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Insulated boxes for food delivery
Insulated box liners
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Sealed Air TempGuard
Woolcool alternative

Sealed Air TempGuard™

Eco friendly insulated boxes for food delivery

If your business offers meal kits, fresh produce / food subscriptions, or any products that are temperature sensitive, insulted box liners such as Sealed Air TempGuard™ can offer a wide range of benefits.

This includes ISTA accreditation (consistent temperature for up to 48 hours), enhanced transit protection and smaller volume than competitors to minimise packs sizes. Plus, unlike polystyrene, Styrofoam or even wool based products, TempGuard™ can be recycled in curb-side recycling bins, making it the most eco friendly insulated packaging for food delivery. Read More

Available Colours:

Brown Kraft cardboard material swatch
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Due to current demand and ongoing supply chain difficulties, we currently have no availability of this product. Please check back soon for further updates.


More info on TempGuard™ Insulated Box Liners

When shipping food, freshness is critical. Items arriving in poor condition will quickly lose your business subscribers / customers.

Yet whilst there are numerous insulated packaging options for foods, arguably none provide as many benefits for your business as Sealed Air TempGuard™.

Taking the form of insulative pads (manufactured from recycled paper fibres) that can be placed into a standard cardboard outer box, they have been tested by the ISTA to certify their performance in maintaining a consistent temperature. This can be for as long as 48 hours.

The flexible nature of the TempGuard™ insulated box liners also means that they provide cushioning for the items within as well (protecting from any shock / impact that may occur during normal handling and transit).

This flexibility, coupled with the fact that that the TempGuard™ pads are as little as 14mm thick, also means they are very space efficient. This can help reduce the overall size of the outer carton / subscription box required, helping to minimise shipping costs.

Besides this, they also wick / absorb moisture, meaning that any condensation is drawn away from the products being transported.

All of this makes Sealed Air TempGuard™ perfect not just as insulated packaging for food, but suitable for any temperature sensitive product (including pharmaceuticals, vaccines, etc.).

Truly eco-friendly insulated packaging

Besides all of the benefits of using TempGuard™ detailed above, there is one other key advantage to both your business and your customers – in that it is arguably the most eco friendly insulated packaging currently available.

Whilst both polystyrene and Styrofoam were traditionally used for thermal insulated packaging, neither are easily recyclable nor biodegradable when they inevitably end up in landfill.

These problems led to a rise in the use of wool based products. Whilst these are full biodegradable, the wool element itself cannot be recycled (the only option is to compost it).

As such, whilst using wool insulated packaging is much better for the environment, it is still a difficult product for the end user – your customer – to deal with.

TempGuard™ by comparison is made from a kraft paper outer, and recycled paper fibres. The key benefit of this is that the TempGuard™ insulated box liners can be fully recycled – end users simply put the whole pad directly into their curbside recycling box.

Coupled with the fact that TempGuard™ is manufactured from 100% pre consumer recycled material itself, it means your business can offer your customers an genuine environmental advantage.

Key benefits of TempGuard™ Insulated box liners at a glance

  • Provide insulation to ensure temperature sensitive items (e.g. food) remain fresh in transit up to 48 hours
  • ISTA20 certified to guarantee consistent temperature
  • Ideal for seafood, confectionary, ready meals, subscription boxes, pharmaceuticals, pet vaccines and more
  • Easily wrapped around products to provide thermal and impact / shock protection
  • Moisture absorbing to reduce condensation on products
  • Flexible nature of pads allows for easy packing and can help reduce outer pack size
  • Pads only 14mm / 24mm thick, helping to further reduce required outer pack size
  • Manufactured from Kraft paper and 100% recycled paper fibres
  • Considerably more environmentally friendly than Styrofoam / polystyrene inserts
  • 100% curbside recyclable (unlike wool based products) and biodegradable


See TempGuard™ insulated pads in action

The brief video below shows the Sealed Air TempGuard™ insulated box liners in action. Please note this content is provide by Sealed Air


Questions about TempGuard™ insulated packaging

If your business is serious about offering your customers the most environmentally friendly insulated packaging, then TempGuard™ could be the answer.

However, if you still have questions regarding your specific application or requirements, the below Q&A should help. If not, then please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team here at GWP.

What is TempGuard™?

TempGuard™ is a form of thermal insulated packaging, taking the form of pads that are added to standard cardboard shipping / ecommerce box. When wrapped around products to be shipped, they keep them both cool and protected from general handling stresses experienced with courier / delivery networks.

How does this compare to Woolcool?

Woolcool is a similar product to TempGuard™ but uses wool material to insulate the products. Whilst this is very effective and is also biodegradable, the wool material cannot be easily recycled (unlike the recycled paper fibres of TempGuard™).

Will this really keep my products chilled in transit?

TempGuard™ has been independently tested by the ISTA (International Safe Transit association) in order to certify its insulative performance. It can keep food and other products at a consistent temperature for up to 48 hours.

Can TempGuard™ pads be put in normal curbside recycling?

The key environmental (and usability) advantage that TempGuard™ offers over Polystyrene and wool based products is that it can be placed straight into standard curbside recycling bins. This not only encourages recycling but makes life significantly easier for your customers too.

Can I source both insulative pads and outer packaging from you?

GWP have more than 30 years experience in supplying high quality corrugated cardboard packaging. By offering this alongside insulated box liners, it means you can source your entire packaging inventory from a single supplier. This then means less admin, less hassle and less cost than sourcing separately.

Free Quotes / Advice

Expertise in insulated boxes for food delivery

GWP Packaging has more than 30 years’ experience in supplying both large and small business with food packaging, including everything from SRPs, point of sale and subscription box packaging.

But besides this experience, and the wide range of packaging your business can source from a single supplier, there are a number of other benefits you can take advantage of.

Free, impartial advice. A custom design service. Extensive printing options. A just in time stock holding service. And competitive, no obligation quotes on any packaging requirement you may have (to name just a few).

So if you require eco friendly insulated packaging, see how GWP can help.

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