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GWP Tracker Case wins Innovation In Packaging award!

GWP Tracker Case wins Innovation In Packaging award!

GWP Protective’s Tracker Case product sees off tough competition to win Packaging Business Reviews’ Innovation In Packaging Award

Packaging Business Review has declared GWP Protective’s fully trackable case, Tracker Case, the winner of the ‘Innovation in Packaging’ award.

The product was selected from four nominations shortlisted for the award, recognising GWP Protective’s idea of providing a trackable, foolproof packaging solution.

What is the Tracker Case System?

The Tracker Case is the world’s first fully trackable protective case, which offers the ability to geographically locate high value items in shipment, in real time, using GPS-based tracking technology – if necessary without the handler even knowing that the case is being tracked.

Tracker case

The state of the art tracking technology can be fully integrated into all of GWP Group’s protective cases during the design process so it is possible to produce a trackable case that has no evidence of the tracker visible.

The ability to track shipments covertly will appeal not only to those shipping high-value industrial equipment items, such as specialist manufacturers and rental companies but also to organisations shipping antiquities and fine art around the world such as museums and art galleries.

Challenges Faced By Tracker Case

One of the original people behind the Tracker Case idea, GWP Protective Sales Director Ian Heskins said:

As well as having to provide a high level of physical protection for high-value and sensitive equipment, we realised that GWP’s range of cases could potentially also provide protection against loss and theft. We also know that a number manufacturers and shippers of valuable items would welcome the ability to track their shipments, in real time and globally, via combined GPS and satellite communication-based technologies.
We are delighted to have won this award, as it reflects the innovation and hard work that we have put in to bring this product to market.

Ian Heskins | Sales Director, GWP Group

Benefits offered by Tracker Case

Tracker Case offers a wide selection of features and benefits, providing the option to track a protective case, including the contents, in real time through a simple yet powerful online interface.

This ensures that any important, sensitive, expensive or rare equipment, documents or tools will never go missing again.

Tracker Case in Military Application

A list of features and benefits offered by Tracker Case includes:

  • Tracking systems with long life spans integrated into the case
  • Huge range of tracking options, configured to specific needs
  • Simple online interface for tracking of the cases
  • Enhanced user features including alerts, geo-fencing and permissions
  • IP rated, waterproof, dustproof and shock resistant case options
  • Calculated cushioning performance through engineered foam inserts
  • No on-case branding ensuring end users & potential thieves are unaware of tracking

Easy to use online system for tracking cases

The online tracking software is accessible from any internet-connected computer and users can log in and view all their Tracker Cases simultaneously.

A visual indication of the route that the case has taken and a history of case movements can be provided to the user who can also be sent alerts if a case moves into or out of a pre-determined area by using the software’s geo-fencing feature.

The software can be utilised with a number of maps including Google Maps, Ordnance Survey, maritime charts and even Google Street View (so the user can see an image of the cases location).

There are numerous other features available on request – please get in touch should you have any specific requirements.

More About Packaging Business Review & Award

The Packaging Business Review website is part of a group of websites that cover industry specific news, comment and information.

Sectors covered by their sites includes Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Banking, Logistics, Technology, Energy, Retail and, of course, Packaging.

Each Business Review website offers content that is produced by a dedicated team of journalists and global industry experts.

The websites provide a free news service, detailing the latest developments in the various industries, full length feature articles and metrics provided by some of the leading sources of industry intelligence and free access to financial information, including reporting on stock prices, industry averages, and company financial results.

There is also a free to access blog from industry leading journalists offering insight into the latest news, issues and events, plus daily, weekly and monthly newsletters providing a summary of the latest news and opinion for your industry from our editorial team.

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Find out more

To visit the Packaging Business Review website, follow the link below, or get in touch to discuss how Tracker cases can aid your business.



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