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Custom transit packaging
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Custom designed transit packaging
Corrugated transit packaging

Bespoke Heavy Duty Packaging

Custom corrugated transit packaging design and manufacture

As with a suit or clothing, if something is tailored to you then it just works better. Your business’ packaging is no different. Custom transit packaging designed and manufactured to suit your specific products, market, application or other requirements, can provide a wealth of important benefits.

So, if you are looking for bespoke corrugated packaging engineered specifically for your business, GWP Packaging has the expertise to develop innovative designs that offer a precise level of protection, professional appearance and add genuine value. Read More

Available Colours:

White cardboard material swatch
Brown Kraft cardboard material swatch
Cardboard with single colour print swatch
Full colour printed cardboard swatch
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  • Free and impartial advice from UK based experts
  • Competitive pricing and full customisation options
FSC logo applied to Packaging manufactured by GWP (certificate FSC_C161914)

This product
can be
FSC® certified
on request


More information on bespoke transit packaging

Whilst it may often be overlooked (or even be considered boring), corrugated packaging can have a significant impact on the efficiency and success of your business.

But with so many companies selling cardboard boxes – both “off the shelf” and bespoke, how can you decide which packaging supplier to work with?

Well, GWP Packaging take pride in being more than just another cardboard box company.

The custom transit packaging GWP can supply is designed and manufactured in house to your exact specification. This can mean everything from using a standard FEFCO layout but tailored to the size of your product, all the way through to offering completely bespoke, engineered fittings and designs that will replace foam and other protective packaging materials.

This is achieved through having an experienced team of in house designers, allocating you a project manager to ensure satisfaction at all times, plus having a modern, well equipped production facility to ensure your custom transit packaging is manufactured to the highest standard (and with the correct, most cost effective material).

Doing this can help you eliminate transit damage, improve packaging times, and even increase your sales.

Further benefits of working with a custom transit packaging manufacturer

There’s more though.

Your business can take advantage of a wide range of supporting services, such as a full packaging audit and just in time (JIT) supply (whereby all your packaging stock is held as GWP and supplied just as it is needed) which can further reduce your costs and aid efficiency.

Couple this with being able to source all of your packaging from a single supplier – everything from standard corrugated cartons through to foam inserts, picking bins, anti-static packs, void fill and much else besides – plus the highest levels of customer service, and you end up with a genuine packaging partner.

As part of the custom packaging design service, your business can also take advantage of a free initial consultation and sampling service. Doing so ensures that every new design is the perfect fit with your requirements.

By working with GWP Packaging you can also benefit from a design team with extensive experience in the conceptual design and prototyping.

This covers everything from relatively simple boxes and cartons all the way through to genuinely unique corrugated packaging for niche products and applications.

Creating a sample (or samples) of your custom transit packaging before full production also ensures that any potential issues or requirements not considered in the original brief can be highlighted and addressed.

Ultimately, this process ensures that you are completely happy with your custom transit / industrial packaging, and it performs in excess of your expectations.

Key Benefits of custom transit packaging at a glance

  • Bespoke solutions tailored to your specific application / brief
  • Optimum levels of performance for improved protection during shipping
  • Tailored sizes / styles minimise material usage, void fill requirements and shipping costs
  • Can be designed for improved usability / minimised assembly and packing times
  • Designed by an award-winning in-house packaging design team
  • Objective appraisal and improvement of existing designs
  • Utilisation of latest CAD software & systems
  • Material and cost reduction expertise
  • Printing and branding options, with specialist coatings also available


Questions about custom transit packaging

If you have always used standard boxes / cartons for your transit packaging, then moving to a bespoke option can seem daunting. But it shouldn’t. The below covers some of the most frequent questions asked when considering switching to a custom transit packaging solution.

Can’t find the info you require? Then please speak with a member of the GWP team who will be happy to assist.

What is meant by transit packaging?

Transit packaging is the term that is generally used to describe packaging that’s sole purpose is the safe transit of goods – for example between factories, or from a warehouse to a retail outlet (or even direct to consumer). Another definition is that of primary and secondary packaging – with primary referring to the packaging that will be used by the end consumer (e.g. retail packaging), and secondary the larger bulk packaging used for shipping multiple items at once.

Won’t custom packaging be more expensive than stock items?

In the short term, custom transit packaging can be more expensive than off the shelf boxes. However, as custom packaging tends to use less material, minimises the amount of void fill required, takes up less space in transit (allowing more items to be shipped at once, reducing costs), is likely to reduce transit damage and can even be easier to pack, the mid to long term savings easily outweigh this.

Can I have my transit packaging printed?

Any custom transit packaging that you source from GWP can be printed. This can include simple one colour logos and branding, through to multi-colour graphics and diagrams. You can also add part numbers, model names, handling instructions and other useful information.

How do you manufacture bespoke packaging?

GWP have an extensive manufacturing capability at our two sites just outside of Swindon, Wiltshire. This includes regular and rotary die cutting, case making, multi point gluing and assembly, plus a number of other supporting equipment and processes.

Are there alternatives to corrugated transit packaging?

GWP Group can actually supply a much broader range of products than just corrugated packaging. This includes foam conversion (for foam packaging), Correx® plastic bins and handling products, anti-static packaging and much else besides. This is in addition to high quality printed packs and POS for retail applications.

Tailored Pricing / Specification

Source custom transit packaging for your business

Worried that custom transit packaging would be too expensive for your business? Or that it wouldn’t provide the levels of protection of you require? Or simply worried about the risks of switching packaging suppliers?

GWP’s more than 30 years’ experience of producing cost effective, commercially focused packaging should allay any such fears.

With almost all the packaging that GWP supplies being bespoke, having experience of working with both small and large scale businesses, and a commitment to offering truly impartial advice, we’ll look to make any packaging project you are working on completely pain and worry free.

So why not get free advice or a no obligation quote on your custom transit packaging by getting touch today?

Custom Transit Packaging Options

Options for enhancing your custom cardboard packaging

Even when specifying completely bespoke corrugated packaging, there are a wide range of additional options that can enhance your boxes still further. Please see below for a number of these, many of which are unique to GWP.

Printed Transit Packaging

Custom Printed Transit Boxes

Add branding, instructions and other useful info

Integral fittings

Removable / Integral Fittings

Precisely tailored to the contours of your items

Cardboard box dividers inside outer corrugated packaging

Cardboard Box Dividers

Improved use of space, plus transit protection

Foam end caps

Foam End Caps / Corner Protectors

Highest levels of protection for your products

Liquiguard waterproof cardboard coating applied to corrugated material

Water Resistant Coating

Add resistance to moisture, oil and grease

Correx postal boxes

Correx® Plastic Material

Ideal for heavy duty packaging applications

Alternative Corrugated Packaging

Similar industrial / transit packaging options available

Empty 5 panel cardboard wrap

5 Panel Wraps / Wraparounds

Custom Sizes
Enquire for info

An 0201 style corrugated cardboard case with taped closure

Corrugated Cases (0201)

Transit packaging colours

Custom Sizes
Enquire for info

Cardboard produce tray with print

Cardboard Handling Trays

Transit packaging colours

Custom Sizes
Enquire for info

Empty crash lock box showing self closing base design

Crash Lock Boxes (Easy Assemble)

Transit packaging colours

Custom Sizes
Enquire for info

Open die cut transit packaging box with single colour print

Die Cut Transit Packaging

Transit packaging colours

Custom Sizes
Enquire for info

A collection of composite packaging products (bags, crates, foam etc.)

View All Transit Packaging

Wide selection of packaging tailored to your business

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