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GWP supports community group’s mental health initiative

Matt Dobson: Last Updated 16th February 2024
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Mental Health Awareness Week

GWP assist local Charity with a mental health project

GWP has teamed up with a local charity to support a project promoting Mental Health Awareness Week.

Shine Pinehurst, a charity that is part of the Church of England, wanted to explore what young people in Swindon do to help with their mental and emotional health.

After approaching GWP for assistance, the company donated a range of cardboard boxes to make an installation at Swindon Academy.

Wall of cardboard boxes with mental health suggestions attached
The installation created by Shine Pinehurst to mark Mental Health Awareness Week

About the project

Mental Health Awareness Week is an annual event providing an opportunity for the UK to focus on achieving good mental health. In 2022, it aimed to raise awareness of the impact of loneliness on people’s mental well-being and the practical steps individuals can take to address it.

Shine Pinehurst, a Swindon based charity, came up with the idea of creating an installation – to be housed at Swindon Academy – to highlight the event and engage young people in thinking about their mental health.

To create the display, Shine decided that using cardboard boxes would allow them to construct a “wall” that would enable students and young people to add their thoughts and ideas.

Mental health suggestions
A number of the suggestions put forward by students regarding mental health and well-being

Students were encouraged to write their top tips for helping with their mental health, with suggestions, including “turn all devices off”, “talk to friends”, and “eat pizza”. The students’ ideas were then displayed on the wall.

The installation gained positive feedback from the young people who took part and was in place for the duration of Mental Health Awareness Week (Monday 9th to Friday 13th May).

How GWP helped

GWP supplied around 80 cardboard boxes of different sizes to allow the Charity to create the installation. These were manufactured at GWP’s Cricklade production facility before being delivered flat, ready for assembly and to arrange into the installation.

Besides this, GWP also promoted the project on social media and gained some coverage in local news publications (including Business Biscuit and Swindon Link magazine).

Amy Cox, Youth and Community Worker for the Charity, commented:

It is great to have the support from local businesses with projects like this. GWP has been very helpful and responsive in supplying the materials we needed for the installation. Raising awareness of how we can look after our mental health is incredibly important, and initiatives like this can be vital in engaging young people.

Shine Pinehurst

Shine Pinehurst is a registered charity running in Swindon for 11 years. It describes itself as a ‘fresh expression’ of the Church of England. Working mainly on the Pinehurst Estate, the Charity runs several events and clubs for local residents. Activities include Friday Football, Shine Breakfast, Messy Saturdays and various events throughout the school holidays.

The Charity was created to advance the Christian faith within the diocese of Bristol (and covering Wiltshire) for the benefit of the public in accordance with the practices and patterns of worship of the Church of England. It does this through the varying activities it offers and furthering its pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical activities.

More specifically, it looks to work alongside local residents of the Pinehurst estate in Swindon (especially children and families) to grow their skills/aspirations/capacity. The ultimate goal is that the local community is enabled to identify and respond to their own needs.

The Charity aims to achieve this through general charitable purposes, education/training, community engagement, youth and children’s work and the prevention or relief of poverty.

Amy Cox, Youth worker for Shine Pinehurst
Amy Cox, Youth Worker for the Shine Pinehurst charity

GWP focus on mental health

Besides assisting Shine with this project, GWP also places significant importance on mental health and staff well-being at its business.

Most notably, this includes being a Mindful Employer.

As part of the National Health Service (NHS), a team of mental health professionals administer the Mindful Employer programme/services. Developed, led and supported by employers, the aim is to increase awareness of mental health at work and provide support for businesses in recruiting and retaining staff.

Man pushing over cardboard boxes
GWP are a Mindful Employer, focusing on the mental health and well-being of employees

Mental ill-health is now the leading cause of sickness absence in the UK, costing the British economy an estimated £42-£45 billion each year. This figure is the equivalent of each employer losing between £1,652 and £1,716 per employee.

Ruth Cook, Managing Director of GWP Group, commented:

We place a strong emphasis on our staff members’ mental health and well-being, which our status as a mindful employer shows. So when Shine approached us to assist with their project, we understood what a great idea it was.

Other community projects

Besides their involvement with Shine Pinehurst, GWP has also supported various other community groups.

Activities include extensive support for The Swindon Food Collective (formerly Swindon Foodbank), providing the packaging used to store, sort, and handle food at their West Swindon depot.

Cher Smith, MBE, with the cardboard boxes GWP have donated
Cher Smith MBE, Manager of the Swindon Food Collective, with the cardboard boxes GWP donated.

Besides this, GWP has worked with young people on several projects. Initiatives include supplying materials and equipment to numerous schools, having site visits from UTC students, and even running several competitions with Swindon College (including an art exhibition for GWP’s 25th anniversary).

Ruth added:

As well as the priority placed on mental health, we also understand the importance of supporting local groups and charities. We are delighted to be able to help organisations such as Shine Pinehurst wherever possible.

Find out more

You can see further information regarding GWP’s Mindful Employer status on the Careers page of this site, or visit the news section for additional details of the community projects with which GWP have helped.

You can also find out more about Shine Pinehurst by visiting their website at

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