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GWP invest in new Zund G3 plotting equipment

GWP invest in new Zund G3 plotting equipment

Zund Cutter Enhances GWP’s Focus on Product Development

GWP are pleased to announce the newest addition to our manufacturing capabilities – a Zund G3 Digital Cutting system. Purchased to support and enhance product development (a key area of focus for GWP), Zund G3 cutters are extremely versatile, accurate and can utilised to produce a wide range of prototypes and products.

With vast experience of supplying precision cutters, Zund offered GWP the perfect solution for creating prototypes and samples quickly and efficiently. The Zund equipment will assist in supporting GWP’s drive for new product development by allowing the fabrication of a broad range of materials including corrugated board, fluted polypropylene (Correx) as well as low and high density foams.

Zund G3 Plotting Machine

Benefits Offered by the Zund G3 Digital Cutting System

Having initially visited Zund UK’s demonstration suite in St Albans to view the G3 digital cutter, the unit has now been installed at GWPs’ Cricklade production facility. It has been specifically built to meet GWPs’ exact requirements whilst also being fully compatible with existing CAD systems used throughout our design departments.

Used for prototyping and producing various products for a number of blue chip clients in the defence, automotive and aerospace sectors – including Honda, Nissan, Toyota and Chemring – the Zund cutter will encourage efficiency and creativity in the designing process of ideas and bespoke products.

Investment in Latest Technology

The Zünd machine has been purchased to support our drive for new product development and will help to produce prototypes across a broad range of materials, including corrugated board, high and low density foams and fluted polypropylene. It complements nicely the other rapid prototyping equipment we have including three axis routers, water jet and laser cutters.

We chose Zünd because of the high quality and versatility of the machine. It has a very user friendly interface. I was impressed with the service support facilities in the UK and ready supply of accessories and spare parts.

David Pedley | CEO, GWP Group

Zund G3 Digital Cutting System

Zund was initially established in 1993 and has since been recognised as one of the main industry leaders in the supply and service of precision cutting systems. Zund UK is situated in London and offers a wide range of cutting solutions including; G3 Cutters, cutting table options and finishing solutions.

GWP's new Zund Machine

The Zund cutters are particularly versatile due to their modular design ensuring that they can be configured with only the tools required by the end user. The Zund cutter installed at GWP features a 1800mm x 2500mm working area and is fitted with tooling to cut and crease various types of corrugated board and with the ability to cut 50mm of foam.

Zund G3 digital cutting systems are frequently used by businesses throughout the UK and are suitable for an extensive range of sectors including packaging, signage, textiles and architectural design as well as aerospace and automotive applications. With outstanding ability to cut through an extensive range of materials, the Zund cutter is recognised as being one of the leading systems on the market.

The new Zünd G3 will be an excellent addition to the other prototyping technology used by GWP’s product design team. It has been designed for efficiency, speed and ease of use, making it ideal for realising ideas to create new designs and products.

Peter Giddings | Sales Director, Zund Plotting Systems (UK) Ltd

For further information about the Zund G3 L2500CVE12 Digital Cutting System please click here.



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