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Convoluted foam inserts

Convoluted Foam Inserts

Low cost option for basic protection

Whilst custom engineered foam inserts will always the offer the highest levels of protection (and can be precisely optimised to do so), convoluted or egg crate foam is a low-cost option suitable for specific applications.

Consisting of continuous peaks and troughs, this type of foam insert is designed to be used to “sandwich” the contents between an upper and lower layer. This in turns minimises movement and provides a degree of cushioning without the need for designing / machining intricate profiles. This makes it perfect for sending a range of different items (rather than a predictable set of parts / tools etc.). Read More

Available Colours:

Black foam
Grey foam
White foam
Pink foam
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More info on Egg Crate Foam

Sometimes, using custom case foam is not practical.

It may be that the contents to be transported are not of high enough value to warrant bespoke foam inserts, but still require transit protection. Or that the items you send are constantly changing, meaning case foam with tailored profiles / recesses become out of date quickly.

For applications such as this, egg crate or convoluted foam can help.

Frequently used in case lids and anti-static packaging (i.e. for electronics) the series of peaks and troughs in the foam increases the surface area of the inserts. When used in both an upper and lower level of foam (with the contents sandwiched between) the foam holds the item in place and provides a basic level of cushioning protection.

Whilst this does not provide anywhere near the level of protection offered by engineered foam inserts (e.g. such as those used for Peli case foam), it is a low cost option that offers flexibility and in some cases increased reusability. This is because it is not tied to a specific product / set of items.

Other benefits of using convoluted foam

Besides these benefits, convoluted foam inserts provide other benefits to your business.

Their soft, non-abrasive surfaces can also help to prevent surface scratches and scuffs that can be caused by mishandling in transit.

Plus, by using different grades of egg box foam, it is possible to tailor the levels of cushioning protection to a certain degree (although please note this is not to be compared with custom foam inserts, that can provide exact, calculated levels of protection). Changing the profile, thickness and density can all make a difference here too.

Any egg crate profile foam you source from GWP Protective will be tailored to your specific application, and by purchasing your foam and protective cases / packaging from a single source as well, it ensures improved fit and compatibility.

And finally, it is possible to specify profile / egg crate foam in a range of ESD safe grades (i.e. anti-static) as well as flame retardant options.

Key benefits of profile foam at a glance

  • Low cost alternative to standard foam inserts
  • Secures contents to help lessen damage in transit
  • Provides a low level of cushioning protection
  • Can also help to prevent surface scratches or scuffs caused by mishandling
  • ESD safe and flame retardant grades available
  • Tailored to be a perfect fit for your cases or external packaging


Common questions about egg box foam

Whether you refer to it as egg crate, convoluted or profile foam, there are a number of questions and answers on this topic in the section below.

But if you can’t find what you are looking for, a GWP adviser can help…

What is convoluted / profile / egg crate foam?

Convoluted or profile foam is a sheet of foam material that has been machined to feature a series of staggered peaks and troughs. This undulating surface increases the surface area, improving both the levels of cushioning it provides, as well as holding items in place during transit.

What is egg crate profile foam made from?

Egg crate or egg box foam is typically manufactured from open cell polyurethane foam. This provides both a soft, cushioning material that also helps to prevent surface scratches and scuffs that may occur due to mishandling in transit.

Isn’t egg profile foam used for sound proofing?

Egg profile foam can often be seen being used for sound proofing applications. However, it is equally suited to being used for protective packaging applications, particularly where two layers are used to “sandwich” the contents in place to eliminate movement / damage during transit.

Is egg crate foam suitable for shipping electronics?

Egg crate foam is widely used for shipping electronics. In fact, as it is available in a range of ESD (electro static discharge) safe materials, It is commonly used in anti-static packaging applications. In fact, it is very common to see pink egg crate foam with anti static properties being used for shipping specialist tools and equipment.

Will this fit my existing boxes / cases?

Your convoluted foam inserts can be manufactured to any sizes / shape to perfectly match your specific application. This includes being perfectly sizes to fit any existing packaging or cases your business currently uses. However, by sourcing both foam insert and exterior packaging from GWP Protective, you can be certain of the highest levels of compatibility and optimum fit between the two

Free Quotes / Advice

Buy egg crate foam for your business

Whilst GWP Protective would normally recommend using an engineered foam insert if protection is important – or one of the varying forms of foam packaging for high volume applications where cost is a key consideration – we understand that some applications will require foam outside of these types.

This is why you can source virtually all types of foam packaging – including convoluted inserts – from us. And it is also the reason you can get truly impartial advice.

Add in sourcing the entire packaging (exterior and inserts) from a single supplier, plus no obligation quotes and free advice, and your business will truly see the benefit of working with an experienced foam converter.

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