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GWP Packaging invest to improve recycling efficiency

GWP Packaging invest to improve recycling efficiency

Improved Production Efficiency and Recycling Rates

GWP Packaging has improved both its environmental credentials and operational efficiency thanks to a new waste baling machine at our Cricklade manufacturing facility. Sourced from market leaders HSM, the high quality new baling equipment is not only more efficient, less labour intensive and more reliable, it also improves our recycling efficiency – allowing more waste corrugated to be returned to the recycling loop.

New baling machine offering environmental benefits

The fully automatic VK 4208 channel baling press from HSM replaced a long-serving baling press which could no longer keep up with the modern production methods or the increased safety requirements.

New Corrugated Bailer

The corrugated waste which occurs at several die cutting machines is extracted by suction while production is ongoing and taken directly to the channel baling press to be shredded with blade ventilators into corrugated cardboard remnants.

The collected material is compacted into bales and is then strapped automatically with wire. The bales weigh up to 420 kilograms meaning they are now, on average, twice as heavy as they were with the old machine. This bale density and weight also means that GWP Packaging’s recycling partners prefer the newer bales to the old ones, with around 450 tonnes of waste corrugated pieces now being recycled each year!

Additional advantages this offers GWP Packaging

The fully automatic operation of the new baling press has additional benefits as well. Where before there was the need to assign someone to operate it on a full time basis, the new channel baling press is fully automatic. When full, a light beam triggers a horizontal pressing process to create the bale.

The reliability of the press has an effect on the efficiency of the entire process. If it fails, production comes to a standstill for us. So we cannot afford to compromise on technical quality. You look at the HSM presses and literally see their high quality.

James Pedley | Operations Manager, GWP Packaging

Recycling Corrugated Cardboard

Other Ways GWP Group help the environment

All five divisions of the GWP Group have a proven track record when it comes to helping the environment. We are ISO 14000 accredited, a family of standards that are related to environmental management that spans the entire business. These guidelines have seen us develop and adhere to three key ways of helping the environment:

  • Reduce: we constantly look at reducing the volume of material we use in our packaging designs, utilising both clever design and software to calculate required strength and performance levels. This allows us to use the minimum of material, without compromising on quality or strength of our packaging.
  • Reuse: we are always looking at the latest product innovations and also have strong focus on multi trip and reusable packaging solutions, particularly for the supply chain and inplant handling sectors.
  • Recycle: as detailed above, our ISO 14000 accreditation ensures we are always looking at ways to increase our recycling rates. We also use recycled material where possible, sourced from responsible suppliers.

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