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Correx vial trays

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Manufactured to any size / specification

If you are looking for a corrugated plastic tray for handling vials, samples, components or parts then GWP can help. A range of Correx® trays can be manufactured to any size, and include integral or removable divisions, lids, stacking corners & external print.

This makes corrugated plastic trays ideal for a range of industries, including medical, pharmaceutical, research and even manufacturing.

01: Key Benefits.

Bespoke Correx® trays with integrated dividers and partitions

Correx® Trays offer your business a number of benefits, with perhaps the most important being allowing you to handle multiple items efficiently and safely.

This is why, particularly when enhanced with integrated or removal divider sets to prevent movement of the parts, vial or products during handling, they are particularly popular in medical, pharmaceutical and electronics industries. Please see below for further benefits of sourcing Correx® trays from GWP.

Advantages of Correx® Trays

  • Custom designs to any size and specification
  • Wide choice of colours and materials
  • Additional components include handles, corner reinforcements and lids
  • Can be created with integrated divisions and partitions
  • Low or high volume orders both welcome
  • Short lead times and competitive pricing
  • Ideal for a multitude of industries including medical and pharmaceutical

Free Advice / Quotes.

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    02: Product Details.

    Bespoke or Stock Correx® Trays for efficient handling

    As well as totes, picking binsCorrex® boxes and reusable packaging, GWP is also able to fabricate custom Correx® trays for a huge range of applications. Created in a variety of formats and sizes, this includes trays with integrated divisions and partitions,

    Correx® trays are ideal for a range of materials handling applications, and their use is particularly widespread in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

    Correx vial tray
    As the corrugated plastic material does not create dust and is easy to clean, Correx® vial trays are becoming popular with research labs and pharmaceutical companies

    Benefiting from the durability and waterproof qualities of Correx®, these trays can be supplied in both low and high volumes (and even one-offs) at competitive prices thanks to an extensive stock holding of materials.

    This also allows you a wide choice of colours, strengths, and the use of specialist materials including fabric covered Correx®.

    What GWP Correx customers say about us

    We have worked with GWP for over 20 years (so may be biased!) but the reason we stay with them is because the service is so good. Bespoke items are always good. The design team is excellent. The pricing is competitive. The team is friendly. Ultimately – GWP makes our life easier.

    J Weyman | Director, Bondline Electronics Ltd

    03: Custom Trays.

    Custom Correx® Tray designs and options

    One of the main benefits to your business of working alongside GWP is the number of additional features that can be manufactured and includes within your Correx® packaging and custom tray designs.

    These can improve functionality and add value to your Correx® trays, making them ideal for many applications that other forms of packaging and materials handling products are unsuitable for.

    An experienced design team will work closely with you to ensure the optimum fit between the application and the solution.

    Tray with dividers
    Dividers can be integrated into your custom trays, or can be removable / separate to allow for greater ongoing customisation

    This can include the addition of both routed and die cut foam inserts (also custom manufactured by GWP to your specification) that precisely fit our your equipment.

    You can also choose add handles and grips to the design, add branding and logos by printing panels, include slotted dividers and even create trays where the dividers and partitions are integral to the design.

    The full design process and consultation – including sampling – is free.

    GWP Correx cost reduction guide

    Download: 7 Ways to Reduce Costs...

    ..using Correx®! Download this free guide to see how you can start reducing the cost of handling, fulfilment and shipping for your business. Click below to get it now

    04: Uses / Applications.

    Image gallery highlighting typical applications / uses for Component boxes

    View a selection of the Correx® and corrugated plastic trays designed and manufactured by GWP. Please click the individual thumbnails for a larger view.

    05: About GWP Correx®.

    A Correx® packaging supplier you can trust

    So, why should you source your Correx® trays from GWP? Well, we believe there are a number of reasons.

    Firstly, all of the Correx® trays we manufacture are bespoke. This means no more having to select the nearest size option, filling the empty space with void fill or having items becoming damaged because they don’t fit perfectly. Just a tray tailored to your exact requirements.

    Besides this, we have a team of experienced and knowledgeable Correx® designers who will be able to advise you on the best solution for your specific application.

    Correx trays
    GWP can manufacture your Correx® trays to any size and specification, tailoring them to your exact requirements

    By keeping a large stock holding of material, it also means you can take delivery of any samples and the finished trays / packaging on very short lead times. It also means you can order whatever volume you wish – high or low – with no MOQs.

    You can even source a wide range of additional packaging that you may use from the larger GWP Group, including corrugated cardboard packaging, foam inserts, anti static items and other handling products.

    And, last but not least, we place a genuine focus on providing you with the highest level of support from first enquiry through to becoming a happy customer.

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