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Finding Your Perfect Pelican™ Case

Compare all Protector™ case dimensions and details in one place

Being one of the most established and popular waterproof case options available, there is a much broader selection of sizes in the Peli Protector Case range than in comparable options. The 43 case sizes mean that regardless of your application, products, tools, or industry, you are likely to find a suitable Peli case for your requirements.

However, to make this task easier, the below table has been created – the aim being to allow you to compare all of the Peli Protector case options quickly and easily.

As such, all dimensions (internal and external), colours, weights, and whether the cases have wheels etc., has also been included.

If you still require assistance with finding your perfect Pelicase sizes, then please let us know – a member of the GWP team will be happy to assist and recommend a case as required.

Peli Protector Case Size Table

View all Peli Protector Case dimensions, weights, colours etc.

ProductRef.Internal (L x W x H)External (L x W x H)Lid / BaseWeightWheelsColours
Peli Protector1120184 x 121 x 78 mm206 x 167 x 90 mm13 / 65 mm0.53 kgNoPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector1150208 x 144 x 92 mm232 x 192 x 111 mm19 / 73 mm0.8 kgNoPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector1170268 x 153 x 80 mm296 x 212 x 96 mm27 / 53 mm0.89 kgNoPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector1200235 x 181 x 105 mm270 x 246 x 124 mm30 / 74 mm1.2 kgNoPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector1300251 x 178 x 155 mm270 x 246 x 174 mm30 / 125 mm1.4 kgNoPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector1400300 x 225 x 132 mm339 x 295 x 152 mm30 / 102 mm1.8 kgNoPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector1430344 x 146 x 297 mm430 x 244 x 341 mm51 / 246 mm2.54 kgNoPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector1440434 x 190 x 406 mm500 x 305 x 457 mm51 / 355 mm6.58 kgYesPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector1450371 x 258 x 152 mm406 x 330 x 174 mm44 / 108 mm2.5 kgNoPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector1460471 x 252 x 277 mm529 x 323 x 324 mm125 /153 mm3.97 kgNoPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector1470397 x 265 x 95 mm424 x 332 x 111 mm35 / 60 mm1.94 kgNoPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector1490451 x 289 x 105 mm504 x 354 x 119 mm38 / 67 mm2.48 kgNoPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector1490cc1451 x 289 x 105 mm504 x 354 x 119 mm38 / 67 mm2.48 kgNoPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector1490cc2451 x 289 x 105 mm504 x 354 x 119 mm38 / 67 mm2.48 kgNoPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector1495479 x 333 x 97 mm549 x 438 x 124 mm28 / 68 mm3.28 kgNoPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector1495cc1479 x 333 x 97 mm549 x 438 x 124 mm28 / 68 mm3.28 kgNoPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector1495cc2479 x 333 x 97 mm549 x 438 x 124 mm28 / 68 mm3.28 kgNoPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector1500425 x 284 x 155 mm470 x 357 x 176 mm46 / 109 mm2.9 kgNoPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector1510501 x 279 x 193 mm559 x 351 x 229 mm45 / 147 mm5.44 kgYesPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector1510loc501 x 279 x 193 mm559 x 351 x 229 mm45 / 147 mm5.44 kgYesPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector1510sc514 x 289 x 192 mm559 x 351 x 229 mm45 / 147 mm-YesPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector1520454 x 324 x 171 mm485 x 392 x 192 mm46 / 125 mm3.76 kgNoPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector1550468 x 355 x 193 mm524 x 428 x 206 mm44 / 149 mm4.8 kgNoPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector1560517 x 392 x 229 mm560 x 455 x 265 mm51 / 178 mm7.71 kgYesPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector1560loc517 x 392 x 229 mm560 x 455 x 265 mm51 / 178 mm7.71 kgYesPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector1560sc517 x 392 x 229 mm560 x 455 x 265 mm51 / 178 mm-YesPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector1600544 x 419 x 200 mm616 x 493 x 220 mm44 / 155 mm5.9 kgNoPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector1610550 x 422 x 268 mm627 x 497 x 303 mm52 / 216 mm9.07 kgYesPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector1620543 x 414 x 319 mm630 x 492 x 352 mm52 / 267 mm11.1 kgYesPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector1630730 x 552 x 384 mm794 x 615 x 444 mm73 / 311 mm14.6 kgYesPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector1640602 x 609 x 353 mm691 x 698 x 414 mm51 / 302 mm15.42 kgYesPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector1650725 x 445 x 270 mm802 x 520 x 316 mm46 / 224 mm10.9 kgYesPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector1660715 x 501 x 447 mm800 x 581 x 482 mm89 / 359 mm15.5 kgYesPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector1690762 x 635 x 381 mm847 x 722 x 463 mm73 / 308 mm15.42 kgYesPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector1700908 x 343 x 133 mm968 x 406 x 155 mm44 / 89 mm7.3 kgYesPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector17201066 x 343 x 133 mm1127 x 406 x 155 mm44 / 89 mm7.6 kgYesPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector1730863 x 609 x 317 mm952 x 689 x 365 mm63 / 254 mm13.61 kgYesPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector17401040 x 328 x 308 mm1121 x 409 x 355 mm65 / 243 mm9.98 kgNoPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector17501282 x 343 x 133 mm1346 x 406 x 155 mm44 / 89 mm10.7 kgYesPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector17701386 x 396 x 219 mm1458 x 469 x 285 mm48 / 171 mm13.15 kgNoPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector17801066 x 559 x 383 mm1140 x 643 x 419 mm192 / 185 mm17.42 kgYesPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector340457 x 457 x 457 mm520 x 520 x 489 mm114 / 343 mm10.89 kgYesPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector350508 x 508 x 508 mm571 x 569 x 540 mm127 / 381 mm11.79 kgYesPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector370609 x 609 x 609 mm673 x 673 x 641 mm127 / 482 mm14.5 kgYesPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector450522 x 279 x 321 mm608 x 375 x 456 mm-14.97 kgNoPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector500887 x 468 x 641 mm1014 x 595 x 727 mm57 / 584 mm22.68 kgYesPeli Protector Colours
Peli Protector5501208 x 611 x 449 mm1296 x 699 x 579 mm81 / 368 mm35.92 kgYesPeli Protector Colours
ProductRef.Internal (L x W x H)External (L x W x H)Lid / BaseWeightWheelsColours


Tips on using the Peli Case Size Table

The illustration that you can see to the right / below this text has been included in order to highlight how the measurements in the table above have been taken. Combined with the size data, it should (hopefully) help in identifying your ideal protective case option.

Still struggling? Simply call 01722 416 440 or email to speak with an experienced case expert.

Peli Protector Case Size Guide

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Get In Touch

Impartial quotes and advice on any Peli Protector case sizes

GWP Protective are different from other case suppliers. But in a good way! This is for a number of reasons.

Firstly, being independent, it means you can choose from the widest range of waterproof protective cases from a single source. It also means you can source aluminium, lightweight plastic and custom built cases (e.g. flight cases) too.

Secondly, being independent, it means we can give you truly impartial advice on the best protective case for your application. No trying to sell you our own products or expensive accessories. Just good, honest advice.

Thirdly, we also design and manufacture foam inserts. This means that, by sourcing your case and foam from a single supplier, the quality is better. There is also less admin. And the price is better too!

Fourthly, we have a well invested, experienced design department that will be able to create a case and foam insert that exceeds your expectations and brief.

And finally, you can take advantage of a huge range of services such as stock holding, mobile designers visiting your premises, and even a full audit of your current protective packaging setup.

So why not give us a call to see how we can help your business?

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