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Easter packaging: facts, figures and info

Easter packaging: facts, figures and info

The Perception of Easter Packaging

With an increasing consumer backlash against the perceived environmental impact of excessive Easter packaging on gifts – particularly chocolate eggs – the largest brands have been modifying their approach.

Less materials overall, a reduced use of plastics and cellophane and smaller overall footprints have needed to be balanced against the potential impact the packaging must provide. Brand standout and presentation are still seen as the key drivers for consumers when choosing an Easter egg – particularly as the majority are purchased as gifts.

Easter Packaging

The Forgotten aspects of Easter Packaging

Despite the media focus on the “product packaging” seen at Easter, there are other aspects of packaging throughout the supply chain that tend to be forgotten about. Firstly, it is of critical importance that the products reach the retail outlets in pristine condition, so suitable transit packaging is required.

Interior fixtures and fitting which can give the outer packaging strength, shape and rigidity are also often overlooked, even though they are integral to the packaging. Besides this, cardboard POS and FSDUs are also widely used at this time of year, helping brands to win impulse purchases and stand out from the crowd.

Corrugated Packaging for Easter

Whilst GWP Packaging can produce exception, low or high volume Easter egg packaging for large brands or niche manufacturers, our core expertise lies in the creation of corrugated transit solutions. We have produced countless transit packs to transport delicate and perishable food products, ensuring the items reach the consumers exactly as promised.

We have also manufactured a wide range of free standing display units (FSDUs) and Point of Sale (POS) units for use in competitive retail environments. This has included “shelf ready” packaging that retailers can simply open and put on the shelf (reducing eliminating time spent unpacking and merchandising).

Brands we have helped in such ways include Bendicks, Tesco and a number of smaller independent food producers.

Why corrugated packaging is environmentally friendly

In spite of a number of common misconceptions, corrugated packaging is actually one of the most environmentally friendly forms of packaging – if managed correctly. To start with, most people assume that the world’s forests are being destroyed to make paper. In truth however, the material for corrugated board come from sustainably managed forests that would not exist if it was not for the materials they provide.

Both wood and paper have become commodities and their market value actually leads to new forests being planted rather than destroyed. Therefore, for every tree cut down three to four are replanted. It is also estimated that there are 25% more trees in the developed World today than there were in 1901.

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As well as this, corrugated cardboard has a recycling rate of 84% in the UK – being the highest recycling rate of any type of packaging. This means that every four months an area the size of Greater London is saved from landfill by recycling corrugated cardboard alone. Cardboard can actually be recycled seven times before its fibre becomes too weak for further use and the 16% of corrugated material that is not recycled, is fully biodegradable.

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