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Coolimate offering an insulative demonstration for food products
Coolimate corrugated cardboard outer box
Coolimate foil insulated shipping box liner.
A demonstration of the insulated shipping box construction

CooliMate® insulated packaging is ideal if you sell fresh meal kits, food subscriptions, pharmaceutical or other temperature sensitive items.

Robust and reusable, Coolimate insulated packaging uses foil liners to reflect cold air back into the compartment with your product inside, keeping it cooler for longer. It’s ease of use can also help speed up packing processes, reducing your ongoing labour costs. Read more


Reusable packaging product
Size optimised packaging
Lightweight material
99 Other
  • No obligation and no pressure quotes for any packaging.
  • Free and impartial advice from UK based packaging experts.
  • Competitive pricing and full customisation options.
Reusable packaging product
Size optimised packaging
Lightweight material
99 Other

About CooliMate®

CooliMate® is an insulative foil lining that you can conveniently place inside a standard cardboard outer box. This lining maintains a consistent temperature within the pack for up to 72 hours.

CooliMate® foil lining also serves a dual purpose by cushioning the items within. This protects the contents from damage caused by potential mishandling during typical shipping processes.

Moreover, the flexibility and slim profile of CooliMate® as a packaging solution means that the overall product is lighter, allowing for reduced shipping costs. Both the foil and cardboard outer pack allow for easy storage, assembly, and increased space efficiency.

All these features make CooliMate® excel for any temperature-sensitive product, including food, pharmaceuticals and vaccines.

Environmentally friendly insulated packaging

Beyond the benefits of using CooliMate®, there is another significant advantage for your business and your customers – it is arguably one of the more environmentally friendly insulated packaging currently available.

Traditional materials like polystyrene and Styrofoam used in thermal insulated packaging are neither easily recyclable nor biodegradable, leading to environmental concerns when they end up in landfills.

This issue prompted the adoption of wool-based products, which are fully biodegradable. However, the wool element itself cannot be recycled, leaving users with the only option to compost it, which may not be convenient.

In contrast, CooliMate® uses a cardboard outer and a foil liner inner. These materials mean that your cardboard outer can be fully recycled and your inner liner can be reused, again and again.

Benefits of CooliMate® insulated packaging

The key benefits of CooliMate® insulated packaging include:

  • CooliMate® insulated packaging keeps products below -2ºc or between 2 – 8ºc for up to 72hrs.
  • CooliMate® insulated boxes are quick and easy to assemble, speeding up your packing time.
  • The foil lining reflects cold air back into the compartment and reflects heat outwards.
  • Minimises waste from a variety of sizes of boxes available.
  • Lightweight in comparison to Styrofoam and polystyrene, making shipping costs more affordable.
  • The insulation has a nominal thickness of 4mm, foil thickness at 8MY + 25MY PE and density of 200 gr/m2 (±5%).
  • The insulation also has a flame resistance grade of B2.
  • Insulation features an anti-corrosion coating grade of NC lacquer.
  • Considerably more environmentally friendly than Styrofoam or polystyrene.
Reusable packaging product


The durable nature of the CooliMate® liner means that this packaging can be reusable over many trips.

Size optimised packaging

Custom sizes

Using temperature controlled packaging can reduce CO2 emissions through using less intensive energy powered cooling systems (e.g. refrigerators).

Lightweight material

Lightweight design

Lightweight by design to help you reducing your shipping costs.

99 Other


CooliMate® is manufactured using multiple materials.

What is Coolimate?

Coolimate is a type of temperature controlled packaging that maintains the temperature of products, that may otherwise spoil, during shipping. It’s commonly used in food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and biotechnology industries, where products are required to maintain their quality and efficacy.

What is the purpose of Coolimate insulated packaging?

Coolimate thermal insulated packaging provides a great way of transporting temperature sensitive goods without the risk of the contents becoming spoiled, from heat, humidity, and mould.

What other types of insulated packaging are there?

Materials for thermal insulation boxes vary from cardboard with insulated liners made from foil or cardboard to Styrofoam and polystyrene boxes. The cardboard versions often save shipping costs by being lighter than their foam counterparts.

Should I use Coolimate instead of polystyrene?

Styrofoam and polystyrene boxes are not only bulky but are also difficult to recycle. CooliMate® and Tempguard are eco-friendly alternatives because you can recycle almost all the components via kerbside recycling schemes. As such, waste from the end-user’s perspective is minimal.

Insulated shipping box pricing

GWP Packaging boasts over 30 years of experience in supplying packaging solutions to businesses of all sizes, including food packaging, SRPs, point of sale, and subscription box packaging for food.

In addition to our extensive experience and wide range of packaging options from a single supplier, we offer many other advantages. These benefits include free, impartial advice, a custom design service, extensive printing options and a “just-in-time” stock holding service.

Free quotes and advice

So, although we do not list prices on this website (volumes, sizes, custom options and other factors all influence your costs), you can request a competitive, no-obligation quote for any Coolimate or similar insulated packaging requirements you may have.

Please note: Minimum order quantities (MOQs) apply to insulated packaging. The exact number is dependent on the size and options you select. Please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

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