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Last Updated 8th April 2019
Posted In: Company News | Media Coverage

Coverage on BBC.

GWP Group performance highlighted in Radio interview with Mishal Husain

BBC presenter Mishal Husain visited GWP Packaging’s production facility at Chelworth Park, Cricklade on Monday 16th March to host a radio interview with David Pedley, GWP Group CEO, about the company’s strong performance during the last few years and the overall recovery of the business.

Also interviewed were Matt Dobson (Marketing Manager), Ben Lewis (Production Planner) and Lucy Dawson (Marketing Assistant) to find out about their personal experiences in relation to their job security and how the changes in the economy have affected them individually.

Besides this there was also a strong focus on George Osbournes’ latest budget statement.

BBC radio 4 Mishal Hussein
BBC Radio 4 presenter Mishal Husain interviews GWP Group CEO David Pedley

Listen to the coverage

If you missed it, you can still listen to the interviews by downloading a free MP3. Simply click here for access.

The visit to GWP

The BBC Today Programme was aired on the morning of Wednesday 18th March at 7.30am. Initially, BBC presenter, Mishal Husain was given a tour around GWP Group’s production site in Cricklade to become familiar with the business and the everyday processes of the company.

Mishal then spoke at length with GWP Group CEO, David Pedley, regarding the recovery of GWP Group over the previous years and the subsequent growth and development of the company.

Having visited a number of businesses across the South West, GWP’s strong performance during the last few years is a success story indicating the economic recovery remains on track.

A difficult economy

As discussed by David Pedley in the interview, GWP Group has seen a variety of changes over the period of economic instability, including much tougher trading conditions.

Being a good barometer of the manufacturing industry as a whole, the recent upturn in performance has been keenly felt at GWP, with plans for future growth and expansion already in place.

BBC Radio 4 interview
GWP staff are interviewed for the BBC Radio 4 Today show

Following on from the Chancellor George Osbourne’s budget statement, the Today presenters also discussed the changes in the UK economy over the last few years and the growth of companies such as GWP Group in the South West.

More Videos and Coverage of GWP

Previous BBC coverage featuring GWP Group, including an appearance on BBC 2 and Points West, is available to view on YouTube via GWP Group’s channel.

GWP Group were featured on BBC 2 discussing the proposed changes to retirement age and pensions following chancellor George Osbourne’s budget statement in December 2013.

Besides this, GWP Group CEO David Pedley was also interviewed for BBC Points West discussing the challenges faced by businesses in the West Country.

Please visit our youtube channel to watch the coverage, and see a selection of videos.

Find out more...

For information on GWP’s other media coverage – including being featured on BBC tv – why not visit the News section of this site by clicking here. Plus you can find on us social media too – just use the links below

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Matt Dobson, Marketing Manager at GWP Group

About the Author: Matt Dobson

Marketing Manager | GWP Group

Matt has worked in the packaging industry for approximately 7 years, having joined GWP Group as Marketing Executive in 2012. [Read full bio…]


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