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BPM Pro: presentation foam and retail packaging

BPM Pro: presentation foam and retail packaging

GWP Protective go the Extra Mile for 270 Vision

GWP Protective have just completed a job for another satisfied customer, even managing to help with a service outside of our normal operations!

Having heard about GWP Protective’s services and products after picking up a brochure at the Medtec tradeshow at the NEC, 270 Vision contacted GWP Protective for help with their new project launch, BPMphysio.

BPM Pro presentation

Having heard about GWP Protective’s services and products after picking up a brochure at the Medtec tradeshow at the NEC, 270 Vision contacted GWP Protective for help with their new project launch, BPMphysio.

How GWP Protective helped BPMphysio

BPMphysio was a brand new product, which for its’ launch required presentation in a robust yet attractive looking case. This meant it was ideal for GWP Protective to utilise our intricate foam fabricating techniques to create an aesthetically pleasing presenter for the company.

Initially, this included the design of the “packaging”, with GWP Protective head designer Jon Cooper digitising the components and creating a 3D model within the CAD systems for initial proofing. The main challenge was that there were lots of smaller items and the display of these in a neat, compact format (particularly leads etc.) was crucial.

However, the finished result was very clean and hid any messy cables, leads and adaptors, whilst also allowing all parts of the kit to be easily accessible and professionally presented.

Custom presentation foam

Going the Extra Mile

Having finalised a design, the next stage was production. Before this though, pre-production samples were produced in black on blue foam, although after a couple of amends and meetings this was changed to orange and black foam.

Laser etching was also used to enhance the foam inserts, with a large logo being incorporated in to a cover over a recess that was designed to hold a tablet. This complimented the logo being used elsewhere on the inserts, plus the names of the contents of the various recesses.

Presentation foam

This is also where GWP Protective managed to help in an unusual way. Due to the nature of the plastics that were used in the manufacture of the product, including anti-microbial properties, 270 Vision found it was impossible to apply labels or print onto the product. Following a number of discussions with Richard Coombes, Internal Sales Manager at GWP Protective, the etching machine that is usually used exclusively for foam was able to etch important details onto the product itself. Although this is a service that is not normally offered, and everyone was a little unsure as to how the results may turn out, it successfully enabled the inclusion on the products of the CE mark, legally required information and other important details.

The relationship between 270 Vision and GWP

Jane Gossling, Creative Director at 270 Vision – the company behind BPMphysio – also commented on the excellent working relationship that developed between the 2 parties. Whether this was the help of Richard Coombes organising the laser etching, Jon Cooper modifying and updating the design, or Chris Cleminson supplying samples and advice, at each stage in the process customer service was key.

Everyone at 270 Vision really enjoyed the experience of working with GWP Protective, and it was a learning curve for us as well with this being a new product launch. GWP were very creative with regards to ideas for the inserts, and also offered advice on ideas generated by ourselves. These were then developed and incorporated with suggested alternatives, whilst not dismissing our original thoughts.
GWP were quick, responsive, patient, eager to help and incredibly tolerant of gaps in our knowledge. I would absolutely recommend GWP to other companies looking for a similar service.

Jane Gossling | Creative Director, 270 Vision

About BPMphysio


Within the sport, physio and medical sectors, there has for sometime been a need for motion analysis tool that is both widely accessible and accurate. Whilst highly expensive Optical Motion Capture systems produce useful results, they are exceptionally expensive and require extensive training to use correctly. The alternative, low cost goniometers, whilst affordable prove to be highly inaccurate.

As a result, and after years of research, BPMphysio was designed to provide clinicians with a quick and easy way to make accurate and repeatable measurements at a cost effective price point. Using cutting edge software, the system provides real time feedback, aiding the assessment and therapy in areas such as strokes, spinal cord injury and sports performance.

If you would like further information about the BPMphysio, then please visit the link below.

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