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New protective hat boxes for majorette troupe

New protective hat boxes for majorette troupe

GWP Packaging Donate Hat Boxes to Local Majorette Group

The Bluebelle Drum Majorettes will be looking smart in their uniforms thanks to a donation of hat boxes from GWP Packaging. The group received a donation of Correx® hat boxes that will protect the vital part of their uniform from water damage.

The Problem

The smart hats are a vital part of the majorettes’ uniform. It is important to keep the hats safe and dry so that they stay in pristine condition and make the majorettes’ look smart when they perform.

After years of constant use their current hatboxes were old, worn, and damaged from being caught in the rain at outdoor events. As such they offered little protection to the majorette’s precious hats.

Majorettes Hat Boxes

The Solution

After hearing about the problem GWP Packaging stepped in and offered to help. The design team was tasked with coming up with a packaging solution that would keep the majorettes’ hats safe, and most importantly dry, when not in use.

The solution was to use Correx® to make the hat boxes. Correx being lightweight and resistant to oil and water was the perfect solution to the problem. The strong nature of Correx® will also provide additional protection to the hats when they are in storage.

When we heard about the state of the old hat boxes we knew that new boxes made from our Correx® material would be perfect for the job. We were only too pleased to help out and it’s been lovely seeing the girls with the boxes and receiving their thank you letters.

Ruth Cook | Managing Director, GWP Packaging

Meet the Majorettes

The Bluebelle Drum Majorettes are based in Toothill in Swindon. The troupe has twenty-five members between the ages of six and seventeen years old and they travel around the region performing at local events and competitions.

Bluebelle Majorettes
The girls absolutely love their new hat boxes, not only are the hats now safer and better protected but the children love how bright and colourful the boxes are and have loved being able to personalise then with their names.

Christine Doyle | Senior Trainer, Bluebelle Troup

The Bluebelle Drum Majorette Group is a voluntary organisation and so the donation from GWP Packaging has been extremely welcome. The group works hard to keep the costs as low as possible so that as many youngsters as possible can join in regardless of their circumstances. Support from companies such as GWP Packaging really does make a difference to the group and to the local community.

For further information about the Bluebelle Troupe and GWP Packaging’s support of the local community please follow the links below.



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