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Old Sarum primary school Easter egg competition

Old Sarum primary school Easter egg competition

GWP Protective’s challenge Old Sarum Primary School students to decorate foam eggs to celebrate Easter

Lorraine Voce | Business manager, Old Sarum

To get into the spirit of Easter – and engage with other local organisations – GWP Protective organised Easter egg decorating competition for children at the Old Sarum Primary School.

Pupils in reception, Year 1 and Year 2 at Old Sarum primary school will be presented with foam Easter eggs to decorate in any way they like with those judged to be the best gaining the opportunity to win a prize.

The competition aimed to encourage children at the school to get creative, whilst having an afternoon of fun.

Egg decorating competition

GWP Protective Foam Easter Eggs

The foam shaped Easter eggs created for this competition were manufactured at GWP Protective using Plastazote foam, with an adhesive backing to attach smaller circular, square and rectangle foam pieces in various colours.

The adhesive backing meant that the children could decorate their individual Easter eggs in any way they liked, whilst also using other materials such as paints, papers, card and more.

Whilst usually used in high performance transit packaging, the foam also proved perfect for use in the competition, allowing the children to experiment with differing visual and tactile effects.

Judging the Competition

All of the children at Old Sarum Primary School made a fantastic effort during the competition, demonstrating creativity and thoughtfulness in their designs.

Richard Coombes, General Manager at GWP Protective judged the Easter egg decorating competition and presented one winning individual from each class with a family ticket to the Odeon cinema.

We wanted to support our local primary school, so we decided to set the children this creative challenge. Competitions are great fun and a really good way to motivate young people and help them learn.

Richard Coombes | General Manager, GWP Protective

We were delighted when GWP approached us with this idea, because local businesses can be a great help, both in providing resources and ideas. The children are really enjoying decorating their eggs, and we are all excited to see who will be the winners.
Richard Coombes with easter egg competition winner

The Easter Egg Competition Winners!

The pupils at Old Sarum Primary School made such a fantastic effort to decorate their individual eggs which of course made the challenge very difficult to judge. However, with only 1 winner per class a decision had to be made.

Richard Coombes from GWP Protective judged the competition on creativity in which the winners were as follows; Capricia(Reception), Millie (Year 1) and finally Troy (Year 2).

The three lucky winners each received a family Odeon ticket to enjoy with their families over the Easter break.



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