Christmas Packaging Facts

Christmas Packaging Facts

Twelve days of Christmas Recycling Facts

As the festive period approaches we look forward to happiness, cheer, laughter, friends, family, presents and lots of festive food. However if there is anything else that Christmas is certain to bring, it is large amounts of waste.

Every year typical waste includes: Christmas trees, Christmas cards, wrapping paper, packaging and food & drink waste. Therefore over the Christmas- festive season it is inevitable that there will be high volumes of Christmas packaging that will need to be sorted into recycling or waste.

Christmas packaging facts

For this Christmas, it is estimated that…

  • Around 30% extra rubbish is produced therefore producing an estimated 3 million tonnes of waste!
  • We will cook more than 19,000 tonnes of Turkey.
  • Over 3,000 tonnes of aluminium foil is used to wrap the Christmas Turkeys.
  • At Christmas we will eat around 175 million mince pies (1 tonne of aluminium weighs the same as 1 million mince pie cases).
  • An extra 500 million aluminium drinks cans are sold each Christmas (of which aluminium cans could be recycled and used to make more drinks cans in just 60 days).
  • Recycling 1 aluminium drink can saves sufficient energy to run the Christmas tree lights for 2 hours!
  • 1 billion Christmas cards could end up in bins –  it takes 1 tree to make 3,000 Christmas cards.
  • An estimated £42 million worth of unwanted Christmas presents are sent to landfill each year.
  • In the UK, around 13,350 tonnes of glass is binned at Christmas- Recycling this glass could save 4,200 tonnes of CO2 (Yearly, this is the equivalent to taking around 1,300 cars off the road).
  • We will use around 8 million Christmas trees- the majority of which will be thrown away producing over 12,000 tonnes of rubbish.
  • We throw away around 500 tonnes of Christmas lights each year.
  • In the UK, we will use 227,000 miles of Wrapping paper – almost enough to reach the moon!

GWP’s Involvement with Recycling and the Environment

At GWP, we aspire to be as actively involved with recycling and protecting the environment as possible as reflected in our ISO 14001/ ISO 14000 environmental management accreditations. We demonstrate a proven track record in supporting the environment throughout all aspects of our business, maintaining environmentally friendly procedures. We ensure that we help the environment throughout the design and manufacturing of bespoke packaging products and corrugated cardboard products therefore minimizing our operational impact on the environment.

Alongside our ISO 14001 accreditation, GWP have installed automatic waste collection in order to dynamically encourage a waste- free manufacturing and designing process. We also use initiative to provide environmentally friendly designs such as our eco-bins and fully recyclable packaging.

Christmas gift packaging

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

GWP group take a universal approach to sustainable packaging by reducing waste where possible by adhering to three main steps. At GWP Group, we actively seek new ways to reduce the extent of material that we use when designing and manufacturing our bespoke packaging and corrugated cardboard products.

We are constantly reviewing new applications for our range of reusable packaging products to reduce excess materials being produced. In terms of recycling we aim to incorporate higher levels of recycled and renewable materials in all of our bespoke packaging designs whilst ensuring that our products are always as recyclable as possible.

At GWP Group, we take pride in our environmental management systems in relation to our business; therefore we foster an integrated approach to protecting the environment with our products whilst still ensuring optimum levels of performance.



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