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Honda: corrugated packaging rationalisation & cost reduction

Honda: corrugated packaging rationalisation & cost reduction

GWP Packaging takes part in the “New Honda Circles” event

GWP Packaging have recently won praise for bright ideas and great team work in a bid to represent the UK at a top European quality improvement event run by Honda. We were invited to present our packaging ideas to Honda judges at the prestigious quality improvement convention titled ‘New Honda Circles’.

The competition saw teams from across Honda’s European logistics operations compete for a place in Honda’s Euro / Afro-East Block quality improvement convention due to take place in Germany in September.

Honda GWP

New Honda Circles Event

Despite not winning through to the finals, GWP were singled out for praise, acknowledging their effectiveness at working in collaboration with Honda teams.

When we approached GWP to help us with a project to improve and rationalise our door panel packaging, I was very pleased at the response. It was really helpful that we could visit the designers on site to discuss the designs, make any changes and get samples the same day which we could test. The new packs have worked well in tests and will provide benefits not only to us but our end customer, all in all a win – win situation for everyone involved.

Jeremy Alsop | Packaging Engineer, Honda Logistics

We have a historically strong working relationship with Honda and were delighted to have been chosen to take part in this event. We learned a lot from our involvement with Honda Circles. Our design ideas had to incorporate the reduction of excess waste and promote recycling. It was a very worthwhile challenge and we hope to build on our participation in this event in the future.

David Mason | Sales Director, GWP Packaging

Honda’s UK presence

Honda of the UK Manufacturing Ltd (HUM), is a fully integrated car manufacturing facility that has been based in Swindon for many years. Manufacturing innovative products specifically built for the European Market, the total car, from casting, engine assembly and pressing through to welding, painting and final assembly, is all done at the Wiltshire site.

Initially chosen to help gain a foot-hold in the tough European market, the company chose to locate in Swindon thanks to a skilled and motivated workforce (with a history in engineering thanks to the Great Western Railway), plus excellent infrastructure and communications links. This choice of location for the company has seen the relationship between Honda and GWP Packaging grow over many years.

Automotive Packaging Expertise

Working closely with a number of automotive companies as well as Honda, GWP have a proven track record in offering knowledge, experience and outstanding packaging and inplant handling solutions to all levels of the automotive industries. From parts and component manufacturers all the way through to F1 and motorsport teams, GWP have the people and the products to help.

As well as completely bespoke corrugated transit packaging, GWP can also provide a vast selection of specialist coatings, anti-static products, engineered foam inserts for cushioning, layer pads, dividers, tote bins, protective cases and much more.

Besides this, whilst we can engineer a very large degree of strength into corrugated solutions, if they are not sufficiently tough we can also provide bespoke re-usable packaging created from Correx. This plastic material is a hard-wearing, strong and lightweight alternative that is commonly used throughout the automotive industry for material handling operations.

For more information on GWPs’ automotive packaging, or Honda’s operations in Swindon, then please click on the links below.



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