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Tyco Electronics: corrugated packaging design

Tyco Electronics: corrugated packaging design

GWP retains overseas business

Having supplied Tyco Electronics in Swindon with corrugated packaging products for a number of years, GWP Packaging in Cricklade were clearly concerned when Tyco announced earlier this year that they were moving the production facilities that used the GWP corrugated spool products to the Czech Republic. Rather than lose an important major customer GWP have proven that the right combination of service, reliability and competitiveness can overcome distance – even if it is 700 miles away!

Managing Director of GWP Packaging, Ruth Cook is clearly delighted to have retained the Tyco business:

We have worked hard to remain one of Tyco’s preferred suppliers. To continue delivering the specialist corrugated spools to them in the Czech Republic is a great achievement for both our sales and our operational team. Tyco have looked at the alternatives over there and we still came out on top!

The lesson is not to give up and accept defeat in this situation, but to keep a strong dialogue going, understand the changed needs of the client and respond to the challenge positively.

Corrugated Cardboard Spools

Who are Tyco

TE Connectivity Ltd, formerly Tyco Electronics Ltd. offers a broad range of high-quality electronic component products including products from well-known named brands and several product categories including connectors/interconnection systems, terminal blocks, relays, electronic modules, circuit protection devices, fiber optic components, wire and cable, and switches.


Tyco works for a variety of industries including; automotive, industrial equipment, data communication systems, aerospace, defense, medical, oil and gas, consumer electronics, energy and subsea communications. The company serves customers in more than 150 countries.

Design Service

In order to maintain high levels of customer service GWP utilise sophisticated inventory management software tailored to the client needs; provide online ordering systems and stock information; and keep meaningful management information records, such as order history. Clients like Tyco expect the service and support to be handled professionally and the procedures to be totally trustworthy.

The design and development team at GWP Packaging had originally put extensive effort into ensuring that the packaging spools were tailored to the exact needs of Tyco. The spools are used for heat shrink cabling that goes into the automotive, aerospace and other manufacturing sectors. Years later, and with a number of refinements, this focus on bespoke design and manufacture has paid off.

An excellent relationship exists with the two companies and personnel from the Czech Republic have visited the Chelworth Estate manufacturing site of GWP Packaging to see the spool making process first hand and to discuss the technical and quality issues. Key to retaining the spools business is the fact that there are no quality rejects for them to deal with, something other potential suppliers could not match.

Enviromental factors

tyco carbon footprint

Tyco Electonics have retained selected British suppliers partly through an ongoing commitment and also by utilizing the lorries that deliver product into the UK to take supplies back to the Czech Republic. This way the carbon footprint is greatly improved, an important factor for GWP Packaging who treat environmental issues very seriously.

Piggybacking on their lorries as part of the supply chain management effectively means that there is no additional transport involved.

David Mason | Sales Director, GWP Packaging

Another aspect of the logistics has seen improvements in the protection of the spools and packaging products in transit so that they arrive in perfect condition.

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