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Corrugated plastic packaging

Printed Correx® Packs.

Perfect as added value packaging

Correx® and reusable packaging solutions are becoming ever more popular. Already widely used in DIY markets, the potential for branding through external print, plus the added durability and resistance to water and chemicals, make Printed Correx® a viable alternative to cardboard.

Your business can benefit from a custom design service, competitive pricing on low and high volumes, and can customise any Printed Correx® packaging through custom interior options.

01: Key Benefits.

High impact Correx® packaging and POS

Using Correx® packaging, instead of traditional material such as corrugated cardboard, can have a number if benefits depending on your intended application. As the boxes are more durable and robust, they will last longer – something which means they are more likely to be retained by end users.

Advantages to printed Correx® Packaging

  • Durable, reusable alternative to corrugated cardboard
  • Totes, bins, trays, boxes, inserts, dividers and more manufactured in house
  • Custom products created by an experienced design team
  • Lids, handles, exterior printing and many other options
  • Available on very short lead times
  • Both high and low volumes catered for
  • Competitive pricing thanks to extensive materials stock holding
  • Range of stock products and layouts, including many common FEFCO styles

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02: Product Details.

Designed to enhance your sales

With most markets becoming increasingly crowded and competitive, any business or brand can risk becoming lost amongst the vast numbers of products vying for attention.

This struggle for awareness can be compounded by a poor perception caused through inconsistent appearance and, even worse, products becoming damaged in storage or transit.

Fortunately, the use of Correx® provides a number of ways to differentiate your products, gain increased visibility and improve customer satisfaction.

From brightly coloured, long lasting Point of Sale displays and / or dump bins to highlight your products at key locations in retail outlets, to added value packaging that can also reduce transit damage – enhancing customer satisfaction – the use of Correx® provides genuine potential for highlighting your brand and boosting sales.

Correx packaging with foam
Correx® packaging can be adapted with inserts or even foam to provide protection for the contents during transit

Using Correx® for packaging and, in particular, Point of Sale displays, can provide valuable brand differentiation and awareness.

The bold colours of Correx®, when combined with print options that can include full colour digital, can boost sales through increased awareness. The longevity of Correx® ensures displays maintain optimum appearance longer than corrugated equivalents as well.

Regardless of application, any Correx® item can offer an excellent branding opportunity. Whether it is a service engineer taking tools onto site, a tote that will sit a in customer’s factory or even a box used to deliver fast food, the use of brand colours and printed logos can boost awareness of your brand and help with future sales.

Besides its use in POS and retail, Correx® can help increase sales indirectly too.

By reducing transit damage, the increased reliability of supply enhances end user satisfaction and aids repeat business. Besides this, Correx® can be used to create added value packaging that will be retained by the customer for ongoing use (whereas cardboard would be almost immediately discarded).

What GWP Correx customers say about us

We were previously using cardboard, but needed something more robust with better performance around water. The branded boxes were supplied quickly, and help us look much more professional. GWP are quick, reliable, helpful and friendly.

03: Customisation Options.

Printed Correx® packaging and other bespoke options

There are a number of specific options you can choose when sourcing your Correx® packaging. Which of these you decide on is likely to be dictated by the intended application or use for your packaging.

For example, any Correx® packaging that will be used in retail environments can be enhanced with a range of print options.

This can consist of anything from simple, one colour logos all the the way through the full colour, digitally printed designs. All of these options can be supplied by GWP.

The smooth surface of Correx® also makes labelling or applying vinyl lettering or graphics easy too. Whilst these are not as durable or impactful as print, they are usually a more cost effective option.

Printed Correx retail packaging
Printed Correx® retail packaging can provide high visual impact - important in crowded market sectors

There is of course various colour options of the material itself, including standard blue, green, red, yellow, black and white. Custom colours are possible, subject to order volume.

Beyond this, there are a wide choice of design options too.

This can cover the actual style and look of the packaging itself #(and of course the size), as well as the additional features such as hinged or separate lids, handles, hand holes, buckles, poppers and other closures.

Not sure where to start? A team of experienced designers will be happy to discuss your options with you, and help you make an informed decision on what would be best for your business.

GWP Correx cost reduction guide

Download: 7 Ways to Reduce Costs...

..using Correx®! Download this free guide to see how you can start reducing the cost of handling, fulfilment and shipping for your business. Click below to get it now

04: Uses / Applications.

Image gallery highlighting typical applications / uses for Correx® packaging

View a selection of Printed Correx® and reusable packaging solutions available from GWP. Please click the individual thumbnails for a larger view.

05: About GWP Correx®.

More than a Correx® packaging supplier

GWP have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to converting Correx® sheet materials into corrugated plastic boxes and packaging.

A dedicated design team have extensive experience in working with Correx® to produce bespoke, innovative designs to cater for practically any packaging requirement.

This includes a full CAD facility for the production of complex prototypes as well as the most basic box designs. This enables a full pre-production sampling service to ensure that each new Printed Correx® packaging design is precisely engineered to suit your specific requirement.

Food delivery boxes
The versatility of Correx® material means it can be used for a wide variety of applications, including food delivery boxes

An extensive material stock-holding also means your Correx® packaging can be cost-effectively manufactured from very small to very large volumes – in fact, there are no minimum order quantities.

This is achieved by keeping a range of 3mm and 4mm thick Correx® sheets in stock in various colours, besides specialist materials such as conductive Corriplast material.

This allows you to choose from a huge range of stock and custom Correx® and multi-trip packaging products, including totes, trays, bins, dividers and boxes – all supplied on very short lead times.

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