GWP supply the materials Ben uses in his STEM workshops and classes that he delivers to young people in Swindon and the surrounding areas.

Find out more

For further information on Medical Missionary News, their activities, and how you can get involved, please visit

Alternatively, for further information regarding the charities and community Groups GWP support, please visit the news section.

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Marketing Manager | GWP Group

Matt has worked in the packaging industry for over 10 years, having joined GWP Group as Marketing Executive in 2012. [Read full bio…]

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