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Zarges Mitraset

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19-Inch Rack Housing with Static Protection

Electro-magnetic compatible (EMC) cases for protecting electronics

The Zarges Mitraset range of 19” rack housing / EMC cases (Electro-Magnetic Compatible), provide exceptional protection for sensitive electrical and electronic devices.

Utilising a range of quality components and a consistent manufacturing process, Zarges Mitraset units prevent electro-magnetic coupling with external equipment, as well as being IP65 rated and exceptionally tough.

With 3 different options to suit virtually any application, the Classic, Racklite and Basic ranges are all available in the standard 19 inch rack measurements, with varying inner frame depths available in standard heights up to 12U.

Please see below for the full range of options.

Zarges Mitraset Classic

Zarges Mitraset Classic 19" Housing

Zarges Eurobox case colours

3 – 12U
Loads up to 100Kg

Zarges Mitrase Racklite

Zarges Mitraset Racklite 19" Housing

Zarges Eurobox case colours

3 – 12U
15% weight saving

Zarges Mitraset Racklite Basic

Zarges Mitraset Racklite Basic

Zarges Eurobox case colours

3 – 12U
Lowest cost option

More info on Zarges Mitraset

Features and benefits of using Zarges Mitraset rack housing

Put simply, the key benefit of the Zarges Mitraset range is that each of the options (Classic, Racklite and Racklite Basic) are all Electro-Magnetic Compatible.

This effectively means that not only will they protect your electronics equipment from static and atmospheric electricity, but they also prevent electro-magnetic coupling with external equipment.

This is in addition to being waterproof to IP65, and extremely tough and durable.

The inner frame, that is used to support the mounted equipment, is isolated from the exterior of the EMC cases. As well as offering the desirable conductive properties, this also helps protects against shock, impact, and vibration.

This construction also offers excellent thermal conductivity (which helps to improve the heat conduction of the electronics equipment), reducing the need for additional cooling.

The aluminium alloy exterior also provides natural resistance to corrosion. Paint can be added to the surface for further protection or for branding / decorative / camouflaging purposes if required, however.

Besides all of this, Zarges Mitraset EMC Cases also feature recessed side handles, turn latches on their lids, reinforcement ribs (if required) and inter-stacking locators that work across the entire range of case sizes.

Additional options and configuration

If you have a specific requirement for your EMC cases, then the range of accessories available mean that these Zarges Mitraset cases are versatile enough to suit most applications.

For example, humidity indicators, pressure relief valves (manual, screw or fully automatic), legged stands, cable retention brackets, component bags and even keyboard support in the lid (6U size or over) can all be added.

Besides this, the housing body can be painted to any specified RAL or BS colour, whilst the inner frame components can be “alochromed” to improve their long-term conductive performance.

The panels of the EMC cases can also provide a number of different options.

This includes eyebolts for lifting (i.e. craning), cylinder locks in the lid, a screwed lid fastening and flat or hinged panels. RF screening, seals in the lid and a skirt seal (including RF tight – allowing for IP65 protection) to further improve performance.

If you need a specific feature not listed above however then please get in touch – special requirements can usually be catered for on request.

Testing and Accreditation

Performance guarantee for Zarges Mitraset casing

All Zarges Mitraset EMC Cases also provide/comply with the following standards:

  • IP65 rating
  • DIN40050
  • ICE34-5/529
  • VG95446

Zarges Mitraset FAQs

Common questions regarding Zarges Mitraset cases

Electronics and their protection – including rack mount cases and 19” housing – can be one of the most complex areas to consider when sourcing protective cases.

As such, the below section aims to cover a number of the more commonly asked questions regarding these Zarges cases.

Still can’t see the info you require? Please contact a member of the GWP team who will be happy to help.

What are the different Zarges Mitraset options?

There are 3 different options when selecting a Zarges Mitraset case. These are Classic (loads up to 100Kg) Racklite (up to 15% weight saving vs Classic) and Racklite Basic (the lowest cost of all 3 options).

What does electro-magnetic compatible mean?

Electromagnetic compatibility, also known as EMC, is the interaction of electrical and electronic equipment with its electromagnetic environment, and with other equipment. All electronic devices have the potential to emit electromagnetic fields. Applied to Zarges Mitraset, being electromagnetic compatible means the cases prevent electro-magnetic coupling with external equipment.

Are Zarges Mitraset waterproof?

Zarges Mitraset cases are certified to be water and dust resistant to IP65. This ensures that they will keep the electronics / equipment housed within safe and dry (and free from dust which can dramatically shorten lifespan too).

What sizes are these racks available in?

Depending on the option chosen, there are varying case depths that can be selected (in line with industry standards). Heights are available between 3 U and 12 U.

What loads can Zarges EMC cases handle?

Zarges Mitraset cases can take loads of up to 100kg, making them suitable for the vast majority of equipment used today.

Have Zarges Mitraset cases been tested?

All of the Zarges Mitraset cases have undergone extensive testing. This includes being tested according to AECTP standards, MIL-STD-810, DIN40050, ICE34-5/529 and VG95446. The cases are also certified to IP65 (ingress protection).

Buy Zarges Mitraset Cases

Market leading rack mount cases

GWP Protective – and the larger GWP Group – are fairly unique amongst case suppliers, in that we can offer your business experience in both rack mount cases and specialist static protection.

This level of expertise means that you can source a case that will perform to the exact standards required.

Further reassurance of this is that GWP Protective are completely independent, meaning you won’t be pressured into selecting one brand of case over another.

In essence, you can be certain you will get the aluminium case (or indeed other type of protective case) that suits your application, product, and budget.

This is all backed up with a knowledgeable support team, extensive case and foam designers, and prices that are amongst the most competitive in the UK.

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