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Peak packaging Monday – are you prepared?

Peak packaging Monday – are you prepared?

Making sure your packaging is prepared in time for the festive season

It’s never too soon to prepare for the busiest time of the year, with Christmas around the corner; the last quarter of the year is the busiest time for manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Increased purchases of gifts and produce through E-Commerce retailers will mean that preparation for this time of year is essential.

Peak packaging monday

Cyber Monday, a follow on from the Black Friday weekend event, is the discounts of online goods the first Monday in December (usually right after pay day too). With the Royal Mail employing a further 19,000 temporary workers and adding an extra 6,800 to its vehicle fleet every year throughout the festive season, it’s important to be just as prepared.

With this in mind, a more unorthodox day is fast approaching. Peak Packaging Monday. Commonly only heard of by Packaging Manufacturers and Online Retailers, this day falls on the Monday the week prior to Cyber Monday.

Carrying the need to ensure B2C retailers have enough packaging inventory in place for the spike in sales, GWP also see an increase in demand for corrugated packaging supplies over this period.

But why is ‘Peak Packaging Monday’ the most popular day of the year to purchase packaging?

Recent years have seen the growth of online shopping outlets within the UK Market, this has continued to a doubled growth in previous years. The growth of this market comes from the rise of mobile and tablet ecommerce which is now predominantly the primary shopping outlet during the festive season.

Cyber Monday, which refers to the biggest online shopping day of the year, also happens to takes place on the Monday after the American Thanksgiving holiday (originated by the USA). Individuals and bargain hunters take to the internet to spend money on time limited reductions contributing to the increase in demand for packaging.

peak packaging

Inevitably, alongside a significant increase in consumer spending and online sales between September to December these trends have meant a huge rise in home deliveries, which consequently means the need for efficient packaging materials has increased, hence, peak packaging Monday. On this day, packaging manufacturers see a peak in B2B orders. This is because businesses need to be ready for the rise in orders over the Black Friday – Cyber Monday weekend.

In light of the following, online retailers now have a continuing need to optimise their packaging procedures to achieve efficient, cost saving and quality protected parcels while out for delivery. The Royal Mail who Account for 70% of all of the deliveries made during the festive season, opens ten temporary parcel sorting centres in the UK each year, in addition to the increase of staff.

How can GWP help

During the Christmas period, GWP face an increase in customer demand for packaging. As well as offering a wide range of stock or bespoke products to suit every customers’ exact requirements, there are a number of other ways we can help.

GWPs’ Just-In-Time delivery (JIT) agreement with the clients allows us to manage the entire production, storage and the distribution process. By monitoring usage patterns over many years, production levels and stocks can be increased in order to ensure agreed minimum stock levels are maintained, even in the face of greatly increased seasonal usage.

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JIT solutions, offered by GWP are tailored to each individual client’s needs, therefore meeting and exceeding customer requirements and expectations. With the online ordering system linked to JIT running 24 hours a day, customers can order or call off products whenever necessary to suit the customer’s needs and desires.

Utilising a 30,000ft warehouse also demonstrates our capacity to maintain large inventories of packaging supplies for even the most demanding of retail sectors.

Mobile Packaging Services

New customer? GWP can offer you a mobile design service, with many companies not being able to release a product sample GWP will come directly to you. A product consultation will include an initial analysis of the sample, the packaging designer will analyse the product from its surface finishes, fragility and, most obviously, shape, dimensions and weight.

Mobile design service

Using the latest portable digitising equipment, your product will be accurately captured into advanced design software. Every contour, curve, dimension and profile will be mapped in virtual 3-D, creating an exceptionally accurate representation of your product within the CAD system. The 3-D model can then be analysed before a packaging solution that is perfectly tailored to your product and application is created.

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