Zarges Mitraset

The ultimate 19″ rack unit to protect your critical electronics and communications equipment

The Zarges Mitraset EMC Cases are becoming increasingly popular. Being fully “electro magnetically compatible” – meaning they protect from static and atmospheric electricity, they are also IP65 rated and exceptionally tough.


Available in the standard 19 inch rack measurements, with 4 depth options, theses EMC Cases are the perfect solution for any important equipment.


If you are suffering from damages to equipment either in transit or when on location, please contact us for further information on how Zarges Mitraset can help.

The Zarges Mitraset aluminum rack mount cases provide the highest level of protection for 19″ electronics. Their structural rigidity eliminates distortion resulting from high temperature exposure; interchangeable lids and ½ turn latches replace mismatched rack mount lids and knuckle busting latches, whilst they are watertight and provide good heat dissipation.

Zarges Mitraset EMC Cases (Electromagnetic Compatible) are now available through GWP

Leading aluminium case supplier Zarges now offer EMC cases (Electro-Magnetic Compatible), also known as Mitraset racks or housing units, which provide an additional level of protection for sensitive electrical and electronic devices.


Available through GWP Protective, these Zarges Mitraset 19” rack utilise a range of quality components and a consistent manufacturing process to ensure that every case prevents electro-magnetic coupling with external equipment.

Advantages of using Zarges Mitraset EMC Cases

  • Full Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC)
  • Standard 19” racks with 4 case depths
  • Exceptional protection against impact, shock and vibration
  • Protection of IP65 –  protection from moisture and dust
  • Recessed handles for ease of use
  • Naturally corrosion resistant (aluminium construction)
  • Wide range of additional options
  • Completely Bespoke Rack Mount Options
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Applications and uses for Zarges Mitrasets

Zarges Mitraset housings are constructed from an aluminium alloy and designed to house electronics equipment in a standard 19” rack, whilst also providing conductive performance (in accordance with VG95446).


Please see below for typical examples and applications of Xtrabag presentation cases. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

Additional features of EMC racks

The inner frame, that is used to support the mounted equipment, is isolated from the exterior of the EMC cases which as well as offering the desirable conductive properties, also protects against shock, impact and vibrations.


This construction also offers excellent thermal conductivity (which helps to improve the heat conduction of the electronics equipment), reducing the need for additional cooling with the aluminium alloy exterior also providing natural resistance to corrosion. Paint can be added to the surface for further protection or for branding / decorative / camouflaging purposes.


Besides all of this, the Zarges Mitraset EMC Cases also feature recessed side handles, turn latches on the lid, reinforcement ribs (if required) and interstacking locators that work across the entire size range.

Zarges Mitraset Specifications

The Zarges Mitraset Racks / EMC cases are available in four inner frame depths (219mm, 350mm, 480mm and 610mm), with these depths available in standard heights up to 12U.


Zarges Mitraset EMC Cases also provide/comply with the following standards


  • IP65 rating
  • DIN40050
  • ICE34-5/529
  • VG95446

EMC Case Options & Enhancements

If you have a specific requirement for your EMC cases then the range of accessories available mean that these Zarges Mitraset cases are exceptionally versatile.


For example, humidity indicators, pressure relief valves (manual, screw or fully automatic), legged stands, cable retention brackets, component bags and even keyboard support in the lid (6U size or over) can all be added. Besides this, the housing body can be painted to any specified RAL or BS colour, whilst the inner frame components can be “alochromed” to improve their conductive performance in the long term.


The panels of the EMC cases can also provide a number of differing options. This includes eyebolts for lifting (i.e. craning), cylinder locks in the lid, a screwed lid fastening and flat or hinged panels. RF screening, seals in the lid and a skirt seal (including RF tight – allowing for IP65 protection) to further improve performance.


If you need a specific feature not listed above then please get in touch – special requirements can usually be catered for on request. We are also able to offer a wide range of standard and custom rack mount cases – from rotationally moulded options from Hardigg through the completely bespoke EXOCase system. By offering a range of 19” rack mount cases we can ensure a case that is perfect for any applications.

Free Guide: 15 crucial considerations for protection

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For further information on how Zarges Mitraset EMC cases and rack units can protect your electronics equipment, please contact a member of our sales team.

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