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Walking with the Wounded: protective equipment cases

Walking with the Wounded: protective equipment cases

Cases supplied by GWP Protective prove essential to participants in Charity challenge

The Storm cases supplied by GWP Protective to aid an expedition to the South Pole have passed this most gruelling of tests with flying colours!

Twelve wounded servicemen – accompanied by Prince Harry, the charity’s patron – took part in Walking With The Wounded’s Virgin Money South Pole Allied Challenge in December.

The expedition saw three teams of wounded servicemen and women – from the UK, US and the Commonwealth – complete a race over 335km to the South Pole.

The South Pole 2013 Challenge

Teams from the UK (led by Prince Harry), the US and the Commonwealth (Australia and Canada) undertook the gruelling challenge to raise money and awareness of those who have been wounded while serving their countries.

Having earlier completed extensive cold weather training in March (in Iceland), the teams trained through the summer in preparation for the beginning of the Challenge in November. The aim was to reach the South Pole around the 17th December.

GWP Sponsor Charity Event

Training for the event

Prince Harry, the patron of the Walking With the Wounded charity, also took part in the expedition despite breaking a toe in the build up to the challenge.

The training involved Harry spending twenty hours in a giant freezer, alongside his four teammates – all of whom have amputated limbs after sustaining injuries in Afghanistan.

The team practiced with the clothing they will wear on the two-hundred mile expedition and learned how to avoid frost-nip and frost-bite in the inhospitable climate in Antarctica.

BBC Radio Wiltshire visit GWP Group to discuss the challenge

Also prior to the event, BBC Radio Wiltshire presenter Ben Prater visited GWP Group’s Cricklade factory to record an interview regarding the sponsorship.

Speaking with Group Business Development Director Ian Heskins and Marketing Manager Matt Dobson, all aspects of the event and the operations at GWP Group were covered.

Ian Heskins Interviewed for BBS Radio

The interview was aired on Wednesday 13th November on the Breakfast Show, and was available on the BBC iPlayer for seven days. It can also be downloaded using the link below.

We are delighted to have the support of GWP Group, their support enables the teams to safely carry much needed and valuable electronic equipment without items succumbing to the harsh environment which we will be travelling in.

Victoria Nicholson | Expedition Manager, Walking With the Wounded

The cases GWP Group supplied

Peli Storm cases can be used in temperatures from as low as -40°C without fear of hinges sticking or breaking. They are also completely waterproof and virtually impossible to break, which make them an ideal choice for taking on extreme expeditions such as the South Pole Allied Challenge.

As discussed in the Radio interview, it is even possible to drive a vehicle over the cases without breaking them!

GWP Protective also provided ‘pick and pluck’ foam inserts for each of the cases, which allowed each team member to customize the case for their own items. This further enhanced the security and protection against shock and vibration that the cases offered.

Feedback from the South Pole Expedition

The UK Team Glenfiddich, and expedition Patron Prince Harry, all needed to carry with them valuable possessions and equipment such as personal cameras and satellite phones, which had the potential to be damaged by the extreme temperatures.

When, prepared to set off to the South Pole, minimizing the weight of the participants equipment was paramount.

However, with temperatures potentially falling to -35°C, it was recognised that valuable electronic equipment would need protecting against the ruthless conditions.

When first given the case, I thought to myself, do I really need this extra weight? Once in Antarctica, the answer was yes! Not only did it store and protect all my electronic equipment, i.e. solar panel kit, mini speaker, IPod, spare batteries, etc….It was the perfect night table. It gave me a flat stable surface when in my tent. I would set up my mini speaker and IPod for the evening and rest my diary on it, keeping it off the ground.

Chris Downey | Team Solder One

As a polar guide I need to carry all sorts of fragile and sensitive equipment, from comms gear to cameras to medicines. Without GWP’s protective case, I would not only have risked damaging or destroying important kit, I could imperil an entire expedition. The cases were light, strong and reliable, a real must-carry item on any expedition.

  Eric Philips | Polar explorer

About the Walking With The Wounded

Walking With The Wounded raises funds to train the wounded, injured and sick, assisting them to find a career outside the Military. Whether suffering a physical or mental injury, whether a service leaver or veteran, Walking With The Wounded want to help provide our wounded with the future they deserve.

Walking with the wounded gwp

The many and varied expeditions that the charity organise (past events have included walking unsupported to the North Pole in 2011, and a summit attempt on Everest in 2012) raise awareness of those who have suffered injuries whilst highlighting the support that they need.

It also offers a platform for these extraordinary people to showcase their immense bravery, determination and courage.

Walking With The Wounded expeditions are wholly funded by corporate sponsors, meaning that all money donated to the charity goes to funding the re education and re training schemes for our wounded. The expeditions serve to highlight the extraordinary bravery, determination and accomplishments of our wounded.

We were really pleased to hear that the cases were so popular with the team. The expedition was a great success and raised vital funds to support our wounded service personnel so I’m delighted that GWP was able to play a small part in this.

David Pedley | CEO, GWP Group

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For further information about the Walking With the Wounded charity, or the Storm cases that aided the expedition, please use the links below.



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